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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 10 Recap

On this day, the academy steward asked everyone to write an article on the theme of “Women’s Virtue”. Shangguan Jing wrote about the virtues of women, with the title of the biography of women’s wickedness, and wrote about being upright and upright, and drawing a sword to help when the road is uneven. Li Wei wrote Long Live Women, and treat men and women equally.

Mammy became angry when she saw it, and wanted everyone to be detained. In fact, Mammy knew that everyone wanted Li Wei to come out on top, so she kept the fact that Song Wu also participated in the exam, and told everyone that Song Wu was the first in this exam.

Mammy reported the matter, so that the young masters were also implicated. Seeing that Yin Zheng was reprimanded by his wife, Li Wei felt very guilty, and quickly apologized to him and promised that she would come out on top in the next exam. Unexpectedly, Yin Zheng was not angry, but told Li Wei that he would definitely protect her.

In the evening, Yin Zheng was reviewing Li Wei’s homework, but accidentally discovered that she was wearing makeup. The youngest daughter’s mind was exposed on the spot, Li Wei was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly got up to leave. Yin Zheng gently pulled her sleeve, told her that he would go to Jinchuan with the third young master in a few days, and told her to be careful when she was alone.

The smile on Li Wei’s face persisted, and she promised Yin Zheng that she would work hard to get the first place in the exam. After Yin Zheng finished speaking, Li Wei clutched her chest and left, but the little deer in her heart still seemed to stay in front of Yin Zheng. Yin Zheng looked at Li Wei’s back, with mixed emotions in his heart.

After bidding farewell to the wives, Yin Zheng and Yin An got on their horses and headed for Jinchuan. The sun went down soon, and the two had to rest in the forest for a while, but they unexpectedly encountered robbers. What made Yin An even more unexpected was that Yin Zheng, who was usually weak, was so skillful that he captured the robbers one by one in a few strokes. Under the guidance of the robbers, the two quickly arrived in Jinchuan.

The Jinchuan Palace is resplendent and magnificent. Yin Zheng and Yin An came to the Jinchuan Palace and met Lord Jinchuan. Yin An wanted to use the relationship between himself and Jinchuan’s distant relatives to get close, but he didn’t expect that Lord Jinchuan would not accept this at all, and urged them to pay the owed money quickly.

Yin Zheng promised Lord Jinchuan that Xinchuan would definitely pay the owed money, but it would just take some time. In order to express Xinchuan’s sincerity, Yin Zheng proposed that Xinchuan is willing to pay more interest. The rich and powerful Lord Jinchuan didn’t care about these interests, he didn’t hesitate, and made the two young masters unable to step down in public.

Yin Zheng’s head was spinning rapidly, thinking of the robbers he met last night. He boldly guessed that Jinchuan was so anxious to get back the money he owed, presumably because robbers were rampant. Sure enough, this was the pressing need of Lord Jinchuan. Seeing that things might be discussed, Yin Zheng promised Jinchuan Lord that Xinchuan would definitely assist Jinchuan in clearing up the robbers. Lord Jinchuan was very satisfied, and immediately agreed to Xinchuan to suspend the payment of the arrears.

In a blink of an eye, the day when Yin Zheng came back, Li Wei insisted on waiting for Yin Zheng’s return outside the hospital regardless of Tianhan. The bright moon hung high, as if it was also waiting for Yin Zheng to come home. After a while, Yin Zheng came slowly. Seeing the frowns of several people, Yin Zheng thought that Li Wei did not do well in the exam this time. Unexpectedly, Li Wei’s face suddenly changed, and she happily told him the good news that she got the first place in the exam.

This time in Jinchuan, Yin Zheng made great contributions, and Lord Xinchuan decided to let him open the mansion ahead of schedule. Yin Zheng quickly took the opportunity to make a request to Lord Chuan to make Li Wei his wife. In the eyes of Chuanzhu, Li Wei is a country girl, and it is difficult to be elegant. But when he heard that Li Wei won the first place in this exam, he simply agreed to his son’s request. After returning, Yin Zheng took Li Wei to see the new courtyard together.

Although Li Wei always wanted to go home, when she saw this new yard, she couldn’t help but think about the future here. She was just talking, but she didn’t expect Yin Zheng to actually repair the yard according to her plan. Seeing that Li Wei was still confused, Su Shen on the side was so anxious that he was about to go crazy.

On this day, Li Wei finally couldn’t help asking Yin Zheng why she insisted on letting herself get the top spot. Yin Zheng also took this opportunity to confess to Li Wei.

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