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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 5 Recap


Mammy ordered Li Wei and Shangguan Jing to be tied up, and they were beaten severely. After the 20 big boards were played, Yin Zheng and Yin Qi hurried over. Mammy still wanted to add Li Wei in front of Yin Zheng, but Yin Zheng’s face was serious and she blamed her for being deliberately embarrassing. After saying this, Yin Zheng walked straight towards Li Wei, picked her up and left the inner garden.

Back at the mansion, Li Wei was extremely aggrieved. Even though she knew that the letter could not be sent, she still had to pick up a pen. As he was writing, Yin Zheng walked in. Hearing that Yin Zheng was fined a month and knelt in the ancestral hall because of himself, Li Wei felt very sorry. However, Yin Zheng didn’t care, and bluntly said that this was not Li Wei’s fault. Li Wei couldn’t help remembering that when she was young, she climbed trees and played locust flowers in a private school, and her mother was invited over because of herself. As a result, the mother told her husband that she could not kill the child’s hobbies.

Yin Zheng took off Li Wei’s shoes and socks and put her feet on his lap. Afterwards, he opened the medicine bottle and applied medicine to Li Wei himself. Li Wei was a little moved. The time she climbed the locust tree and broke her leg, her mother also applied medicine for herself. Seeing Yin Zheng’s patient rubbing the medicine, Li Wei couldn’t help but blurt out that he was really like his mother. Yin Zheng couldn’t help knocking on Li Wei’s forehead.

After Yin Song learned about this, he didn’t seem to care, but he reminded Hao Jia not to get too close to the people on the Sixth Young Master’s side. Hearing Yin Song say that Li Wei is a non-trivial person, Hao Jia immediately wanted to refute, but was interrupted by Yin Song seriously. Seeing this, Zhao Fang hurriedly said that he had prepared new tea in his room, and hoped that Yin Song would try it in his room tonight. Yin Song agreed. Hao Jia suddenly realized that he has always regarded himself as a worker, but now it seems that he is no more than a pet in Yin Song’s hands.

The Danchuan flood is related to people’s livelihood, and it is the Lord’s concern. If Yin Zheng can solve this urgent need, he will be able to achieve prosperity in the future. When Taifu saw the puppy, he couldn’t help reminding Yin Zheng that he must not be entangled by the love of his sons and daughters. Yin Zheng didn’t think so, but he thought it would be more interesting to protect a wife who was not very good in the eyes of outsiders. Here, Li Wei is also thinking about Yin Zheng’s stomach problems, and has researched many stomach-nourishing meals for him. On this day, she accidentally heard about the flood in Danchuan, so she shared her thoughts based on her years of experience in the countryside. This is giving Yin Zheng some inspiration.

The Lord was very satisfied with Yin Zheng’s strategy, but he asked Yin Zheng a new question, and he wanted to transport supplies by water to Danchuan. But Yin Zheng felt that this trip was inappropriate, and he was in a dilemma, not knowing how to point out the Lord’s mistake. After Li Wei learned about it, he comforted Yin Zheng that he and the Lord were not only monarchs and ministers, but also family members.

Yin Zheng thought about it and decided to obey Li Wei. Going out that day, Li Wei saw that Yin Zheng was still a little nervous, so she took out a candy and handed it to him. But Yin Zheng subconsciously stretched out his head and ate the candy in Li Wei’s hand without any scruples. The atmosphere became extremely ambiguous, but because there were others around, there was a bit of embarrassment between the two.

After returning to the mansion, Yin Zheng locked himself in the room, and Li Wei was worried whether he was being blamed by the Lord. Just when she felt guilty about it, Yin Zheng came out of the room and told everyone that the Lord was very happy to hear her words. The haze on Li Wei’s face was instantly swept away, thinking about how to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival. A few days later was the family banquet in the palace. Li Wei shut herself in the kitchen and fiddled with the pastries for the family banquet.


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