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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 23 Recap

Zhu Yun proposed to see Li Xun, but her parents couldn’t get her to agree. Zhu Yun sat across from Li Xun, thinking that the reason Li Xun asked her to leave was to avenge Fang Zhijing, but he didn’t want to hurt her. Li Xun denied all Zhu Yun’s words, claiming that since six years ago, when he stood outside Zhu Yun’s villa for the first time, this plan was born. He wanted to take revenge on Zhu Yun, but he thought that there would be no chance, but he didn’t expect The two appeared in the same school, and Zhu Yun took the initiative to pester her.

With tears streaming down her face, Zhu Yun reminded Li Xun not to forget their promise that those who betrayed would go to hell. Li Xun said that he had been to hell countless times and didn’t care at all. After Zhu Yun left, Li Xun burst into tears. He saw Zhu Yun’s torn-up photo on the rooftop, pasted it up and put it in his arms. This was the only thing he brought into the cell.

Today is the day for school graduation photos. Zhu Yun went abroad with her father. The group photos of her classmates are all Zhu Yun’s human-shaped stand cards. Teacher Lin came to the base to look at the things that were once prosperous. After Gao Jianhong took over the company, he fired the company’s employees, sold the medical software developed by Li Xun at the same time, and recruited a group of new employees. Seeing that his name was changed on the business license, Gao Jianhong was satisfied with the start-up capital.

Gao Jianhong came to visit Li Xun in the cell, and heard that Li Xun had refused to appeal. Gao Jianhong told Li Xun that Zhu Yun had gone abroad, but Li Xun hoped that he would stop talking about the past and only talk about work. Gao Jianhong sneered, satirizing Li Xun’s selfishness, he has been living under Li Xun’s shadow and swallowing his anger, everything before has passed, and now he is successful, all the systems have been changed, Ji Li Company has nothing to do with Li Xun It doesn’t matter at all, the legal person has been changed.

However, Li Xun reminded Gao Jianhong not to talk too much. Since he could give it to Gao Jianhong, he could still take it out. Gao Jianhong completely tore his face, thinking that he was just arrogant, and he didn’t know how to change when he was about to die. At the same time, Gao Jianhong also told Li Xun that Fang Zhijing was able to find Li Lan because he leaked the news. Li Xun was so angry that he stood up and roared, and the police took Li Xun out.

Three years later, in 2019, because of his good performance, Li Xun also helped the prison set up a system and came out ahead of schedule. After coming out, he and Hou Ning came to pay homage to his relatives. He wanted to get back what he had lost, and those who took his things must also return them. When Fang Zhijing saw Li Xun leaving Jili Company, he was also very scared. His company was going to be listed soon, and he was afraid of being destroyed by Li Xun. Gao Jianhong reminded Fang Zhijing not to be afraid. Now they have all the resources, but Li Xun I just came out, what can I do. No matter what Gao Jianhong said, Fang Zhijing was afraid, but he also hoped that Gao Jianhong would win in the end. In fact, Gao Jianhong was not sure of winning.

Ren Di, Fang Shumiao and Zhu Yun met and chatted about the changes in the past few years. Now Fang Shumiao is also a well-known lawyer with many suitors. Wu Mengxing works in the Youth League Committee and has already had children. Ren Di and Fang Shumiao What Miao was most curious about was the situation after Zhu Yun and Li Xun met. Zhu Yun said that she would leave soon and would not have any social relations with Li Xun.

Tian Xiuzhu watched Zhu Yun holding the keychain all the time, knowing that she couldn’t let it go, so he told Zhu Yun that Li Xun actually had Zhu Yun in his heart, otherwise, he wouldn’t just take the keychain and go back to the old place to revisit. Zhu Yun saw the advertiser’s promotion of Jili Company, and suddenly thought of Li Xun asking Ren Di for money. As Li Xun is the major shareholder of Jili, it is impossible for him to have no money. She checked the list of shareholders on the Internet carefully. But it was discovered that there was no Li Xun’s name at all, but Fang Zhijing’s name. Zhu Yun planned to go to Gao Jianhong to find out about the situation.

Gao Jianhong was very happy to see Zhu Yun, took her around the company, and proposed to let Zhu Yun come to the company, Zhu Yun asked Gao Jianhong why he let Fang Zhijing in, the company is Li Xun’s company, but Gao Jianhong thought the company It’s his, not Li Xun’s, it’s what he says now. Zhu Yun warned Gao Jianhong that Li Xun would not let him go, and even if Li Xun made a mistake, he was good to Gao Jianhong, and Gao Jianhong would never win against Li Xun. Gao Jianhong hesitated for a moment, and admitted that the world needs geniuses, but he is rich now, and geniuses can be found everywhere. Zhu Yun emphasized that there is only one Li Xun in the world.

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