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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 18 Recap

Xu Lina thought that Li Xun was trying to defeat Fang Zhijing for her, so she suddenly came to Li Xun and kissed him on the face, and agreed to meet at ten o’clock tomorrow. She had something to tell Li Xun. Zhu Yun blamed Li Xun for not knowing how to refuse, Li Xun said nothing but let Zhu Yun go back first.

Zhu Yun was afraid that Li Xun would be impressed by Xu Lina, so she quickly asked Ren Di for help, and asked Ren Di to send the princess dress. At the same time, she also asked if Li Xun would be rejected if she confessed her love to Li Xun. In Ren Di’s opinion, Li Xun and Zhu Yun were a good match, but Li Xun is a very emotional person, so once he confesses his love, he must never betray him.

Ren Di sent Zhu Yun a princess dress, and Zhu Yun specially made a hairstyle to meet Li Xun, thinking that Li Xun had left with Xu Lina, but unexpectedly Li Xun appeared behind him, Zhu Yun proposed to let Li Xun choose her, He will always stand behind Li Xun. He is Li Xun’s best minister and is willing to cheer for him. Li Xun hugged Zhu Yun tightly, showing a satisfied smile. Zhu Yun posted a group photo of the two on Moments. Being teased by Li Xun for being hypocritical, but he hugged Zhu Yun even tighter.

Three years later, when Zhu Yun went to take the exam, Li Xun didn’t go. Zhu Yun blamed Li Xun for not planning to take the postgraduate entrance examination at all, thinking that Li Xun didn’t think about her at all. If she gave up, she would be killed by her family. She is Li Xun’s girlfriend, and this request is not too much. Li Xun saw that Zhu Yun was angry, so he hurried to chase after him on his bicycle, joking that Zhu Yun gave up her king. Zhu Yun was too angry to talk to Li Xun. Li Xun pretended to have a backache, and Zhu Yun hurried back. Li Xun sent Zhu Yun to the exam and promised to pick her up after the exam.

Li Xun said that he would take Zhu Yun to dinner, and brought her to the new company he opened, and gave Zhu Yun a surprise. Zhu Yun saw the name of the new company in the utility room, two letters, and she was very happy. I thought it was the abbreviation of lighter and princess dress, but I just hoped that Li Xun would say it himself. Li Xun just made Zhu Yun anxious, deliberately explained it as other meanings, and teased Zhu Yun for being too narcissistic. The two people laughed in the office. She hugged Li Xun, hoping to start a business with him.

Fu Yizhuo suddenly came to look for Li Xun. When he saw Zhu Yun, he stretched out his hand to say hello, but Li Xun slapped his palm. It was okay to say hello, but he was absolutely not allowed to touch Zhu Yun’s hand. Fu Yizhuo deliberately showed the dance he practiced in front of Li Xun, proving that he was a dancer, but Li Xun ran on Fu Yizhuo, and he had practiced for so long. Fu Yizhuo wanted to tell Li Xun what to write, but Li Xun didn’t listen at all, he pulled Zhu Yun away, and told Fu Yizhuo to lock the door when he left. Zhu Yun thought it was not good to leave Fu Yizhuo in the office, but Li Xun didn’t care.

After going back, Zhu Yun still didn’t understand why Li Xun was like this, and kept asking, Li Xun had no choice but to tell Zhu Yun about his relationship with Fu Yizhuo at the beginning, because he helped Fu Yizhuo cheat, and was eventually expelled from school, and he also went to find Liu Ailin at that time , the first time I saw Zhu Yun, looking at Zhu Yun who was cutting cakes in the middle, he felt that Zhu Yun was a high-ranking princess.

That was also an experience that Li Xun would never forget. Zhu Yun suddenly felt distressed. Li Xun put his arms around Zhu Yun and told her that Fu Yizhuo’s father ran a company and his family was very rich, but it is not easy to do business now, so he should come Fu Yizhuo didn’t know anything about asking him to work on the Internet in the company, and he didn’t want to participate in the past life anymore. Zhu Yun expressed his understanding and supported Li Xun’s choice.

Zhu Yun learned from Li Xun that Fu Yizhuo had always liked to dance and had a bad relationship with his family, and his only friend was Li Xun. Then she found out that Fu Yizhuo secretly stuffed the phone number into her bag last time, so she went to find Fu Yizhuo, saw Fu Yizhuo dancing in the bar, and Fu Yizhuo also talked about the process of getting to know Li Xun.

When he was in the first year of high school, Fu Yizhuo often skipped class. Once, when skipping class with his classmates, he forgot his bag on the ground. He finally sat on the wall and couldn’t get off. At this time, Li Xun came, and Li Xun offered to help with homework. He picked up his schoolbag, but he needed to pay the fee. Fu Yizhuo, who was not short of money, hurriedly agreed when he saw the security guard coming. Later, Fu Yizhuo knew that Li Xun had been short of money because his mother was suffering from cancer.

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