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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 32 Recap

Yuan Xu suggested to Lord Jinchuan that Jinchuan’s business has always been more mature than Xinchuan’s, and now that Xinchuan wants to reduce and exempt each other’s taxes with Jinchuan, Jinchuan is at a disadvantage no matter what.

Therefore, he proposed that not only could tax reductions and exemptions not be agreed, but that taxes should be increased in the future. Master Jin Chuan put down his pen severely and scolded him for being stupid. Today’s Xinchuan is different from the past. In the past, when it came to business, no one could compare with Jinchuan. But now, other Qichuan and Xinchuan have closer business contacts, and the increase in taxes is not worth the loss.

Mrs. Jinchuan suddenly thought of Yuanying’s memorial, and suggested that tax reduction and exemption might allow Jinchuan people to see how business is done outside, and it can also promote Jinchuan’s reform. Master Jin Chuan and Yuan Xu were very surprised when Mrs. Jin Chuan became interested in political affairs. Master Jin Chuan thought for a moment, and felt that what his wife said was reasonable.

Mrs. Jinchuan was praised and said those words even more boldly. Lord Jinchuan was very happy, and hurriedly sat down to record. Mrs. Jinchuan took the opportunity to tell the truth, which was actually Yuanying’s thought. As she spoke, she also took out Yuanying’s memorial and handed it to Lord Jin Chuan.

Yuan Xu could see the change in Lord Jinchuan’s attitude, and couldn’t help but panic, and hurriedly called the ministers who were close to him into the hall. Yuan Xu sat in the main hall, and told the few ministers below in a threatening tone that only by following him would they have the glory and wealth in the future. Yuan Ying and Yin Zheng came in from outside and interrupted him.

Seeing that his sister was safe and sound, Yuan Xu couldn’t believe it, but he had no choice but to point the finger at Yin Zheng who was aside. He asked Yin Zheng when an outsider would intervene in Jinchuan’s affairs. Yin Zheng was not annoyed either, and bluntly said that he worked in the Kyushu Affairs Department of Xinchuan, so he was naturally qualified to discuss with everyone how to reduce or exempt taxes.

After some trials, Lord Jinchuan finally recognized Yuanying’s political talents. But regarding the matter of He Li, he was resolutely unwilling to agree. Because he felt that the matter of reconciliation was too serious for a woman. Li Wei on the side instantly understood what Lord Jinchuan really thought. He didn’t really care about the relationship between the two Sichuans, but worried about Yuanying’s future. Seeing that Lord Jinchuan had acquiesced, Li Wei took the opportunity to tell about Yuanying’s serious illness in Xinchuan. Lord Jinchuan showed worry, but he didn’t let go.

At night, Master Jinchuan came to see Yuanying with a meal, and expressed his promise to make up with them. Lord Jin Chuan said frankly that he planned everything for her just to make her life safe and smooth. For so many years, it was the first time that her father said these words to herself. Yuanying was very moved, and tears instantly burst into tears and wet her face.

On the second day, Yuan Ying, Li Wei, Yin Zheng and others gathered in the restaurant to celebrate the final result of this matter. After returning, Li Wei sent Yuanying to the government to congratulate her on becoming the first female official in Jinchuan. Yuanying carefully picked up the top hat and rubbed it carefully, her wish finally came true. And this also means that Yuan Ying and Li Wei will part ways eventually.

After returning, Yin Zheng gave Master Jinchuan’s letter of consent to Master Xinchuan. Lord Xinchuan didn’t ask much, and he even knew why he was doing this. Unlike in the past, Lord Xinchuan agreed to Yin Zheng’s request and agreed to support Li Wei as his wife. Just as they were talking, the third and fourth children rushed over. Lord Xinchuan announced to everyone that he would let the fourth child go to the household administration office to help the third child. The smiles on the faces of the third child and the sixth child suddenly disappeared, but they could only nod their heads in agreement.

On the other hand, Shangguan Jing confessed to Yin Qi that she did have him in her heart, but she felt that the two were not suitable. Yin Qi apparently agreed to leave, but still quietly followed Shangguanjing. Shangguan Jing had no choice but to invite him to sit in front of the bonfire.

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