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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 8 Recap

Gao Jun had already arrived at Xia Xinliang’s factory before Ruan Zhenzhen. He saw that the door of the factory was locked and there was a mobile canteen not far away, so he used his identity as a salesman to chat with the boss of the canteen. He bought two bottles of water, and then specifically asked the canteen. The operation of this factory.

The owner of the commissary said that the factory had never seen anyone come to work since he was doing business here, and it was a standard leather bag company. Gao Jun was inquiring when he suddenly saw Ruan Zhenzhen coming in a car. Ruan Zhenzhen called Gao Jun and asked her if it was feasible to meet Xia Xinliang. Gao Jun quickly hid beside the car and told her not to act without permission. It was better to go with him, and it was impossible for Xia Xinliang to meet Ruan Zhenzhen, although Gao Jun urged thousands of times on the phone and hung up the phone. Ruan Zhenzhen still took the risk and knocked on the door of the factory registered by Xia Xinliang.

Gao Jun was watching Ruan Zhenzhen’s actions closely, lest she have an accident. Ruan Zhenzhen was very nervous when there was a barking of vicious dogs in the factory. She lied that she wanted to send some items to Boss Xia and asked the janitor to call President Xia. The janitor heard what Ruan Zhenzhen said and called Boss Xia. The thing in Ruan Zhenzhen’s hand is a drink temporarily stored in the trunk of the car, so that he can see Xia Xinliang himself. Parking the car not far away, she closely watched the passing vehicles. Ruan Zhenzhen’s car was parked behind the car coming from Gao Jun. Gao Jun tried to hide behind the seat, trying her best not to let Ruan Zhenzhen find it.


Qiu Zhijian saw Su Wen at the company. This face was very familiar. Thinking of Xu Youning’s funeral, Su Wen and Ruan Zhenzhen seemed to be very close, so he immediately became vigilant and reminded his subordinates that if Su Wen wanted to check the company’s information, be sure to tell him in advance. one sound. Su Wen is a staff member of the Audit Bureau, and her visit this time is completely a normal official review. Qiu Zhijian felt that Su Wen was always an invisible bomb in the company.

The stock market of Jinshang, a subsidiary of Xu Youning’s company, has been falling. Many citizens heard the news of Jinshang company and sold their stocks frantically. Soon the company could no longer withstand it. Qiu Zhijian wanted to use the company’s back-up funds, but was politely rejected by Fang Jianshe.

As time passed by, Gao Jun was stared unnaturally. He called his assistant, but at this moment, the assistant’s car was stuck on the road. Ruan Zhenzhen couldn’t wait for Xia Xinliang’s appearance. There seemed to be movement in a black car not far away. Ruan Zhenzhen became suspicious. He got off the car and was about to go over to check. Gao Jun realized the danger of exposure, and immediately called Ruan Zhenzhen to let him She goes home.

Fortunately, after listening to Gao Jun, Ruan Zhenzhen turned around and drove home. At this time, she received a call from Xu Youning’s colleague, who said that Xu Youning did not give her something during his lifetime, and is now downstairs at home. Ruan Zhenzhen was still monitoring Xia Xinliang’s factory at the time, and she said that she would go back very late. Xu Youning’s colleague was instructed by his superior to let him go into Xu Youning’s house to take a look. Hearing that Ruan Zhenzhen would be back late, he opened Xu Youning’s house with a secret key.

Ruan Zhenzhen finally drove away, and Gao Jun breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the assistant rushed over and saw that Gao Jun was hiding so miserably, he couldn’t help laughing. Ruan Zhenzhen called Gao Jun and asked him where he was. Ruan Zhenzhen opened the door with the key, and suddenly opened it with a twist. Ruan Zhenzhen alertly remembered that she had locked the door when she left the house, but now the door is open, and it is obvious that someone has Been in.

Ruan Zhenzhen sneaked into the house against her courage, and suddenly she saw a beam of light, and sure enough, there was a burglar in the house! Ruan Zhenzhen quickly backed out, ran into the elevator and called the police to the property. Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t even notice that the phone fell on the ground during the panic. Gao Jun felt something strange on the phone, and immediately drove back to Ruan Zhenzhen’s community.

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