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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Xiuzhu tried hard to persuade Chen Chuanshu to undergo the operation. Chen Chuanshu was worried that she would not be able to get off the operating table alive, but she could not resist her, so she had to agree to the operation. Chen Yan came to Atractylodes Theory and warned him that Atractylodes firmly believed that he could do Chen Chuanshu’s operation. Jiang Zhongjing carefully reviewed the operation plan of Atractylodes and told him to give 200% of his efforts to perform the operation. Full of confidence.

Atractylodes performed an operation on Chen Chuanshu. Jiang Zhongjing and the medical staff of the Cardiac Surgery Department watched the actual operation. Chen Chuanshu was 83 years old and his blood vessels were seriously adhered. They all sweated for Atractylodes. , The operation was successfully completed. Wu Xiuzhu and Chen Yan were very grateful to him. Bai Zhu promised that Chen Chuanshu would be discharged home in half a month. Xu Yiran and Zheng Yajie congratulated Bai Zhu, who boasted that there were zero mistakes in the operation, and drove them away on the pretext of formulating an operation plan for the next patient.

Xiao Yan decided to go back to China after reconsidering her pain. She packed up her things and hung the wedding ring that Lin Zhiyuan gave before her death around her neck. She couldn’t help but think of their sweet past together. Resignation to Catherine, Director of the University Hospital of Lausanne.

Bai Zhu received a call from a colleague early in the morning. Since he was the most complained by patients that month, the investigation team wanted to question him. Bai Zhu drove to the hospital and went to a nearby cafe to buy a cup of hand-ground coffee as usual. The clerk casually said that this is the kind of coffee The last cup of coffee beans is grinded. Xiao Yan happened to come to the store to buy coffee. She suddenly answered a phone call and accidentally knocked Bai Zhu’s coffee to the ground. Xiao Yan rushed to see the client and paid Bai Zhu for the coffee he bought. He was speechless. He only drank that kind of coffee grounded by beans. Bai Zhu saw Xiao Yan’s large stack of medical equipment magazines, mistook her for a salesman, and accused her of only having money in her heart.

Xiao Yan was about to go out on a motorcycle, and Bai Zhu hurriedly chased after him. Unexpectedly, the police put a ticket on his car, Xiao Yan rode away on his bike, and Bai Zhu was even more angry. On the way, Bai Zhu saw a large group of people surrounded by the road. Xiao Yan was performing CPR on the pregnant woman Wang Qing. Bai Zhu hurriedly stopped and pushed Xiao Yan aside. He rescued Wang Qing and initially diagnosed Wang Qing as the source of the heart. She was in sexual shock and wanted to send Wang Qing to the hospital, but Xiao Yan tried desperately to stop it, insisting on waiting for the ambulance to arrive, worried that moving Wang Qing rashly would endanger her life, and the two couldn’t argue.

Wang Qing’s family called and Bai Zhu learned that Wang Qing had aortic sinus aneurysm, so she picked her up and got into the car. Xiao Yan followed her to Tongshan Hospital. The head nurse of the emergency department, Jiang Shan, received the call and immediately arranged for medical staff to see him. Lu Ping’an came over after hearing the news, and Xiao Yan reported to him. Only then did Bai Zhu know that Xiao Yan was a new emergency doctor, and he responded to Xiao Yan’s treatment just now. When questioned, Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu argued with reason.

Xiao Yan is beautiful and free and easy, and she quickly became the focus of discussion among colleagues. Xu Yiran and Zheng Yajie asked Bai Zhu about Xiao Yan’s situation. Bai Zhu believed that Xiao Yan was full of money, and made nonsense about her. When Xiao Yan heard Bai Zhu’s words, he came here. Asked him for a theory, repeatedly explained that she wanted to understand the current advanced medical equipment, and it was not a salesman at all, but Bai Zhu didn’t buy it, and made fun of Xiao Yan for not being a good doctor. Xiao Yan didn’t want to entangle with him.

Xiao Yan brought Tang Hua around the house and explained the condition to Wang Qing and her parents. Wang Qing’s husband Qin Shan had passed away. She insisted on having a cesarean section to save the child, and then having heart surgery. The parents did not agree, but Wang Qing After making up his mind, Tang Hua privately complained that Wang Qing was ignorant, Xiao Yan reminded her not to make comments, and compared her to the hated Bai Zhu, Tang Hua was speechless.

Her parents tried hard to persuade Wang Qing to give up the child. Wang Qing insisted on giving birth and raising her alone, and asked Xiao Yan to perform a cesarean section operation for her as soon as possible. Jiang Zhongjing held an emergency meeting and announced that the heart repair operation would be carried out at the same time. Bai Zhu was her assistant. Bai Zhu was not convinced, so he came to negotiate with Xiao Yan and forced Xiao Yan to withdraw from Wang Qing’s operation.

Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu made a bet that she would take Bai Zhu for a ride on a motorcycle. The helmet sits on Xiao Yan’s motorcycle. Xiao Yan ran along the street with Atractylodes on a bicycle, and Atractylodes vomited. Xiao Yan firmly believed that she could successfully complete Wang Qing’s operation. She had formulated a detailed operation plan, and hoped that Atractylodes would cooperate with her to complete it, but Atractylodes still refused. To give in, Xiao Yan accused him of only having surgery and no mercy in his heart, revealing that Bai Qing’s lover Qin Shan was sacrificed while fighting the fire, and Bai Zhu spoke for a while.

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