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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 29 Recap

Early the next morning, Zhu Yun woke up and found that Li Xun was lying on the sofa and fell asleep. She took a closer look at Li Xun, remembering how she looked at Li Xun before, and it was even more so now. Li Xun suddenly woke up and was shocked. Jump, because Li Xun had a stiff neck at night, Li Xun screamed, Zhu Yun hurriedly stepped forward to check, at this moment, Guo Shijie and Zhao Teng came to work together, thinking what happened to the two of them, the more Zhu Yun explained, the more he couldn’t explain Clear, but Li Xun didn’t explain.

Jili Company keeps using advertising effects to attack Invincible Generals, keeps making advertisements, occupying the front page headlines, and the gameplay is basically similar to Invincible Young Generals, but it is not as sophisticated as Invincible Young Generals, and it does not care about the cost. It just wants to give Invincible Generals to After being knocked down, Zhu Yun saw Dong Siyang selling a car, and after asking, he learned that Dong Siyang was trying to maintain the company, and he might not be able to sustain it.

Zhu Yun was in a hurry to find Li Xun, hoping to get some strategies to rescue the company, but Li Xun was chatting with two little girls, Zhu Yun was so angry that she left immediately, and returned Li Xun’s shirt to him, watching Zhu Yun leave. From the back, Li Xun didn’t look worried at all, with the corners of his mouth raised.

The people in my heart started to pack up their things and leave, ready to disband at any time, especially Zhang Fang, but I didn’t expect Dong Siyang to come with a bag of money, claiming to be a big ticket, the first step is to go to team building, Driving a van whose windows could not be closed tightly, Dong Siyang took the company staff to a big hotel in the suburbs. Li Xun fell asleep along the way. Zhu Yun was afraid that he would catch a cold, so she closed the window hard, and if it was not closed tightly, she would use it. His own body blocked the gap, and all this was seen by Li Xun, who was asleep.

Dong Siyang took everyone to drink together. The more Li Xun refused to let Zhu Yun drink, Zhu Yun still wanted to drink a few glasses. Dong Siyang also talked about his own experience. He used to work in a machinery factory and got into a fight for a friend. To start a business, I plan to start an Internet company. Zhao Teng also spoke his mind. He has worked in this industry for more than ten years. He wanted to make a good game, but it finally came to nothing. He was chased by Jili Company again. They just didn’t know Where did I go wrong.

Li Xun got up and left and went back to his residence, while Zhu Yun talked about the matter with Jili Company. Geely Company was originally Li Xun’s company that was taken away by someone. Zhu Yun also solemnly apologized to Dong Siyang. She shouldn’t have concealed so many things. Unexpectedly, Dong Siyang knew about it a long time ago, otherwise it would be impossible to let a person who can’t even show his resume enter the company.

When Zhu Yun came to look for Li Xun, she found the photo that Li Xun dropped on the ground from the room. It was the photo that Zhu Yun tore up on the rooftop. Zhu Yun also remembered what Dong Siyang said, when Li Xun came to him, I said that Zhu Yun is a person who is sometimes stupid, but she is very persistent and capable.

Zhu Yun came to find Li Xun who was taking a bath in the hot spring, and asked him why the photo was put there. Li Xun insisted on not admitting anything, Zhu Yun couldn’t help laughing, feeling that Li Xun was the same as when he was in school. Zhu Yun just wanted to know if Li Xun had ever thought of her. Zhu Yun knew that Li Xun’s mind was on the company’s affairs, and no one broke up their affairs, but it didn’t mean that the previous matter didn’t exist. I told Zhu Yun not to drink too much and soak in the hot springs, and nobody cares if she drowned.

One morning, Zhu Yun brought breakfast to Li Xun, and talked about her fear of Fang Zhijing. Before that, it was because of Xiaoyan, but now it was because of Li Xun. Every time Fang Zhijing bullied someone she cared about, she could only look at him. There was no way to fight back, and she blamed herself that if she hadn’t dragged Li Xun to the competition, she wouldn’t have provoked Fang Zhijing, wouldn’t have harmed Li Xun, let alone killed Li Lan. But Li Xun didn’t care about it, and he didn’t want Zhu Yun to keep it in his heart. At the same time, he told Zhu Yun that she was afraid of Fang Zhijing. In fact, Fang Zhijing was also afraid of them. The more Fang Zhijing and the others wanted to defeat them, the more opportunities they gave them. .

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