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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 10 Recap

Zhu Yun was sued to Dean Jia for offending Zhang Xiaobei, thinking that Zhu Yun’s behavior was destroying the school-enterprise cooperation and needed to be severely punished, but this would directly affect the future of Zhu Yun in the future. The class teacher defended Zhu Yun. , that she was not such a bad student, and reminded Zhang Xiaobei not to ruin a student’s future, but Zhang Xiaobei reminded the head teacher not to ruin his own future for a student.

The matter of Zhu Yun quickly spread to Li Yi’s ears, and learned that Han Jiakang had written a signed letter to acknowledge Zhu Yun’s matter in order to protect himself. Li Yi immediately rushed to see Han Jiakang and ordered him to report to Zhu Yun. After apologizing, he also thought that Han Jiakang had benefited. Han Jiakang admitted that Zhang Xiaobei had promised to turn him into a regular. Li Wei couldn’t help but satirize that Han Jiakang had obtained a cheap promise. Then Li Yu went to Zhang Xiaobei and took the initiative to give the Blue Crown project to Zhang Xiaobei. Zhang Xiaobei was very proud and guessed that Li Yu was here for Zhu Yun. If he knew it was so simple, he would start with Zhu Yun directly. Li Yu also warned. Zhang Xiaobei will regret her actions sooner or later.

Gao Jianhong knew that Li Yu gave the project to Zhang Xiaobei and was dissatisfied, thinking that it was only the common result of the two people, but he knew that Zhu Yun was saved and reminded Zhu Yun that this was the last time. Zhu Yun learned from Fang Shumiao that Li Wei was looking for Zhang Xiaobei, and immediately went to find Li Wei, but Li Wei was nowhere to be seen. She anxiously called Li Wei, but Li Wei appeared behind her. Jiao blamed Zhu Yun for not taking risks for him. He could write a lot of those things casually. Zhu Yun knew that Li Wei had paid a lot and was not happy.

After returning home, Zhu Yun took the initiative to call her mother for the first time and told her that her grades had declined. Her mother was worried and asked why. Zhu Yun lied that it was because she was dragged into some school-enterprise alliance, and her mother was so angry that she immediately asked Zhang Xiaobei to settle the account.

Zhu Yun’s father is a big business man and has a business relationship with President Wang of Zhang Xiaobei’s company, and her mother is the leader of the Education Bureau. The two joined forces, and President Wang immediately took Zhang Xiaobei to apologize. In order to express her apology, Zhang Xiaobei poured a glass of water on her head. After the incident, Zhu Yun was not happy at all, but felt that she had bullied Zhang Xiaobei with the power of her family, which was no different from Zhang Xiaobei’s behavior.

Li Yi heard about Zhu Yun and teased that she was the real Princess, but also told Zhu Yun to tell him first if there was anything in the future. Zhu Yun also had the same request, and the project also came back because of Zhu Yun’s troubles. Gao Jianhong and Gao Jianhong sat up together again, and Gao Jianhong felt an indescribable feeling in his heart. Zhang Xiaobei was also exposed by the new media and became a negative model. He left in dismay. Han Jiakang also realized his problem, apologized to Zhu Yun and left, planning to go home and help his parents run the fish pond.

Xiao Liuzi and Ren Di have a deep relationship. In order for Ren Di to go back to the bar to sing, he agreed to Mr. Wang to be a handyman for them. As a result, Ren Di found out. Ren Di angrily reprimanded Xiao Liuzi and warned him in the future. She is not allowed to pay like this, because she doesn’t like Xiao Liuzi either. If she goes back to sing like this, she would rather not.

Zhu Yun’s mother came to the head teacher, Teacher Zhang, to learn about Zhu Yun’s situation in school. She heard that Zhu Yun’s grades were good in all aspects. She was relieved and made plans for Zhu Yun to go abroad in the future, but she saw Li Yi’s The back was thoughtful and asked Mr. Zhang if Zhu Yun was in love. Mr. Zhang thought it was normal. After all, he was in college and hoped that Zhu Yun’s mother would listen to Zhu Yun’s own thoughts, but Zhu Yun’s mother thought that Zhu Yun was still Small, in the future things need to be decided by parents.

Li Yi brought a piece of bread to Zhu Yun and deliberately teased Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun also poured a cup of hot water and teased Li Yi. When Li Yu and Zhu Yun were making trouble, their mother came, Zhu Yun’s mother and Li Yu looked at each other For a moment, there seemed to be some strange expressions on his face. When Zhu Yun’s mother and Zhu Yun were having dinner together, she specifically asked Li Yao, and after hearing Zhu Yun’s praise for Li Yao, Zhu Yun’s mother talked about Li Yao’s past. At that time, it was Zhu Yun’s eighteenth birthday. It was raining heavily. Li Yu came to Zhu Yun’s mother alone in the heavy rain. ‘s mother thinks the matter is serious and both must be dealt with.

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