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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 26 Recap

Although Hao Jia is fine now, Yin Song will definitely not let her go. Li Wei and the others began to plan for Hao Jia’s future, hoping that she would escape the sea of ​​suffering. The key to this matter lies in Mrs. Chuan. According to the rules of Jiuchuan’s selection, even if Yin Song refused, Hao Jia could still leave the mansion as long as Mrs. Chuan ordered her to do so.

The young lords were not idle either, they entered the palace one after another to speak for Hao Jia. The fifth child first went to the Lord to intercede for Hao Jia, but unexpectedly, he was misunderstood by the Lord for having an affair with Hao Jia. In addition to what happened last night, the master was furious and ordered the fifth child to be dragged out and beaten twenty times. In the past, before the board touched his body, the fifth child would start yelling for Mrs. Chun to save her life. But the twenty boards were all over, and the fifth child didn’t shout a word. The Lord could not help but sigh.

The third child, on the other hand, wanted to attack Mrs. Chuan, and talked about going to the second young master’s mansion in a roundabout way. Mrs. Chuan knew what the third child wanted to do, so she felt a little unhappy on her face, and said that although she was a mother, those things were all family affairs of the second young master’s house after all, so she couldn’t say much. The third child suggested to Mrs. Chuan that it would be better to send Hao Jia out of the house, so as not to be criticized by others.

Just as he was talking, Mrs. He suddenly sent someone to deliver a hairpin. This hairpin was given to her by Mrs. Chuan when she and his wife entered the palace. At that time, the two were still friends. But later, he and his wife received the Lord’s favor and gave birth to a son, and the two gradually became separated.

In fact, giving birth to a young child was not what He Furen wished, so after giving birth to Yin Zheng, He Madam became depressed, and his temperament changed drastically as if possessed by an evil spirit. Because of this, the Lord gradually distanced himself from his wife, and Mrs. Chuan was also a little happy. But later, Mrs. He almost committed suicide, Mrs. Chuan still has lingering fears when she thinks about it. Mrs. Chuan suddenly understood, and immediately ordered Hao Jia to leave.

Yin Zheng also investigated the witch, and found that there was no good person in her family. Haitang and the third child “invited” the sorceress over, and asked her to listen to Yin Song more on the condition that she would take care of her family for the rest of her life. Haitang thought that the third child was really merciful and wanted to take care of the family for the rest of his life, but he didn’t expect that the care that the third child said was to send these liars to prison.

Yin Song had no choice but to let Hao Jia leave. But he really wanted to vent his anger and asked Hao Jia to take off the clothes in the house in front of everyone. Hao Jia was shocked, but she didn’t want to get entangled with it, so she took off her clothes decisively. Yin Song still refused to give up, and actually wanted to take off Hao Jia’s underwear. Hao Jia tried her best to avoid it, but she was no match for him in terms of strength.

Fortunately, Zhao Fangru showed up in time, relieved Hao Jia and told her to go out quickly. Hao Jia finally showed a smile on his face, thanked Zhao Fangru and walked out the door. But Yin Song was relentless and scolded Hao Jia to stop. Zhao Fangru stared at Yin Song’s eyes, and signaled Hao Jia to leave with great momentum. After Hao Jia left, Zhao Fangru had a showdown with Yin Song, saying that she knew about his plot. Yin Song was so angry that he almost flew into a rage, but he had to admit that he really needed Zhao Fangru’s natal family.

Knowing that Gourmet Club is doing a lot of confinement meals, and asked the storyteller to give everyone a popular science on postpartum depression, he and his wife called Li Wei into the palace. Li Wei originally thought that Madam He would scold herself severely, but she didn’t expect that she just reminded herself to act cautiously, and must not bring this matter to the Lord.

Li Wei boldly asked about the past with his wife. After so many years, it was the first time someone asked me about this matter, and my eyes were moist with my wife, and I talked about the past with Li Wei. Yin Zheng learned that he and his wife called Li Wei, and rushed to the palace in a hurry, and heard the conversation just now. The mother and son talked a lot, and the knot in their hearts was slowly unraveling.

When Li Wei and Yin Zheng came to the restaurant, they didn’t expect to find many counterfeit coins. In order to prevent the wanton circulation of counterfeit money, everyone thought of a way to exchange counterfeit money for restaurant coupons, so that the common people would spontaneously collect counterfeit money on the market.

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