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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 21 Recap

Li Lan thought the price of this hotel was too expensive, and asked Fang Zhijing to help find a cheap place, but Fang Zhijing found a suburb alone. At night, Li Lan saw that the instant noodles in the room were too expensive, so she went out to the supermarket. After buying it, when I went back, I received a call from Li Xun, who dropped the item in his hand to the ground, and a car drove over and killed Li Lan. Gao Jianhong told Zhu Yun the news, and Zhu Yun ran out regardless.

After burying his sister, Li Xun felt very sad. Gao Jianhong kept cursing Fang Zhijing, thinking it was all his fault. When Li Xun sorted out Li Lan’s belongings, he saw that the birthday presents he gave to his sister before were all well preserved by her sister. The driver who caused the accident had already pleaded guilty, and the law could not hold Fang Zhijing accountable.

Li Xun burst into tears, and Zhu Yun hugged Li Xun to comfort him. It was snowing heavily on the way Li Xun and Zhu Yun went back. Li Xun asked Zhu Yun about his dream. Zhu Yun said that his dream was to reconcile with his first love. Li Xun knew that he was talking about him, so he held Zhu Yun in his arms Remind Zhu Yun that if someone betrays, he will go to hell. Zhu Yun thought this was the beginning of happiness, but she didn’t expect it to be the end.

The next day, after paying homage to Li Lan, Li Xun proposed to Zhu Yun that he wanted her shares to be transferred to his name, and Zhu Yun agreed without asking anything. Li Xun proposed to meet Zhu Yun’s parents, hoping to seek their permission. Zhu Yun was afraid of embarrassing Li Xun, so he asked for a delay. Li Xun believed that he would be responsible for future affairs. Zhu Yun also told her parents about Li Xun’s coming home. When her parents were busy cooking, Li Xun waited for Xu Lina to arrive at the base, and persuaded Gao Jianhong not to leave. Fang Shumiao saw Li Xun talking to Xu Lina and called Zhu Yun.

Li Xun came to Zhu Yun’s house outside the window, looked at the situation inside and remembered the incident of coming here in the rain. Zhu Guangyi offered to talk to Li Xun alone. Zhu Yun is their only daughter. It’s not good to have them. Liu Ailin has re-enrolled Zhu Yun for the insurance research. Zhu Yun firmly disagrees to leave, and hopes to stay in the new company to help Li Xun, but Liu Ailin thinks that Zhu Yun will regret her current choice after many years.

At the same time, Zhu Guangyi also proposed to Li Xun that he and Zhu Yun go abroad together to change the environment. He will bear all the expenses. There is still a long way to go, and it will not go smoothly. I hope Zhu Yun can think about it carefully. After all, if you want to be with Zhu Yun, you have to make some sacrifices. When Li Xun was eating, he also hoped that Zhu Yun’s parents would rest assured that he would take good care of Zhu Yun and ensure Zhu Yun’s happiness, but he refused to go abroad. Difficulty in the middle on both sides.

Li Xun suggested to Zhu Guangyi that doing business requires personal connections. He and Zhu Yun had just started their business, and he also knew that Zhu Guangyi was now engaged in the medical device business, which could be mutually beneficial. Liu Ailin even believed that Li Xun had investigated the situation of their family and had always held grudges against Liu Ailin, accusing Li Xun of being a greedy and selfish person. Zhu Guangyi drove Li Xun away, and Li Xun also satirized Zhu Guangyi and his wife for being short-sighted and never seeing the future. Seeing Li Xun leave, Zhu Yun hurriedly chased after him, but he was already gone.

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