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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 13 Recap

In order to help Yin Zheng train Li Wei, Yuan Ying specially sorted out a document. But Song Wu thought it was a divorce letter, and stepped forward to tear up the document without saying a word. Yuan Ying was not annoyed, but asked Song Wu to glue the documents one by one very gently. Facing the gentle and imposing Yuanying, Song Wu lost the capriciousness and aggressiveness of the past, and picked up the pieces very obediently, ready to take them back and glue them together.

Although Yuanying is very strict with herself, Li Wei knows that she wants to cultivate herself seriously. For Li Wei, Yuan Ying is a reasonable and good peak. Hao Jia couldn’t help sighing, whether it was a job or a marriage, it seemed that it was difficult to find someone worthy of entrustment, and as a side wife, she would suffer a lot of grievances. But Li Wei didn’t understand why the young master had to be coaxed, and why the women in Xinchuan could only rely on their husband’s breath and watch their husband’s face to live. She actually felt that if a person like Yuan Ying hadn’t been trapped in the deep house, he would have made something early on.

Although Yuanying has no hostility towards Li Wei, her maid Shiliu has selfish motives. When Li Wei and Hao Jia had a long talk, she hid aside and eavesdropped, but unexpectedly, Yu Ping bumped into her. After Yuanying learned of this, she was moved by reason and emotion to Shiliu, which made her realize her mistake. Yuan Ying was about to take Pomegranate to apologize to Li Wei, but she didn’t expect that when she turned around, she came with a jade bottle. Both sides were sincere and apologized to each other.

Yuanying is in charge of all the affairs of the family, including the diet of Li Wei and Yin Zheng. That night, Yin Zheng was really hungry, so he quietly went to the kitchen to find something to eat, but unexpectedly met Li Wei. Li Wei moved the pastry in hand to Yin Zheng’s, signaling him to eat some too. Yin Zheng was a little embarrassed, and carefully pushed the plate back, asking Li Wei to eat more. The two just pushed and pulled each other like this, and the atmosphere gradually became subtle. At this moment, something sound came from outside, and the two of them hid behind the cabinet as if fleeing.

It turned out that the person who came was Yuan Ying, and the two shrank into the corner in fright. How could the astute Yuanying not know that Li Wei and Yin Zheng were here, but she didn’t say anything, just smiled clearly, and then left. Seeing Yuanying walking away, Yin Zheng and Li Wei came back to their senses. But they found that because of their avoidance, the two were very close at the moment, and they seemed to be able to clearly feel each other’s warm breath.

Although the Jinchuan matter has been resolved, the most important thing right now is to raise the remaining debt as soon as possible. For this reason, Yin Zheng made a speech above the court, proposing to promote business and promote the economy. There was an uproar in the court, but Chuanzhu felt that this was a solution, so he asked Yin Zheng to go back and write a draft. Yin Zheng can be regarded as loyal, and he did not forget to give Yin An a hand when he submitted the draft, allowing him to return to live in his residence.

The opening of the night market is a major event, and one should not be rash and casual. Yin Zheng and Li Wei went to the street to investigate vendors’ views on the open night market. Unexpectedly, I met Yin Song. Yin Song stopped the carriage and sneered at Yin Zheng. Li Wei, who was on the side, couldn’t stand it any longer, so she retorted. Not to mention that Yuan Ying is really a good teacher, Li Wei, who has not read much, did not flinch in the face of Yin Song’s difficulties, but persuaded people to drive him away with reason. Yin Zheng couldn’t help but admire Li Wei and gave her a thumbs up.

Yin Zheng sent invitations to the brothers, inviting them to attend his own opening banquet. In order to give Yin Zheng a disgrace, Yin Song did not go there, and thus implied that other ministers should not communicate with Yin Zheng. In the blink of an eye, it was the opening banquet, and the new house was very lively, but after waiting for a long time, there was no guest. In fact, the sisters all wanted to participate, but the young masters were really afraid of Yin Song.

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