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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 1 Recap

In 1996, Xu Banxia took Tong Xiaoqi out of prison, and she booked him a room in the hotel. As early as in the parking lot, Xu Banxia asked Tong Xiaoqi to take off his clothes, took a few plants and sprinkled water on him, taking it as a curse. Xu Banxia prepared food and a change of clothes for Tong Xiaoqi, told him to take a good bath and sleep, and accompany him on a business trip tomorrow.

While taking a shower, Tong Xiaoqi remembered what happened five years ago. In 1991, his mother was seriously ill, so he had to steal the manhole cover and sell it at the waste recycling station in Shiqiao Lane. Seeing that he was alone outside the door, Xu Banxia opened the door and let him in.

When Chen Yuyu came the next day, he looked at the things in his cart and refused to accept them. If someone found out, he would go to jail. When Xu Banxia learned that his mother had a heart attack and myocardial infarction and was in urgent need of medical expenses, she asked Chen Zhouyu for money and lent it to Tong Xiaoqi. In this way, Tong Xiaoqi made friends with Chen Yuyu and Xu Banxia.

Tong Xiaoqi works in the driver’s class of the power plant. Xu Banxia happened to know that the power plant had batches of raw materials to receive and needed a car, so he asked Tong Xiaoqi if he would like to work with them and sell the batches of raw materials in the market to earn the difference in price. Tong Xiaoqi hesitated, but still agreed.

Although Tong Xiaoqi was just learning how to drive and was not very stable when driving, he managed to safely transport the offal to the city, and the three of them sold it for more than 3,000 yuan. But Tong Xiaoqi was held accountable by the factory for driving the car out of the factory without authorization. Fortunately, the master tried his best to protect him, and finally he was dismissed.

Xu Banxia divided the more than 3,000 yuan into three equal shares, and Tong Xiaoqi’s mother’s medical expenses were settled, but there was no sign of happiness on his face. After asking, I found out that Tong Xiaoqi was fired for using the factory car without authorization. Xu Banxia simply asked him to collect and sell scrap steel with himself and Chen Yuyu.

Tong Xiaoqi accompanied Xu Banxia to go shopping. Xu Banxia bought a suit of clothes for her husband Wang Quan according to his size, but when he came home, he saw Wang Quan stealing someone. Xu Banxia argued with him and raised his hand. Before Tong Xiaoqi could go far, he heard the movement upstairs and immediately went up to help.

In the chaos, Tong Xiaoqi kicked Wang Quan’s life force hard, and Wang Quan screamed on the ground in pain. Seeing this, Tong Xiaoqi immediately carried Wang Quan on his back to the hospital, Xu Banxia followed behind. Because of this, Tong Xiaoqi committed the crime of intentional injury and was sentenced to five years in prison. On the day he was released from prison, Xu Banxia went to pick him up. The outside world has undergone earth-shaking changes in the past five years.

Xu Banxia took Tong Xiao to the hotel, took a bunch of special products, and gave them to the bosses who came to the steel fair. Xu Banxia also told him not to tell these bosses that he was a college student. Before going to the table, Xu Banxia asked him to stir up the Sprite until there was no bubbles, and then gave the waiter a little money to send the Sprite to her, so as not to drink too much. At Xu Banxia’s table are Wu Jianshe, Qiu Bizheng and others, as well as Mr. Feng and Guo Qidong. Guo Qidong is Qiu Bizheng’s vice president. The boss is Wu Jianshe. Only then can I bring myself.

Wu Jianshe told them the news that there was business in the north, 351 tons of scrap steel, including customs and taxes, they were at most 751 tons, which is 1,200 tons and 1,000 tons more than the current market price. Qiansi is much less. Wu Jianshe ordered 50,000 tons in one go, and wanted to share it with the big guys. Xu Banxia was very interested in this, and wanted 15,000 tons.

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