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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Yan found that the entrance of the hospital to the emergency department was a one-way line, and there were several large stone piers outside the door. The patient had to circle a lot to get to the emergency room. She suggested to Jiang Zhongjing that the stone pier should be moved to buy more time for the patient’s treatment. Thinking it makes sense, let Lu Pingan find someone to remove the stone pier.

Xiao Yan treated Dongdong, a middle school student who accidentally fell and smashed his forehead. She made a simple bandage on the patient, and also had a CT scan of the brain. No abnormality was found. Dongdong’s father insisted that the child be admitted to the EICU for treatment. Xiao Yan felt that it was unnecessary. Dongdong’s father suddenly became angry and became angry. He wanted to complain to Xiao Yan. Lu Pingan heard the news and rushed to relieve the siege. Dong looked away and ran away in fright. Xiao Yan witnessed this scene and guessed that Lu Ping’an did it on purpose, just to let the patient leave voluntarily. She admired Lu Ping’an’s approach.

The emergency department was overcrowded, and there was a long queue of patients. Xiao Yan suggested to Lu Pingan to find someone to triage the patients. Lu Pingan agreed to ask the hospital for instructions. Xiao Yan couldn’t wait. Jiang Shan persuaded Lu Pingan to follow Xiao Yan’s instructions ‘s suggestion to give it a try. A 21-year-old college student suddenly fainted after participating in a basketball game. He was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Atractylodes came to the emergency department after hearing the news. The patient was in a coma. In desperation, Tang Hua reminded them to check whether the patient was caught by a foreign object, and even mocked them with yin and yang.

As expected by Tang Hua, the patient’s throat was stuck with chewing gum, Bai Zhu helped him to take it out, and the patient turned the corner. Xu Yiran guessed that this was Xiao Yan’s judgment, and couldn’t help but admire her, but Bai Zhu disagreed. After get off work, Jiang Shan ran into Lu Ping’an when he went out and persuaded him not to have a psychological burden. Lu Ping’an knew that Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu had better medical skills than him, and he only hoped that the emergency department would be safe.

Xu Yiran and Zheng Yajie invited Bai Zhu to have a barbecue to relax, in order to relieve the depression suppressed by Xiao Yan, Bai Zhu couldn’t worry about Xiao Guang, who was at home alone, and left them in a hurry. Atractylodes played games to vent, and Xiaoguang saw it in his eyes. He was a patient adopted by Atractylodes. He tried his best to comfort Atractylodes, believing that he would soon return to cardiac surgery.

Ming Ming, an eight-year-old girl suffering from uremia, suddenly fell into a coma, and was sent to the emergency department by her father Yu Jianguo and her aunt. Xiao Yan initially diagnosed Ming Ming with a coma caused by renal encephalopathy. When ventricular fibrillation occurred, Xiao Yan immediately rescued her. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue her, Ming Ming finally woke up. Xiao Yan arranged for her to do dialysis. Ming Ming did not want to increase the financial burden on her father. After receiving treatment, Xiao Yan watched it all.

Bai Zhu is arrogant and arrogant, ignores his colleagues, and sits in the office to grind coffee whenever he is free. Lu Ping’an is very dissatisfied with what Bai Zhu has done. Jiang Shan persuades Lu Ping’an with kind words and persuades him to see the advantages of Bai Zhu more. . Xu Yiran called Chen Zhi to the office and gave him a hard lesson. Bai Zhu reminded Chen Zhi to learn from Jiang Shan, and Chen Zhi opened the plug.

The construction site worker Lao Zhang was hit by a car. The foreman took him to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xu Yiran wanted to suture his wound, but Lao Zhang didn’t bring any money, so he could only wait for the boss to pay the fee. Lao Zhang suddenly felt uncomfortable. Xiao Yan made a preliminary diagnosis for him, and found that there was a small amount of blood flowing out of Lao Zhang’s ears, suspecting that he had intracranial hemorrhage, Lao Zhang suddenly fainted, and Xiao Yan rescued him without saying a word.

Thanks to Xiao Yan’s timely rescue, Lao Zhang was able to wake up. After a CT examination found that Lao Zhang had a large amount of intracranial hemorrhage, Xiao Yan immediately performed a craniotomy for him. Xu Yiran thanked Xiao Yan for saving Lao Zhang’s life. Xu Yiran praised Xiao Yan’s benevolence in front of Bai Zhu. Bai Zhu didn’t want to listen to him and hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Xiao Yan carefully checked Mingming’s examination results, and learned from Tang Hua that Yu Jianguo did not have dialysis for Mingming in time because he had no money, and he did not do a kidney matching. Xiao Yan was puzzled, and she came to Yu Jianguo to understand the situation. , repeatedly stressed that dialysis is indispensable, causing irreversible damage to Mingming’s kidneys, and now it is no longer possible to do a transplant operation, Yu Jianguo was suddenly dumbfounded.

There was a long queue of patients in the emergency department. The female patient in the middle of the queue kept urging the nurses at the triage desk. Bai Zhu heard the news and rushed over. Suddenly, she saw a young man covering his stomach and sweating. He hurriedly called him to the consultation room. She shouted and protested strongly, and blocked Bai Zhu. Bai Zhu asked the nurse to take a picture of her ugly face. The female patient wanted to grab the mobile phone. Bai Zhu claimed that her mobile phone was worth more than 30,000 yuan, and the female patient was scared to hide.

The patient was hit by a car, and Atractylodes performed a detailed examination, inferring that the patient had a ruptured spleen. Lu Pingan was very relieved to see the changes in Atractylodes. As expected by Bai Zhu, the patient had a ruptured spleen, and Bai Zhu arranged him to be treated in the EICU. Chen Zhi admired Bai Zhu so much that he kept asking him for advice. Bai Zhu asked Chen Zhi to go back and take a good look at the textbook.

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