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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 22 Recap

Zhu Yun called and Li Xun never answered. Zhu Yun came to the company to find Li Xun, hoping that Li Xun could give an explanation, but Li Xun didn’t give any explanation. Instead, he said that he deliberately stimulated Zhu Yun’s parents, because he is the kind of mercenary. Zhu Yun’s parents are the kind of high-ranking and indifferent people who always demand themselves with their morality. Zhu Yun thinks that Li Xun does not need to bear the tuition fees when going abroad. Even if Li Xun is not willing to go, it is not that kind of attitude. Moreover, it was Li Xun who offered to go home to meet his parents, and she even began to doubt Li Xun’s purpose.

After the two quarreled, Li Xun unceremoniously asked Zhu Yun to leave. Zhu Yun reminded Li Xun that he would not come back after he left, and Li Xun didn’t want to stay. Zhu Yun had nowhere to go, so she went to Ren Di. She didn’t know Li Xun today. Ren Di thought that Li Xun might have some difficulties, so he persuaded Zhu Yun to find out. Zhu Yun found a reason to go back to the company to find Li Xun. He humbly begged Li Xun to communicate better, but Li Xun said nothing. Instead, Xu Lina appeared. Xu Lina took Li Xun’s arm to declare her sovereignty, and Zhu Yun left sadly.

Xu Lina suddenly called Ren Di and asked to find Zhu Yun and asked to meet her. Zhu Yun was unwilling to come to see Xu Lina. Xu Lina also said that she was about to graduate soon, and hoped to ask about Zhu Yun’s plan. Zhu Yun was too lazy to talk to Xu Lina . Xu Lina said that she fell in love with Li Xun’s company, and that she would come to invest in Li Xun’s company, and satirized Zhu Yun’s parents for missing a treasure. Xu Lina thinks that Zhu Yun is too naive. Li Xun told her long ago that she doesn’t want to develop slowly, but hopes to develop Jili as soon as possible, and will set off to meet Xu Lina’s father soon.

Zhu Yun came to Li Xun and asked him what he had promised to Xu Lina. Li Xun claimed that it was 50% of the shares, and this 50% was Zhu Yun’s shares. Zhu Yun burst into tears and accused Li Xun of using Her trust, and Li Xun must have made preparations before going to see her parents. Zhu Yun also reminded Li Xun that if he dared to leave today, it would be over between them. Li Xun still insisted on leaving. Zhu Yun pressed Li Xun Whether there was any plan, Li Xun didn’t admit anything, he just drove away, leaving behind a sad Zhu Yun.

Sadly, Zhu Yun came to the rooftop where Li Xun was. Looking at the group photo of the two, she couldn’t stop crying. She tore them up and scattered them in the wind. The keychain of the rooftop was right in front of her. Zhu Yun thought that Everything is fake, all feelings turned into painful farewells. Sadly, she threw down the keychain, but still couldn’t help twitching.

Xu Lina brought Li Xun downstairs to the company, hoping that he could meet his father, but Li Xun didn’t go up. Xu Lina was willing to develop with Li Xun, live in a small house together, and eat box lunches together, as long as Zhu Yun could do it. It’s all right, but Li Xun refused, and Xu Lina burst into tears. She just didn’t understand why Li Xun was so deliberate to drive Zhu Yun away, which made Xu Lina a little uneasy, but Li Xun didn’t say anything, and he wouldn’t accept it. Any help from anyone.

Zhu Yun packed up her things and left. When she went downstairs, she found the keychain lying on the ground again. Unbearable, Zhu Yun picked it up again and took it away. Li Xun entrusted the company to Gao Jianhong. Gao Jianhong was worried that Zhu Yun would be angry if he found out. Li Xun explained that he wanted to support Zhu Yun’s going abroad and didn’t want her to have any worries. Although he also knew that Gao Jianhong had hated him, but He is still willing to trust Gao Jianhong. Gao Jianhong agreed with Li Xun to teach Fang Zhijing a lesson, but he disagreed with his method of killing Fang Zhijing, but Li Xun had already made a decision. The plan was something he had to complete, and tomorrow was also the scene of the finals.

Zhu Yun was about to follow her father to the airport, and suddenly remembered that today was the day of the 18th finals, so Zhu Yun jumped out of the car and rushed back. At the competition site, Fang Zhijing once again won the award and stood on the podium to deliver his acceptance speech. At this time, Li Xun came to the scene of the awards ceremony and walked through the crowd to the stage. Fang Zhijing was already a little incoherent. She went up and beat Fang Zhijing violently. When Zhu Yun rushed over, she saw only the scene of the beating. She wanted to push through, but was stopped, and Gao Jianhong smiled contemptuously and left quietly.

After Zhu Yun went back, she fell ill and slept all day. After she got up, she started looking for her mobile phone. Liu Ailin admitted that she hid it by herself, and prevented Zhu Yun from going to Li Xun. Zhu Guangyi couldn’t bear to push Zhu Yun down, but Zhu Yun thought Whether Fang Zhijing was blinded or not has nothing to do with her. She must see Li Xun, no matter what Li Xun did, and blamed her parents for never considering the problem from Li Xun’s perspective. This kind of Zhu Yun also made the parents a little unfamiliar, because Fang Zhijing had an eyeball removed this time, and in the eyes of the parents, Li Xun was a bad guy who did all kinds of evil.

Zhu Yun didn’t eat or drink, and was shut up in the room by her parents every day, and the food was changed once. Because of this, Li Xun was also sentenced for the crime of intentional injury. Zhu Yun finally fell ill, and the doctor found that Zhu Yun had committed suicide Tendency, I hope parents can pay attention. Zhu Guangyi earnestly persuaded Zhu Yun to go abroad for a change of environment, and thought that Zhu Yun was not worth it. Zhu Yun hadn’t spoken for a long time, and this time she finally called her parents, hoping that her parents would promise him something.

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