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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 1 Recap

The world is divided into nine rivers, and the customs and customs are different. Mochuan in the north has strong troops and scattered herdsmen; Cangchuan in the northwest is dry and barren, with scarce materials; the Daichuan Mountains in the middle are crisscrossed and rich in minerals; the Yanchuan in the south is thin, but rich in flowers and fruits; Yingchuan in the southeast has abundant rainfall ,forever Young. Jichuan is mostly respected by men, but Jichuan in the southwest pursues monogamy and equality between men and women.

Everyone likes spicy Danchuan, and women are in charge of the house, and the women are bold and bold, and many recruits come to the door. On the coast of Jinchuan in the east, trade is prosperous. Xinchuan is the head of Jiuchuan, and it also pays the most attention to the difference between the descendants and the concubines, and that men are superior to women. Jiu Chuan fought for several years, until Xin Chuan won the victory, and signed a century-old peace alliance.

And today is the day when all the rivers choose to send women of the right age to Xinchuan. The streets of Xinchuan are very lively, and Jichuan Li Wenbi’s family is in the team. His daughter, Li Wei, has a lively nature and her biggest hobby is eating. The Li family didn’t want Li Wei to marry to Xinchuan, but Li Wenbi’s official position was too low, so he could only be pushed to the stage. The family was sighing when the donkey cart stopped suddenly. Seeing that night was about to fall, Li Wei had to say goodbye to her family and led the donkey to the palace with a piece of cake hanging by herself.

According to the rules of the palace, any objects brought from outside are not allowed to be brought into the palace. Although Li Wei hid her snacks very well, she was still seen by the sharp-eyed mother. Mammy happened to have a seizure, and Hao Jia, a beautiful girl from Yanchuan, came slowly from behind and relieved Li Wei. Li Wei was very happy to see Hao Jia. She finally had someone to accompany in this strange palace.


There are eleven young masters in Xinchuan. Eight young masters died young. The first four young masters have all married their true wives. middle. The fifth young master Yin Qi is simple and straightforward; the seventh young master Yin Yan is good at speaking less people; the other three young masters are still young and will not be married for the time being; and these six young masters are still in order to open their palaces.

Hao Jia wanted to marry Yin Song, the eldest son, so that he and his wife could rely on him. In order to get close to Yin Song, she and Li Wei quietly came to the young master’s garden. The young master’s garden is full of birds and flowers, and the scenery is beautiful, but at this time there is a dark tide. Yin Zheng was sitting in the pavilion playing with the chess in front of him, and when he saw a few people from Yin Song coming, he quietly disrupted the chess game.

Yin Qi knew that this was Yin Song’s endgame, and worried that he would take his anger on the sixth brother, so he quickly pulled him away. But before taking a few steps, he saw Hao Jia coming from a distance. Yin Qi’s heart was rippling for a while, and he stayed to talk to Hao Jia. Hao Jia pretended to pass by the pavilion and said his thoughts to the chess game. This trick really worked, Yin Song actually took the initiative to send her out.

Here, Li Wei waited for a long time, but Hao Jia was not seen. Her stomach growled and she had to sneak into the kitchen to steal food. Yin Zheng covered his stomach and returned to the house, and hurriedly asked the chief to serve some meals. But the dishes that came up were very strange, either less or in a mess.

Yin Zheng thought it was very strange, so he had to go to the kitchen to check, but unexpectedly saw a strange woman stealing food in his kitchen. When Li Wei saw Yin Zheng, she couldn’t help but feel frightened and wanted to escape, but she didn’t expect to run over Yin Zheng. Seeing Yin Zheng rolling around in pain, Li Wei hurriedly helped him to the Tai Hospital.

After learning about this, Hao Jia tried his best to comfort Li Wei, but the bad news still came. Mammy found Li Wei with a strange smile and said that she was going to become the concubine of the Sixth Young Master. Li Wei was puzzled and wanted to escape from here quickly. But she couldn’t break free from the shackles of the mammy, and could only be pushed into the sedan chair.


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