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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 2 Recap

As expected by Yang’s mother, Yanghua lived in the hotel opposite her home, and was not used to the hotel environment. Early the next morning, Tang Yihui brought Qin Shi to Mr. Lan’s daily yoga practice. Because Li Dai had offended Zhao Danping, Tang Yihui decided to please Mr. Lan. After all, she didn’t want to lose this big client.

Qin Shi asked why Tang Yihui was obsessed with Mr. Yu Lan, a big client, and Tang Yihui revealed her secret. Before Lao Jin married her, he had a girlfriend whom he had talked with for seven or eight years. Later, they broke up before marrying him. At that time, Lao Jin’s family was very opposed to this marriage, because Lao Jin’s ex-girlfriend had a good family background.

If Lao Jin married his ex-girlfriend, at least ten years of struggle could be saved. Tang Yihui checked the woman’s information and found out that the woman’s current husband is the boss of a listed company. He felt at a loss for her husband, so he wanted to win Mr. Lan. With the resources in Mr. Lan’s hands, the law firm could also double Lao Jin’s worth several times.

Yang Hua was chatting with his friend Cai Liang at the gym. He knew that his mother was really driving him out this time not only to get him married, but also to want him to go out to work. Friends also felt that the top students in the school should not stay at home as otaku, but should go out and find a job. But Yanghua feels that life is good now, free and free of pressure, and his annual net income is much higher than others who work hard and work hard. And now that the divorce rate is so high, why would he want to get married?

Friends persuade him to lie with good intentions sometimes, and he also thinks that it is human nature to use such small rules that are inherently wrong to play a little cleverness in order to win a good job. Yanghua disagreed with this. He believed that this wrong unspoken rule should have been corrected, instead of escaping and yielding.

Tang Yihui took the opportunity to call Mr. Lan hoping to have morning tea together, but the other party said that he was on a business trip and arranged the affairs of the association to Zhao Danping, so that Tang Yihui could find Zhao Danping if he had something to do. Li Dai arranged a job for Wu Fei, but Wu Fei temporarily refused to take the new job because she had a job arranged by Qin Shi in her hands. This also made Li Dai think that Wu Fei had already joined Qin Shi’s side. Although colleagues reminded Wu Fei that this would offend Li Dai, Wu Fei didn’t think so.

Qin Shi gathered his subordinates to report on the investigation of Zhao Danping. Although Wu Fei was named to answer, Wu Fei was not prepared enough. Qin Shi asked him to investigate this matter carefully. The law firm cannot be retained by relationships. Through investigation, Qin Shi came to the conclusion that Zhao Danping is emotional, responsible, proud and lofty, and this kind of person hates being played with. The law firm has made people suffer, and this meeting may not be a happy one. Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi to show his strength and must handle this matter well.

Tang Yihui met Zhao Danping and apologized for the law firm representing her ex-husband as a lawyer, but Zhao Danping directly refuted her. Fortunately, Qin Shi responded quickly and explained to the law firm in time, and also hoped to take over the legal work of the club. Zhao Danping made two requests, one is that the law firm will provide free legal consulting services to the club, and the other is that the law firm will get back the 12 million that was paid to her ex-husband.

Tang Shi directly pointed out whether the other party was trying to test them, after all, this matter involved professional ethics. Also because of Qin Shi’s words, Zhao Danping admired their kind of principled people, agreed to cooperate with the law firm on the spot, and appointed Li Dai to be in charge of cooperation matters in the future.

Qin Shi was a little disappointed that he was not appointed by Zhao Danping, but he couldn’t bring up the matter of divorce. Because Wu Fei offended Li Dai, she was also isolated in the company, and because she was scolded by Qin Shi for not doing a good job, she was unhappy, so she had to find her boyfriend for comfort. Boyfriend Tao Junhui comforts his girlfriend, as long as she is tired, she can go home at any time and be a daughter, and she will be responsible for raising her.

At the same time, Zhou Qianqian asked Wu Fei to investigate Lan Zong’s information in the name of Qin Shi, and asked her to send the information to herself in the afternoon. In the afternoon, Zhou Qianqian reported with Wu Fei’s investigation materials, but there was not enough information. In the end, Wu Fei added the final investigation materials. Zhou Qianqian lied that the information was checked by the two of them together. Wu Fei found out that Mr. Lan will attend the charity dinner tomorrow night, but Qin Shi needs to bring his family to attend.

In order to appease her mother and return home successfully, Yanghua plans to rent a girlfriend from the Internet to show to her parents, and calls her friend Cai Liang to help her as an adviser. But what he didn’t expect was that Qin Shi was the last person to come. Yanghua didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore and refused her help. Qin Shi catches up with Yanghua, saying that the two are not enemies. Isn’t it good for the two to benefit from each other?

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