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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 15 Recap

Seeing Hao Jia waiting outside the door alone, Zhao Fangru couldn’t help but go up to chat with her. In fact, the two of them are discussing life under the same man. If they just admit defeat like this, how can they survive until they grow old. After speaking, she dragged Hao Jia into the room. When Zhao Fangru saw that the table was full of memorials, she scolded the servant next to her and told him to clean it up quickly. Unexpectedly, these were written by Yin Song himself, and they were returned by the master just now. Hearing this, Zhao Fangru was a little embarrassed for a while. Seeing this, Hao Jia quickly praised Yin Song, and stepped forward to grind ink for him. Yin Song was in a good mood, and the hearts of the two women were safely in their stomachs.

Yin Zheng’s family was grounded, and everyone knew that Yin Song was behind the scenes. As a member of Yin Song’s family, Hao Jia couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry. She quietly sent a letter to Li Wei expressing her apology. This was originally a matter between Li Wei and Hao Jia’s boudoir, but Li Wei read the letter in front of Yin Zheng without hesitation, and really regarded him as one of his own. Yin Zheng could naturally feel Li Wei’s heart, and couldn’t help being elated.

The fifth child and the seventh child opened the house to go to court, and naturally they would hold an opening banquet according to the usual practice. But now that Yin Zheng and Li Wei have been grounded, they have no mood to celebrate. Lao Qi and his wife thought more thoughtfully and sent meals to everyone. Li Wei was in a good mood after eating delicious food. But these days of confinement are really boring, so she simply drags everyone to play mahjong. After a long time, Yin Zheng won a lot of money, and the losers felt bored, so they had to find another way to pass the boredom.

Everyone put out the bottles and jars in the room, and made a ring with bamboo strips, and whoever made it could take it away. Unexpectedly, Liu Baoquan hit wherever he pointed, hit every shot, and all the things put out were taken away by him. Everything that can be set is here, only the utensils in Yuanying’s room have not been taken out. While several people were talking, Li Wei suddenly felt a chill behind her. As soon as the words fell, Yuan Ying walked over with aggressive steps, glaring at them with murderous eyes.

Today in the court, the lord announced in public that the third and fifth children will follow Yin Song to manage Fangshi. In fact, this was Yin Zheng’s plan. The lord knows the truth of “don’t worry about the few, but the unevenness”. In order to appease the resentment of Yin Song and the elders in the court, Yin Zheng was blamed. In this way, if the master wants to use Yin Zheng again, others will not be able to refute it on the grounds of favoritism. Several people suddenly realized, listening to Li Wei explain this opportunity. Hearing that Yin Zheng planned to let women do business, Song Wu found it very interesting, while Yuan Ying put all her energy into it, as if preparing for future business.

Although Xinchuan is the head of Kyushu and the most powerful, most people are self-styled and traditional, not as good as Jinchuan and Danchuan. Now that the Lord supports agriculture, industry and commerce in parallel, Xinchuan’s economy will develop greatly. But even such a method of making a huge profit has been questioned by many people. Although the night market system was a great success, it only broke the time limit. If you want to develop further, you have to break the regional limit. It is no longer limited to the traditional concept of Dongfangxishi, but to set up shops where people live together. . In addition, the new currency can also be promoted to facilitate transactions.

Yuan Ying fell ill from exhaustion, but there were still heavy soldiers at the gate. Li Wei and Song Wu had no choice but to create confusion and push out the train. Fortunately, Yin Zheng came back in time and announced that the master had lifted the ban. After diagnosis and treatment, Yuanying woke up slowly. But the first thing she did when she woke up was to read the rest of the ledger. The two maids tried their best to persuade him, but to no avail. Li Wei was helpless, stepped forward to hold Yuan Ying steady, and took the initiative to read the account book for her. After this incident, Yuanying finally knew how to relax herself, and finally felt the love of others for her.

On this day, Xiao Shishi came to the house to play, Yuan Ying also stopped and sat down to play with him. Song Wu also came here in a noisy manner, and several people gathered around talking and laughing, it was very lively. The laughter spread to the study room, and Yin Zheng felt so happy at this moment.

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