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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 28 Recap

Invincible Generals has been widely liked by everyone since it was launched, and many netizens commented that it is the game with the least defects in history, which also gave the company its first income since its establishment. Dong Siyang immediately “generously” took out five games. For ten yuan, Zhang Fang bought some popsicles to reward everyone, and took some group photos to commemorate this historic moment.

Zhang Fang also bluntly said that he has seen the relationship between Li Xun and Zhu Yun. Even if the company does not allow dating, they will still pretend not to see it. Gao Jianhong had a grudge against Li Xun’s success. At night, when he was drinking with his friends, his wife always called and asked when to go home. Gao Jianhong subconsciously checked his phone, but there was no news from Xu Lina. , When I got home, I found that Xu Lina had fallen asleep, holding a tablet in his hand, which was the invincible general of Li Xun’s company, which made Gao Jianhong’s hatred even greater.

Early the next morning, Gao Jianhong made breakfast for Xu Lina calmly, and asked Xu Lina to shoot the promotional video of Seven Kingdoms. Force Xu Lina to eat it. Xu Lina had no choice but to shoot a promotional video. In order to avoid Gao Jianhong’s proposal to go abroad to study as a graduate student, Gao Jianhong agreed, but asked to wait until after retirement. Now she can only stay because the company needs Xu Lina.

When the invincible military general was doing publicity, Gao Jianhong was doing the publicity at the same time, and people ran to Gao Jianhong’s side one after another. Hou Ning couldn’t understand Li Xun being bullied, so he secretly used a computer to hack into the Seven Kingdoms game and implanted a virus. Li Xun was so angry that he reprimanded Hou Ning severely, and worried that he would go to jail because of this. At the same time, Gao Jianhong also noticed this matter , but did not stop him, but hoped that Li Xun could enter the prison again, even if there was no loss, he would make a loss.

Li Xun and Hou Ning were brought to the police station. Gao Jianhong came with a lawyer and was about to put Li Xun to death. Zhu Yun came at this time and successfully criticized Gao Jianhong for framing and framing by virtue of her state-run computer skills. Someone deliberately entered the server from another port and deleted some programs. Li Xun asked the police to intervene in the investigation, but Gao Jianhong objected, claiming to go back and check himself.

After going out, Zhu Yun reprimanded Hou Ning severely, accusing Hou Ning of not helping Li Xun but actually harming Li Xun, but Hou Ning accused Zhu Yun in turn, thinking that if it wasn’t for Zhu Yun, Li Xun wouldn’t have to go to jail. When Zhu Yun and Fu Yizhuo sent Hou Ning and Li Xun back, it was raining outside, their things were thrown out, and the rain drenched them all. Hou Ning couldn’t bear it anymore, and accused Li Xun of being surrounded by unreliable people. The only person Zhu Yun likes every day is Huahua, and Fu Yizhuo is the kind of person who is out of tune every day, but Li Xun told Hou Ning loudly that he cares. These people care about everyone, including Hou Ning, but Hou Ning doesn’t believe in turning around and leaving at all.

Li Xun brought the drenched Zhu Yun to the company for a rest. Zhu Yun changed Li Xun’s jacket, but found that there were no pants, and Li Xun threw his own pants, which were too big and fat for Zhu Yun. Li Xun left Zhu Yun in the room alone, and he went to the sofa in the living room, and Zhu Yun smiled unconsciously.

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