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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 30 Recap

When he came back to work again, Li Xun came up with a plan “Love Blind Box”. The new project was fully funded by Li Xun himself, and Li Xun became the company’s largest shareholder. Looking at the picture on the game, Zhu Yun said: Only then did I realize that the last time Li Xun went to the coffee shop to pick up stories, not specifically to chat with beauties.

Li Xun also said that his blind box is like looking for a dance partner after turning off the lights. If he can’t find a suitable love partner, he will continue to recharge, and finally achieve the goal of profit. Zhu Yun is dissatisfied with this behavior, thinking it is indecent, and worried. Will be complained, Li Xun promised to play the game well and not deviate from the law.

When the dispute was over, Li Xun proposed a voting decision, and everyone supported Li Xun’s decision. Zhu Yun was angry and refused to hold the meeting, and Li Xun comforted Zhu Yun in turn. After get off work, everyone left. Zhu Yun went to the warehouse to get things. Since it was too high to reach, Li Xun helped to carry them together. As a result, the two of them accidentally collapsed the camp bed, which happened to be brought back by Zhao Teng and Zhang Fang saw that the two left with umbrellas, pretending to be blind and not seeing anything.

When Li Xun was cultivating the army bed, Zhu Yun emphasized that he would not take care of the new project. Unexpectedly, Li Xun didn’t intend to ask Zhu Yun to help. Instead, he told her to be an invincible general. As before, Zhu Yun was responsible for worrying. , he is responsible for dealing with everything outside.

Zhu Yun helped Li Xun find a place to live, and even reserved a room for him as a studio, but Li Xun wanted to give that room to Hou Ning, because he believed that Hou Ning would definitely come back. When Zhu Yun was packing her things, she found that Li Xun’s shirt hadn’t been washed, and asked Li Xun to wash it because she had worn it, but Li Xun said that she had already worn it as pajamas, and Zhu Yun blushed on the spot. .

Ren Di and Xiao Liu have also come to the point of falling apart. Now that Xiao Liu has become famous with Ren Di, he doesn’t care about quality, but pays more attention to traffic. He used to obey Ren Di’s words, but now Xiao Liu only likes the feeling of being famous, even Tell Ren Di that now Qinghong is not Ren Di’s alone, but his, and it’s not the time for Ren Di to leave if he wants him to. Ren Di got out of the car angrily, thinking about where he was today. She asked Fang Shumiao and Zhu Yun to drink, sing and dance together to vent her inner depression.

Gao Jianhong asked someone to investigate Hou Ning secretly. Hou Ning was a hacker. He was imprisoned for seven years for taking money from a small company. He was very skilled and had a stalemate with Li Xun. he.

When Zhu Yun and Zhao Teng came to the company together, they saw Tian Xiuzhu downstairs and thought it was someone who was looking for Zhu Yun. Xun didn’t move at all, but Tian Xiuzhu came up. It turned out that Li Xun called Tian Xiuzhu this time. The two talked for a long time in the office. The little fan Guo Shijie immediately went to the office to find the best tea for Tian Xiuzhu. Soak bamboo in water.

In the evening, Tian Xiuzhu and Zhu Yun left together. Zhu Yun curiously asked about the content of today’s conversation. Tian Xiuzhu talked about the game. He was very interested in Li Xun’s blind box game and thought it was very good. Tian Xiuzhu was just worried about Li Xun’s health. He thought that Li Xun’s health was not good, mainly because of his lack of rest. Tian Xiuzhu was going to France to hold an art exhibition, and hoped that Zhu Yun could go with him. Zhu Yun just wanted to refuse but was rejected by Tian Xiuzhu. Xiuzhu was interrupted, and Tian Xiuzhu hoped that Zhu Yun could think carefully before speaking.

In the middle of the night, Gao Jianhong found Hou Ning hiding in the garage.

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