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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 25 Recap

Hao Jia woke up from the nightmare and heard the child crying. The maid trotted over with the child in her arms so that Hao Jia could breastfeed the child. But at this moment, Hao Jia was upset, and just now he dreamed that his stomach was bleeding again, so he couldn’t be in the mood to breastfeed. With a pleading cry, she asked the maid to take the child away.

Hao Jia was tormented by the nightmare and was in pain, but Yin Song practiced calligraphy very leisurely. Hearing that Hao Jia was crying all day long, Yin Song wanted to send her to live in a side room despite her being a pregnant woman who had just given birth. At this time, the cry of the child came, and Yin Song suddenly lost his mood, crumpled the paper into a ball, and decided to send the newly born daughter to the palace.

When Zhao Fangru heard this, she hurriedly dissuaded her. She expressed that she was willing to raise the child and let her marry as the eldest daughter in a glorious manner. Hearing this, Yin Song sneered and muttered, it is impossible for the two of them to have children. But Zhao Fangru heard all these words, and she couldn’t help but suspect that her infertility for so many years was actually manipulated by Yin Song secretly.

After returning, Zhao Fangru hurriedly asked the maid to investigate the matter. And the fact is exactly as she expected, Yin Song has put child-avoiding medicine in her soup for so many years. Zhao Fangru cried and laughed, remembering Yin Song’s sweet words to her back then, but they were all sugar coating on the outside of poison. Zhao Fangru only felt that she was ridiculous, and had been kept in the dark for so many years, and even blamed herself for not being able to give birth to Yin Song’s child. With trembling hands, she drank the soup in one gulp.

Li Wei was very worried when she learned that Hao Jia was locked up. After thinking about it, she had no choice but to ask Mrs. He for help. Looking at Li Wei who planned for Hao Jia, Mrs. He couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. If he had such a sister by his side back then, he wouldn’t be a stranger to his own son now. Although she didn’t reply to Li Wei, she decided to help them.

Yin Zheng had been waiting outside the door a long time ago, and he wasn’t too surprised to see Li Wei walking out dejectedly. Ever since Yin Zheng could remember, his mother had always treated him coldly, like an enemy. Li Wei took Yin Zheng’s hand and comforted him, maybe He Madam had the same disease as Hao Jia back then. Just as he was talking, the nanny next to his wife came over and said that he would go to the Second Young Master’s Mansion with them. As soon as they arrived at the mansion, the nanny asked Yin Song why Hao Jia was put in confinement. Yin Song seemed to have come prepared, and immediately ordered someone to bring Hao Jia over.

Hao Jia walked slowly, except that his face was a little pale, everything else was the same as usual. Hao Jia reassured the sisters that everything was fine, and told them not to visit her again in the future. After everyone left, Hao Jia finally broke out the resentment in his heart and uncovered Yin Song’s scar. Yin Song tortured himself so much because he wanted to find a sense of control from himself, but it was because he was powerless in the court. Yin Song was furious, grabbed Hao Jia’s neck, and mocked her for living on her own. Hao Jia sat slumped on the ground, feeling her body was light and soft, as if she was going to go with the wind.

On the way back, Li Wei always felt that something was wrong with Hao Jia today. After thinking about it, she decided to go back and take a look. As soon as she arrived at the door, she heard the servant girl shouting that Hao Jia committed suicide. Li Wei rushed in regardless and rescued Hao Jia. The doctor inspected it and said that Hao Jia had been in the water for too long, and he was afraid he might die.

Li Wei broke down in tears and begged the doctor to save Hao Jia. The doctor quickly helped Li Wei up and asked her to go to Doctor Xu to try. But this Imperial Physician Xu is the Imperial Physician in the palace, so it may not be appropriate to look for him at this time. It was a matter of human life, how could Li Wei care so much, and immediately ran to see the Lord.

On the other side, Lao Wu had already gone to the Tai Hospital with a spear and took away Doctor Xu. The crowd brought Imperial Physician Xu to the Second Young Master’s Mansion, but they were stopped by Yin Song. Yin Song yelled loudly and asked people to send Imperial Physician Xu back to the palace. At the same time, several guards stood in front of Yin Song with swords and blocked the others.

Yin Qi, who has always been submissive, suddenly gained momentum and scolded the guards to leave. The situation was urgent, so Li Wei had no choice but to beg Yin Song to let herself go in and rescue Hao Jia. Unexpectedly, Yin Song was even more angry, saying that Hao Jia is his own, and her life and death are up to him.

Hearing this, Li Wei didn’t care about dignity, and refuted Yin Song loudly, Hao Jia is a living person, not an object of his. Yin Song walked forward slowly, slandering Hao Jia. Li Wei blushed with anger, and slapped Yin Song across the face with a wave of her hand. Yin Song was about to fight back when Yin Zheng appeared in time and controlled Yin Song. In this way, Doctor Xu was able to enter the mansion.

In the room, Zhao Fangru stayed by Hao Jia’s side, trying to wake her up with some angry words. But Imperial Physician Xu shook his head, signaling Zhao Fangru not to waste his time. Zhao Fangru felt even more uncomfortable looking at the infant child. Unexpectedly, at this time, Hao Jia slowly woke up. Everyone was overjoyed and rushed into the room to look after Hao Jia. After a whole night of tossing, the sun slowly rose, illuminating the earth and also illuminating Hao Jia’s heart.

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