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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 13 Recap

Tao Junhui asked Wu Fei whether their law firm represented Lowe Magnolia’s case. Wu Fei denied that the law firm took up the case, but revealed that Qin Shi was paying attention to this case. Then Wu Fei also realized that Qin Shi might want to take over Lan Xiaoting and Pang Dingfang’s divorce case. And Tao Junhui also got this guess, turned around and sent a message to his colleagues to speed up the progress of the case, because he guessed that Lan Xiaoting and Pang Dingfang were about to divorce.

Lao Jin and Tang Yihui mobilized law firm personnel to look for Lan Xiaoting. Lao Jin concluded from the surveillance video that Mr. Lan should not be looking for short-sightedness, but should go out to meet people. Lan Xiaoting went out to meet someone without telling Zhao Danping, he must be someone she would trust and didn’t want others to know. Yanghua found out that the last flight from San Francisco to Pujiang landed 20 minutes ago, the two felt the airport, and they saw Lan Xiaoting waiting for someone here.

Qin Shi turned off his mobile phone and accompanied Lan Xiaoting to wait for Pang Dingfang at the airport, but the plane had already landed for an hour, and Pang Dingfang’s person was not seen for a long time. Lan Xiaoting fully understood that he had been deceived by Pang Dingfang. Qin Shi told Lan Xiaoting that whether it is a strong woman or a full-time wife, it is just a status.

A woman is an individual first, and should not give up on herself in any relationship and become an accessory of others. Lan Xiaoting finally understood that what she thought was a perfect life was a bubble that could be broken in a blink of an eye, and she didn’t know what to do. Qin Shi comforted Lan Xiaoting that everything would pass and everything would be fine.

Qin Shi sent Lan Xiaoting back to the hotel. Lan Xiaoting thanked them for their help, and hoped that the subsequent divorce case would proceed as Lao Jin said, and also hoped that Qin Shi would take more care. Although Tang Yihui was not happy about Qin Shi’s involvement in this matter, she did not accuse her too much. Qin Shi, who was exhausted all night, fell asleep before he got home, so Yanghua had to carry her to the room and put her down. Looking at the sleeping Qin Shi, Yanghua’s heart throbbed endlessly.

In the morning of the next day, Yang Hua advised Qin Shi that no work was worth sleeping and forgetting, and hoped that Qin Shi could eat well. The two remembered that the hot pot ingredients in the car were broken. Qin Shi told Yanghua that he could continue to live in the house, but he could help her tidy up the house to deduct the rent. Yanghua readily agreed.

Tang Yihui approached Qin Shi and Li Dai, and said that the law firm had represented Lan Xiaoting’s divorce case, and Qin Shi and Li Dai were jointly responsible for this case. Then Qin Shi and Li Dai called their assistants to discuss the work arrangement of the divorce case, but Qin Shi excluded Wu Fei from the case this time and did not arrange for her to work. Both Lao Jin and Zhao Danping hoped that the divorce case would be as soon as possible. Tao Junhui also discussed Luowei Yulan’s case with his colleagues. They also wanted to adjudicate the financial case before Pang Dingfang’s divorce, so that they could help the client get back the money.

It was the first time that Qin Shi and Li Dai had worked together on a divorce case for many years, and both of them agreed that they would compete fairly. Yang Hua came to the hospital to visit Lao Zhou, and happened to see the person who Lao Zhou refused to help with debt collection. Yang Hua told Lao Zhou that these debt collectors already knew that the person in charge of Lowe Magnolia was going to divorce, and they had already found a law firm.

Wu Fei found Qin Shi and asked to join Mr. Lan’s case, but Qin Shi said that he had enough manpower, and it was not because of Tao Junhui that he refused to let her join. Qin Shi analyzed the probability of an assistant lawyer in a law firm being promoted to an intermediate lawyer, but with Wu Fei’s ability, it is difficult to catch up with those hardworking assistant lawyers outside. Because Qin Shi doubted his ability to work, this prejudice made Wu Fei very disappointed.

Through investigation, Qin Shi and Li Dai discovered that Pang Dingfang had mortgaged the marital property long before, and Lan Xiaoting was unaware of these matters.

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