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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 15 Recap

After Zhu Yun was sent back by Tian Xiuzhu, he met Li Xun. Tian Xiuzhu was keenly aware of the relationship between the two, but he didn’t reveal it at the time. However, Li Xun was jealous of Tian Xiuzhu and asked Zhu Yuntian specifically. Regarding Xiuzhu’s identity, Zhu Yun was afraid that Li Xun would be jealous, so she lied that Tian Xiuzhu was the driver at home, but Li Xun was not that easy to fool, but he didn’t bother to continue asking.

After Zhu Yun was polite, Li Xun really didn’t help her carry the suitcase back to the dormitory, and even called Zhu Yun to urge Zhu Yun to go to the base to work. Only when you are sick will you come back and suffer. Li Xun offered to give Zhu Yun a day off tomorrow, and he was so angry that she was going to accompany the “driver”?

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Zhu Yun told the truth and admitted that Tian Xiuzhu was the son of his mother’s classmate, who was also a child. He told the story of the two when they were young. Li Xun also accurately guessed that Tian Xiuzhu was the warm male painter, and he felt even more Jealous, she directly asked Zhu Yun to send Tian Xiuzhu away tomorrow, Zhu Yun couldn’t help laughing at the jealous Li Xun.

The next day, Zhu Yun specially invited Tian Xiuzhu to dinner, prepared a guide for him to play, and asked Tian Xiuzhu to play by himself. During the meal, Tian Xiuzhu bluntly told Zhu Yun and Li Xun to keep a distance, the two were not suitable, and Li Xun would definitely hurt Zhu Yun, but because of these words, Zhu Yun had an argument with Tian Xiuzhu, thinking that Tian Xiuzhu, like her mother, is a person who likes to see people one-sidedly. Tian Xiuzhu didn’t say more, Zhu Yun also felt that it was too much, and apologized to Tian Xiuzhu. This meal was finally Tian Xiuzhu’s treat.

Teacher Lin hoped that Li Xun could participate in a computer competition, but Li Xun firmly opposed it, thinking that it was a matter of saving face for the school. In fact, he didn’t need it. Teacher Lin thought that many people in it were outstanding, and only by communicating more can they grow, but Li Xun thought that he didn’t need to communicate, and Teacher Lin was so angry that he wanted to beat Li Xun. Just as Zhu Yun went to persuade the two sides to make peace, Teacher Lin asked Zhu Yun to keep Li Xun in check. The class representative was also responsible for urging Li Xun to go.

Zhu Yun acted like a baby and begged Li Xun to accompany her to the competition. Li Xun reluctantly refused and agreed. Zhu Yun was very happy. As a result, as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the competition hall, Li Xun went to the ecological technology company. He came this time The purpose is to go to the technology company, not all of them are with Zhu Yun, Zhu Yun is a little disappointed. Gao Jianhong came to participate in the competition this time, while Li Xun and Zhu Yun came to participate in the forum, so he was full of confidence. He also met Xu Lina who was a volunteer at the sign-up counter.

Xu Lina is enthusiastic and unrestrained, and has also heard of the Lan Guan project. She admires Gao Jianhong very much and is very enthusiastic. In the evening, she specially invited Gao Jianhong to a high-end restaurant for dinner and took pictures together. At the same time, she sent Gao Jianhong back, listening to Gao Jianhong talking Talking about the computer knowledge, Xu Lina was full of admiration, and this kind of admiration also moved Gao Jianhong’s heart. Xu Lina’s grades are not very good, and she entered the computer school through the back door, but she hopes to save face through the competition, so she is very enthusiastic when she sees Gao Jianhong, who has a relatively high level, and hopes to learn more from him.

However, Gao Jianhong fell in love with Xu Lina at first sight. When he returned home, he saw Xu Lina sent a group photo of the two of them. He was very happy. The next morning, Xu Lina came to ask Gao Jianhong again and brought breakfast. When Gao Jianhong was explaining, Li Xun came back , Xu Lina knew Li Xun for a long time, and immediately posted it to ask for advice. Xu Lina admired Li Xun’s professionalism even more, and immediately proposed to add contact information, but Li Xun ignored it at all. Such Li Xun was more handsome and individual in Xu Lina’s eyes.

The list of finalists has been released. After half a month, everyone will come back here to compete. Fang Zhijing won the highest attention award. Many people hope to leave their contact information. The event was really good. Fang Zhijing heard that Gao Jianhong was from Nanhu University, so he specifically asked Li Xun. Hearing that Li Xun would not participate in the competition, he felt a lot more comfortable. Xu Lina has never been accepted by Li Xun, and I hope that Gao Jianhong can help to say that Gao Jianhong feels bad for letting Li Xun pass through WeChat.

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