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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 26 Recap

Zhu Yun and Li Xun had dinner together and drank some wine. When Li Xun sent Zhu Yun back home, he asked her about her affairs abroad, and Zhu Yun told the truth. Work, but Zhu Yun knew exactly what she wanted, so Li Xun didn’t say any more.

The next day was a rest day. When Li Xun was at home, an unexpected visitor came. Xu Lina found out about Li Xun’s residence and rushed over, hoping to go out for dinner with Li Xun. Xu Lina, who was rejected by Li Xun, did not leave, but proposed to stay Here to eat together, Li Xun refused on the grounds that her meal was not prepared at home, but Xu Lina actually brought the chef and ingredients to the house and made it on the spot.

Xu Lina specifically asked Zhu Yun, and thought that the situation between the two of them was a bit shabby, and gave Li Xun the car keys, hoping that Li Xun could live in her apartment. Li Xun satirized Xu Lina for wanting to keep him, and Xu Lina blamed Li Xun He wasn’t with him back then, otherwise Li Xun must have a different status today, but Li Xun thought that would make him feel sick, and at the same time rejected Xu Lina’s car and house, and made it clear that Xu Lina was no match for Zhu Yun. Xu Lina left Li Xun’s house angrily, but met Fang Zhijing who was waiting outside the community. Fang Zhijing recorded a video and sent it to Gao Jianhong who was on a business trip. Gao Jianhong was full of dissatisfaction.

Liu Ailin was worried about Zhu Yun, but seeing that Zhu Yun and Tian Xiuzhu were busy with the art exhibition together, she felt a little more at ease, and asked Zhu Yun to stay with Tian Xiuzhu to prepare for the art exhibition, Zhu Yun quickly nodded in agreement. Liu Ailin secretly asked Tian Xiuzhu if there was anything wrong with Zhu Yun. She was always worried. Although Li Xun went in, she was still worried about Zhu Yun. After all, she never gave up on Li Xun. She was afraid that she would go to him. Tian Xiuzhu promised to take good care of Zhu Yun, and also promised to report to Liu Ailin if something happened.

Zhu Yun secretly went out to call Tian Xiuzhu and asked Tian Xiuzhu to help deal with Liu Ailin. Tian Xiuzhu deliberately called Zhu Yun her mother to avoid being suspected by Liu Ailin and also to tease Zhu Yun, but when Zhu Yun came back, Tian Xiuzhu Zhu still proposed to go to Nanhu University to find materials, and Liu Ailin hurriedly asked Zhu Yun to take it. After all, she came out of Nanhu University, and Zhu Yun happily agreed.

Tian Xiuzhu accompanied Zhu Yun to work, and saw the company in the elevator. At the same time, Guo Shijie recognized Tian Xiuzhu as his idol and almost jumped up excitedly. When his colleagues were also talking around Tian Xiuzhu, Li Xun came , Zhang Fang quickly introduced the two to each other, but Li Xun was indifferent and lied that he didn’t know Tian Xiuzhu at all. Zhao Teng noticed that Li Xun was different.

When Tian Xiuzhu sent Li Xun back, Liu Ailin rented a house for Zhu Yun, and the rent was paid. Zhu Yun was full of dissatisfaction. Seeing that the two were about to have a conflict, Tian Xiuzhu hurriedly praised Liu Ailin, and smoothed things over, and finally Liu Ailin was sent away, but Zhu Yun was not grateful to Tian Xiuzhu, but felt that he was the same person as his mother.

Li Xun felt uncomfortable since seeing Tian Xiuzhu, so he came to Fu Yizhuo specially. Fu Yizhuo persuaded Li Xun to ask Zhu Yun to see if she was really with Tian Xiuzhu, and it was Li Xun who refused at the beginning. When Li Xun accepted Zhu Yun, he didn’t consider what Zhu Yun had to endure at all, but as long as Li Xun accepted Zhu Yun, Zhu Yun would be the only person in the world who could do his best to help him. But at the same time, Fu Yizhuo also thought that if Li Xun could not be with Zhu Yun, he should not give Zhu Yun any chance to prevent Zhu Yun from missing his own opportunity. Li Xun lied that he had let go of his past feelings, but Fu Yizhuo I thought that if I really gave up, I wouldn’t be here anymore.

Ren Di and Fang Shumiao also hoped to hear Zhu Yun’s plans for Li Xun. They both hoped that Li Xun and Zhu Yun would not be separated if they could be together, and that they would not procrastinate if they could be together. The people next to them were anxious. And Ren Di felt that Zhu Yun could only be herself in front of Li Xun, the Zhu Yun who dared to fight, and had light in her eyes.

After the internal test version of Invincible Generals came out, the effect was very good. Dong Siyang was also very happy and asked to go all out to promote it, but in fact the book only had a few thousand yuan. Li Xun proposed to make the promotional poster first, and then find a way to solve the problem . But what Guo Shijie designed made Li Xun dissatisfied, thinking that the impact of the picture was not enough, Li Xun asked to change it again, but Zhang Fang thought that this was Guo Shijie’s limit, and there was no room for change at all, unless he found someone great painter.

After Li Xun went back, he studied those posters. Hou Ning thought that there is a specialization in the art industry, and he should not be too persistent. Li Xun suddenly found something like being happy and went out to find Zhu Yun. He found out that Zhu Yun had already checked out, and Li Xun asked Fu Yizhuo to give it to him. Ren Di called and found Zhu Yun’s rental information. Then I went to Zhu Yun’s house to find her. Zhu Yun was talking about the poster with Tian Xiuzhu, and at the same time emphasized that he had no money.

Tian Xiuzhu agreed to give the painting, and the money could be credited. Seeing that Zhu Yun wanted it more anxiously, Tian Xiuzhu planned to go The studio packs things up. At this time, Li Xun came to knock on the door, and when he heard Zhu Yun’s voice calling Tian Xiuzhu to open the door, Li Xun dodged and hid aside.

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