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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 29 Recap

In a remote room, Chen Xi was drinking and playing cards with a few people. Someone couldn’t help asking Chen Xi, didn’t they come back this time to join the Second Young Master, but why did everyone stay in this crappy place. With a serious face, Chen Xi stared closely at the man’s eyes, and warned him that he could arrange the eldest master at will. He also reminded everyone that as long as they are loyal to the eldest master, they will have a bright future.

Just as he was talking, something strange came from outside. Everyone quickly stopped what they were doing, took up their weapons and went out to investigate. Before everyone could react, Yin Zheng had already surrounded the group with people. Yin Zheng ordered that all these people be taken down, and they must be kept alive.

Chen Xi was also considered loyal to Yin Song and refused to recruit anything. Even if Yin Zheng tortured him severely, he still refused to admit that he knew Yin Song. It’s just that he underestimated Yin Zheng’s strength, and the other party had already grasped his handle. After the interrogation, the officers and soldiers prepared to escort Chen Xi and others back to the prison department. In the night, countless arrows fell from the sky, like a waterfall pouring out of the sky, almost swallowing everyone. In the chaos, Chen Xi broke free from the rope and was able to escape.

Li Wei sat under the moon, waiting for Yin Zheng’s return. Seeing Yin Zheng coming back with the evidence, Li Wei was overjoyed and rushed to hug him. Although he had obtained evidence that could bring down Yin Song, Yin Zheng couldn’t be happier. He couldn’t help but sigh, some people stand on a high place, maybe there are many people who can’t help themselves. Li Wei comforted him, if one day he went the wrong way, she would definitely wake him up.

On this day, Yin Zheng knelt outside the hall and hesitated for a long time, and finally presented Yin Song’s indictment to the Lord. In fact, the Lord can guess the purpose of Yin Zheng’s trip, but he hasn’t figured out what to do. Lord Xinchuan was just a young master who was born out of a concubine at the beginning, and now, only he himself knows what it is like. So he thought at that time that he must take good care of his eldest son, so that his life will be smooth and he will not have to experience his own hardships. But in the end, everything is not what people want.

The admiral called Yin Song to the study hall to recall the past with him. Yin Song felt that today’s father was very strange, so he asked him what advice he had. The lord did not answer, but instead asked him that he might have something to say to himself. Yin Song felt something was wrong in his heart, and after thinking about it for a while, he still didn’t tell his secret. The master sighed heavily, his eyes full of disappointment and helplessness.

Knowing that he was deposed and exiled, Yin Song refused to believe it. He ran to the Lord to verify the matter, but only got an affirmative answer. Yin Song was instantly like a besieged beast, resisting regardless. He asked Lord Xinchuan whether he had always been just a pawn, and everything was just a calculation. Lord Xinchuan was so angry that he was about to get depressed, so he ordered people to drive him out.

For Yin Song, everyone said that he was the eldest son, and everyone wanted him to carry Jiuchuan, but it seemed that his father would not be satisfied with what he did. So he was afraid that his brothers would surpass him, and that his father would disappoint him. Hearing these words, Yin Zheng’s throat was a little choked. He reminded Yin Song that those who ascend a height must be prepared for a heavy fall. When Yin Zheng left, someone came in with a glass of wine, claiming that it was a gift from Lord Xinchuan. Yin Song was disheartened, and raised his glass to drink it down. But Yin Zheng rushed in suddenly and knocked over the wine glass. After seeing who came, Yin Song realized that the boy who delivered the wine was actually Chen Xi.

After Master Xinchuan learned of this, he personally went to the mansion of the Sixth Young Master and asked Yin Zheng why he rescued Yin Song. Hearing Yin Zheng’s answer, Lord Xinchuan only felt ashamed. Unexpectedly, in the eyes of Lao Liu, he is not heinous. Here, Yin Qi looked at the empty room and felt empty in his heart. He was worried that Shangguan Jing would suffer with him, so he planned to drive her away.

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