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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 7 Recap

Qin Shi rushed home in a hurry, dragged Yanghua to question him, and learned that he had already said everything he needed to say, but he directly stated that he was a boyfriend rather than a husband. Qin Shi introduced the two to each other, and Yanghua knew that Ren Meimei was Qin Shi’s classmate and second sister-in-law. During the meal, Ren Meimei wanted Yanghua’s contact information, but Yanghua refused. Yang Hua said that the number of his WeChat friends is strictly controlled within six, because he feels that the simpler life is, the less troubles there will be. And Yanghua’s idea of ​​pursuing a simplified life made Ren Meimei even more amazed, thinking that such a life could not fall in love and get married at all.

In order to prevent Yanghua from chatting too much, Qin Shi looked for opportunities to send Yanghua away. After Yanghua left, Ren Meimei inquired about Yanghua’s age, and by the way, blamed Qin Shi for not telling her about her love affair. As best friends, after Qin Shi and Tao Junhui broke up, she was always worried that Qin Shi would no longer believe in love. But now that Qin Shi already has a boyfriend and has been dating for two years, she instantly feels like a fool. Taking advantage of her drunkenness, Ren Meimei cried out about her concealed grievances and her unsatisfactory marriage.

Wu Fei called Tao Junhui at night, only to learn that her boyfriend is still working overtime in the office, and hurriedly urged him to get off work and go home to rest. Wu Fei also told her boyfriend Qin Shi to inquire about him, and Tao Junhui also guessed what case Qin Shi inquired about, and whether it was related to Luowei Yulan. But Tao Junhui said that he had to keep the cases he handled confidential and could not let the third party know. Wu Fei guessed that her boyfriend was in charge of the case of Lowe Magnolia.

Qin Shi asked Ren Meimei to keep her love affairs secret and not to let her parents know. And Qin Shi also told Ren Meimei that Vivian, the second brother Qin Wenyu came into contact with, was a habitual offender. He was released for fraud just before, and asked Ren Meimei to be optimistic about Qin Wenyu not to be cheated.

Tao Junhui drove to the downstairs of Qin Shi’s house, remembering the scene when the two moved to a new house together in the past, but now things have changed. Tao Junhui saw Yanghua come back from shopping, knew that he was living with Qin Shi now, and deliberately told him that he also lived here before. When Yanghua came home, he happened to meet Ren Meimei who was about to leave. Ren Meimei, as Qin Shi’s best friend, warned Yanghua to put away his low-desire and unsocial life and treat Qin Shi well.

Yanghua came home and was tidying up the messy living room when he saw the drunk Qin Shi tidying up and preparing to go out, so he had to take care of Qin Shi and go back to his room to rest. Then Yanghua was about to wash up, when he heard the movement and saw that Qin Shi was going out to work again, he had no choice but to put Qin Shi back to his room to sleep again, and in order to prevent Qin Shi from going out again in the middle of the night, he had to sleep at the door of Qin Shi’s bedroom all night . Early the next morning, Qin Shi woke up wondering why Yanghua was sleeping on the ground.

After waking up, Yang Hua was very grateful to Qin Shi for providing him with a place to stay, but after what happened, he thought that the matter between the two should be resolved quickly. Qin Shi always knew that he would go to work when he was drunk. In order to prevent the secret between the two from being discovered by more people, Qin Shi planned to change the password on the door, and at the same time told Meimei and his colleagues that Yanghua’s vacation It’s over, and I will go on a business trip to other countries later, so that Yanghua can not show up for a short time.

Although Qin Shi was willing to provide the residence for free, Yang Hua still indicated that a joint tenancy agreement could be drawn up between the two. Qin Shi saw that Yanghua bought a pot of mint to grow at home, and took the opportunity to ask about the flower language of mint. Yanghua thinks that the flower language of mint is “noble morality”, but Qin Shi thinks that the general flower language is related to love. Sure enough, after a search, he found that the flower language of mint is “eternal love”. For this reason, both of them were a little embarrassed.

Zhao Danping came to the law firm on behalf of Mr. Lan, and Lao Jin went to Xi’an for business. Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi to come to the company for a meeting as soon as possible.

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