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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 11 Recap

Faced with Yin Zheng’s confession, Li Wei was caught off guard. In fact, she wanted to promise Yin Zheng to stay, but she didn’t know how to say it. After Yin Zheng left, she clutched her chest, for fear that the bumping deer inside would jump out.

Song Wu always came to find fault with Li Wei, which made the servant girl wonder if she liked Li Wei. Li Wei at the side couldn’t help but tease Song Wu when she heard these words. Song Wu wasn’t angry, but instead talked to Li Wei about what liking was. There is a difference between liking people and liking objects. If you like an object, you don’t care how it feels. he. Listening to Song Wu’s eloquent talk, Li Wei was thoughtful.

It’s New Year’s Eve in a blink of an eye. As usual, the young masters would always enter the palace to attend the palace banquet. Worried that Li Wei was uncomfortable, Yin Zheng asked her for leave and took her for a walk in the street. Unexpectedly, he ran into Yin Qi and Shangguan Jing in the restaurant. The four simply sat together to eat hot pot, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

On the other hand, looking at Hao Jia’s side, he seemed a lot deserted. Hao Jia didn’t care much, but she was also curious why Zhao Fangru had been married for so many years and she was still not pregnant. The maid told her that Zhao Fangru was the most showy in the selection of women from Kyushu six years ago. However, after Yin Song wanted to stop his wife and marry again, Zhao Fangru stopped communicating with the outside world and only lived by guarding Yin Song in the inner house.

The sisters got together and talked about the affairs of their respective houses. After talking like this, everyone agreed that Yin Zheng was the most outstanding among these brothers. In the evening, Li Wei had a long talk with Hao Jia quietly.

In fact, from the beginning, she wanted to leave. But now, she was a little shaken. Hao Jia was surprised and delighted to hear that Yin Zheng was going to help Li Wei as his wife. For Li Wei, this kind of thing was nothing, but in Xinchuan, it was a big deal to straighten Mrs. Yin Zheng’s willingness to break the rules for Li Wei is enough to show that his love for Li Wei is real.

After the Jinchuan incident was resolved, Xinchuan’s warehouse finally breathed a sigh of relief. Yin Qi also quietly redeemed the sword he had taken out before, deliberately giving Shangguan Jing a surprise. Shangguan Jing was overjoyed and moved. In order not to be so provocative, she beat Yin Qi a few times to show her gratitude.

The sisters were all on a diet recently, and Haitang was so hungry that she passed out because of this. After asking, I found out that it was Yin An who asked everyone to be as thin as a cicada’s wings. Shangguanjing and Li Wei defended Haitang, saying that women lose weight for themselves, not to meet the strict requirements of men. In order to practice this idea, after returning to the mansion, Li Wei purposely made her clothes bigger.

Unexpectedly, Yin Zheng appeared suddenly and helped her cut clothes by himself. The atmosphere became subtle and ambiguous, and Su Shen called the two maids away with great insight, leaving a two-person world for Li Wei and Yin Zheng. Li Wei called Yin Zheng’s name carefully, and pulled the red thread in his hand.

Li Wei was a little shy, and told Yin Zheng that she had decided to stay and be the wife of the Sixth Young Master. Hearing this, Yin Zheng was surprised and happy, and the hand holding the red thread could not help but twitch. He eagerly asked Li Wei if he really wanted to. Seeing Li Wei nodded lightly, he finally let go of his dangling heart.

However, Xin Chuan is different from Ji Chuan. Li Wei hopes that Yin Zheng will understand that he has only one husband in his life. Of course Yin Zheng understood what Li Wei meant. He promised Li Wei that he was the only lady like her in his life. The two embraced under the bright moonlight, confirming each other’s hearts.

Today was Yin Zheng’s first day in court. In order to cheer him on, Li Wei got up early to see him off. Although Yin Zheng couldn’t hear Li Wei’s words clearly, he responded loudly. The first time he went to court, Yin Zheng ate shriveled.

He stepped forward to speak, but he didn’t expect that the ministers ignored him, but supported Yin Song’s point of view. Yin Zheng went out in despair, but was called back by the Lord. The Lord told Yin Zheng that he had chosen an excellent wife for him—Yuanying, the daughter of the Lord Jinchuan. Yin Zheng only felt five thunders hit the top, and quickly refused.

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