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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 28 Recap

The reason why Shangguan Jing learned of Yin Qi’s execution was because An Xiyuan told her. She trespassed in the confinement room at night and was almost about to be held accountable. Fortunately, Li Wei and others appeared in time, so that no catastrophe occurred. It was only after Shangguanjing calmed down that she realized that maybe she had followed An Xiyuan’s way.

Mrs. Chun was kneeling outside the hall in plain clothes, and it took a long time before she was able to see the Lord. Seeing that the Lord had no intention of forgiving Lao Wu, Mrs. Chun had no choice but to propose that if Lao Wu must be punished, she would be demoted as a commoner and would never be allowed to return to the court. In this way, Yin Qi will never be able to enter the court as an official, let alone become the crown prince. But for a young master, it is tantamount to annihilation. But for Mrs. Chun, as long as her son is alive, it is better than anything else.

After Shangguanjing learned of this, she hurried to the prison and comforted Yin Qi with good words. Yin Qi was really shocked when he first heard the news. But he didn’t show any sadness, he was still joking, for fear that Shangguan Jing would worry about him. Shangguan Jing didn’t know that Lao Wu was forcing a smile, she took out a few candies and handed them to Lao Wu, hoping that he could feel a little sweetness. Before he knew it, a long time had passed, and the jailer walked in and urged Shangguan Jing to leave quickly. The two bid farewell, their eyes never moving away from each other.

The Lord personally went to pick up Lao Wu outside the prison door, and asked him what he was doing inside to reflect on himself. The fifth child seemed to have really figured it out, and he bluntly said that he was not wrong. How could Yin Qi not know that the master is nothing more than treating himself as an abandoned son. But Yin Qi couldn’t figure out why there is a father who treats his son like this in the world. The master was so angry that he almost flew into a rage, and flung his sleeves away.

Early the next morning, the lord ordered the food court to be closed. The sisters are angry and anxious, but right now they can only wait for the opportunity before making plans. But who would have expected that one wave would come up again, and the fifth child would be cut off from his forefoot and sealed as a title, and then expelled from the Young Master’s Mansion with his back foot. The old ten “fights against others”, and went to the old fifth’s house to drink five and six.

Shangguan Jing couldn’t bear it no matter what, she took the long tassel spear and knocked him to the ground. Unexpectedly, the old ten would not give up, saying that the fifth still likes Hao Jia. Shangguan Jing gritted her teeth with hatred, and flew the long tasseled spear out. The old ten was so frightened that he couldn’t see the shit, and he scrambled and ran out while calling his mother.

Food Club was blocked, and the sisters’ savings were only enough for two months. Seeing Yin Zheng and Yuan Ying frowning, Li Wei smiled and comforted them, everything will be fine. But after returning to her room, Li Wei unburdened herself and put away those forced smiles. Yin Zheng and Yuan Ying didn’t know what Li Wei was thinking, and they asked Su Shen and Liu Baoquan to send her soothing incense and supper. Li Wei was so happy that the smile returned to her face.

Yin An also knew that Yin Song didn’t dare to lead the counterfeit currency issue, he was just profiting from it. But Yin Zheng is determined to get back all the justice from Yin Song, and he should also be responsible for what he has done. However, he was worried that he would end up in the same fate as the fifth child, and the only thing that worried him was Li Wei.

Yin Zheng told Li Wei that if he investigates the case privately, even if he catches someone, he may be fined and demoted to a commoner. Li Wei didn’t really care, for her, it was pretty good. Li Wei also comforted Yin Zheng that she could support him. Hearing this, Yin Zheng couldn’t help grinning. Li Wei was a little sullen, and asked Yin Zheng what he was laughing at, and said very proudly that his family had an acre of land. Listening to Li Wei counting her family’s properties in detail, Yin Zheng couldn’t help laughing, saying that he listened to her. But immediately, the faces of both of them became serious. Li Wei called Yin Zheng who was about to go out, and told him to come back and wait for him at home. The two hugged each other tightly, neither of them was willing to let go.

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