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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 9 Recap

Early the next morning, when Zhu Yun woke up, Li Wei was gone. Ren Di was cleaning the room and told Zhu Yun that Li Wei had returned to the base. Zhu Yun also left in a hurry. Ren Di couldn’t help complaining, and the two slept one by one. Feeling left, no one cares about the mess in the room. Zhu Yun vaguely remembered what Li Yi said last night and quickly ran to the base to find Li Yi, and wanted him to tell her why she kept hiding from her in the first place. Li Yi also had her own thoughts and considerations. Zhu Yun knew about that, so she might not be so serious about it.

Li Wei also took Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong to climb the mountain. When they reached the top of the mountain, they told Zhu Yun about the progress of the project. In fact, Gao Jianhong knew about this all the time. Taking Gao Jianhong and the two to make an app, and intending to do it well, the three talked a lot on the top of the mountain, and Zhu Yun officially joined the trio, and took pictures as a souvenir, and even secretly took some photos with Li Yi.

Li Wei gave the finished project to Languan, which described a lot of medicines and health knowledge, so that customers can place orders. Languan saw his project and terminated the website with Zhang Xiaobei. After Zhang Xiaobei learned of the situation, she ran to Li Wei to question her face-to-face, but she happened to be overheard by Zhu Yun, who was following closely behind. Zhang Xiaobei first threatened Li Wei and reminded Li Wei that it was best to sell the project to him, because he would destroy many graduate students, such as Han Jiakang, who could not graduate. Li Wei thought that the money from this project would not be enough for startups. It’s a small amount of money, and it won’t hurt the fundamentals, but if it continues, Han Jiakang will continue to work for them for free.

If he really wanted to buy the project, Li Wei also proposed to let Zhang Xiaobei spit out everything he had swallowed before, and promised that he would not interfere with the base in the future. Zhang Xiaobei was so embarrassed that he even investigated Li Wei’s situation and knew that he had changed the information and came to the school , The family is also very short of money. He once made a big mistake in high school and was forced to repeat for a year. Only then did he enter this school with excellent grades. Because he was a scholar, the school gave him the approval of the base problem. If Li Wei does not cooperate, he will make everything public.

When Zhu Yun heard these words, she was worried about Li Wei. She went to Ren Di to drink and drank a lot of wine. Ren Di asked who was bullying Li Wei. Zhu Yun spat out Zhang Xiaobei’s name, and Ren Di persuaded Zhu Yun. Just bow your head. But Zhu Yun said that she could bow her head, but Li Wei couldn’t.

Zhu Yun came to Zhang Xiaobei and deliberately showed herself in a low profile, claiming that she had been working on the Blue Crown project all the time, and she had only completed more than half of it, but she felt that she had no future with Li Wei. If Zhang Xiaobei agreed, she could use this project in exchange for working with Zhang Xiaobei. Zhang Xiaobei was proud of the opportunity to work, and immediately agreed to give Zhu Yun a one-month internship, which she would reuse after she got the blue crown.

Zhang Xiaobei came to Li Wei specially, and proposed to let Li Wei come to her and hand over the project obediently, because Zhu Yun had already come to his company and was working on an APP, which was Blue Crown. Li Wei, who heard about this, immediately went to Zhu Yun. , questioning her purpose for doing so. Zhu Yun didn’t say anything, and also said that she didn’t sell it to Li Wei. Everything she did now was normal to her. She was so angry that Li Wei wanted to drive her away from the base. Zhu Yun didn’t care that she was already in Korea. Ieyasu’s base.

Li Wei saw in Ren Di that the boy who was her partner took good care of Ren Di, and persuaded Ren Di to stay with others, but Ren Di didn’t feel it. She thought that true love must have the feeling of lightning and flint. Li Wei asked Ren Di about Zhu Yun’s abnormal performance here a few days ago, and hurried to find Zhu Yun, but Zhu Yun denied that she went to Zhang Xiaobei for Li Wei. As soon as Zhu Yun arrived at Han Jiakang, Han Jiakang reminded her to be careful, because just now she saw Zhang Xiaobei being called out and being scolded. At this time, Zhang Xiaobei just came back, and a glass of water was splashed on Zhu Yun’s face.

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