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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 27 Recap

Yin An came to visit late at night, and he really wanted Yin Zheng to help investigate the counterfeit currency. The Taifu didn’t want Yin Zheng to get involved in this matter, because even if the counterfeit coins were found out, he would not get the household administrator, and the credit would only fall on Yin An. But Yin Zheng felt that the promotion of the new currency was beneficial to the country and the people, and if it was only for his own three-point profit, there would be no history books, only the ledger.

As soon as Yin Zheng went out, he investigated many clues. However, as the person in charge of this matter, Yin Song did not see any progress, and Lord Xinchuan could not help but reprimand him. After going back, not only did Yin Song not reflect on himself, but he even wanted to catch Yin Zheng’s handle. Fourth Young Master’s wife An Xiyuan was waiting outside Second Young Master’s mansion, seeing Fourth Young Master come out in a hurry, she slowly put down the sedan chair curtain.

On the way back, An Xiyuan persuaded the fourth child not to get involved in this matter, and the fourth child also admitted that although he intended to curry favor with Yin Song, he knew what to do and what not to do.

Right now, the person behind the counterfeit currency case has already been identified, and everything will be clear as long as Chen Xi is caught. But no one thought that Yin Song and Chen Xi actually knew each other, and there was an ulterior secret between them. Although Chen Xi had been secretly let go by Yin Song, Yin Zheng and the others had already found out that Dai Chuan was inseparable from the counterfeit money.

Above the court, Yin Song “destroyed relatives with righteousness” and voluntarily applied for the convict of Daichuan. Yin Zheng felt that Danchuan would be involved in convicting Daichuan, which might be inappropriate. But before he could open his mouth, the fourth child took the lead and recommended to Lord Xinchuan that he go to Daichuan to resolve the matter.

Yin Zheng and Yin Qi came to the junction of Danchuan and Daichuan, and met the two Sichuan masters. Lord Xinchuan originally planned to block Daichuan’s official roads to prevent secret agents from entering Xinchuan’s territory. But who would have expected that after Danchuan came, news came that Lord Xinchuan ordered the closure of Danchuan’s official road.

But now is the time when Danchuan’s business is booming, if the official road is blocked at this moment, it may affect people’s livelihood. The two brothers discussed it and decided to let Dan Chuan go. This matter soon spread to the Xinchuan court, and the ministers discussed it a lot. There was no joy or anger on the face of the Xinchuan Lord, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

On this day, Lord Xinchuan called Yin Zheng and Yin Qi to the palace and asked them repeatedly. Lord Xinchuan bluntly said that he deliberately blocked the official road of Danchuan before the Tea Horse Festival, and this was to prevent Daichuan spies from mixing into Xinchuan. The Lord believes that Yin Zheng can think of these things, but he doesn’t understand whether the reason behind it is self-willed or deliberate rebellion. Yin Zheng wanted to explain, but Yin Song took the lead.

Yin Song put the blame on Yin Zheng, saying that Yin Zheng should have dealt with Lord Dai Chuan, because this is what the Kyushu Affairs Department should do. But now that Yin Zheng is dereliction of duty, he can only act in a hurry and negotiate with Dai Chuan on his own. As he said that, Yin Song also took out the reply letter after discussing with Dai Chuan.

Yin Song blamed Yin Zheng as a brother. He is the young master of Xinchuan, not the young master of Danchuan. The purpose of going to Tong’an Mountain this time is to keep the mine. The Lord sighed and asked Yin Zheng if he was guilty. Seeing that Yin Zheng didn’t answer for a long time, Lord Xinchuan was even more annoyed, and immediately decided to dismiss him from his position. Yin Qi on the side was very anxious, and admitted that he came up with this method by himself. But what he said not only did not exonerate Yin Zheng, but even added fuel to the fire, making Chuanzhu even more angry.

Yin Qi took all the blame and was put in prison. After Shangguanjing learned of this, she hurried to the palace, but was stopped by the nanny. If she broke into this matter, Yin Qi would be punished even more. Shangguan Jing had no choice but to discuss with the sisters. And Yin Zheng knelt outside the hall, letting the rain wash away the wound, and insisted on interceding for Yin Qi.

The master doesn’t know, the fifth child will definitely not do such things privately. But now there are more and more impeachment papers, and I have to give the ministers an explanation. Li Wei and Yuan Ying went to the palace to see Mrs. He and Mrs. Chun to discuss what to do about this matter. But unexpectedly, news came from outside that Shangguan Jing broke into the confinement room without authorization.

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