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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 1 Recap

The story takes place in 2018. An ambulance traveled through the vast Gobi Desert in a certain country in West Asia, raising long sand and dust wherever it went. A 28-year-old pregnant woman who was nine months pregnant was dragged in the car. Due to improper handling by the local hospital, the pregnant woman suffered heavy antenatal hemorrhage and was in the early stage of shock. Thanks to Xiao Yan, a foreign aid doctor from China, she was rescued from the local hospital.

The ambulance quickly arrived at the battlefield hospital. Xiao Yan briefly explained the condition of the pregnant woman to the doctor who received the consultation, Lin Zhiyuan. Lin Zhiyuan was Xiao Yan’s fiancé. Own the knife. The pregnant woman’s uterus ruptured and hemorrhaged continuously. Even after losing 6,000 ml of blood in a row, he still couldn’t stop the bleeding. To be on the safe side, Lin Zhiyuan advised Xiao Yan to remove the pregnant woman’s uterus, otherwise it would be life-threatening. , suture the ruptured aorta to help pregnant women give birth to healthy babies.

Bai Zhu is a doctor in Tongshan Hospital’s Cardiac Surgery Department. He has cultivated superb medical skills at a young age and is the first knife outside the heart of Tongshan Hospital. An emergency meeting was held in the hospital at 1:30 in the afternoon to discuss the surgical plan of linguist Chen Chuanshu. Dean Jiang Zhongjing and related medical staff came to the conference room early. Bai Zhu was the attending doctor of Chen Chuanshu, but he was late. Very dissatisfied, Jiang Zhongjing hurriedly stopped them. Regardless of the nurse’s repeated urging, Bai Zhu insisted on drinking the cup of coffee that he had grinded by himself, and then appeared in the conference room on time.

Jiang Zhongjing introduced Chen Chuanshu’s condition to everyone. He suffers from an extremely rare primary cardiac malignant tumor. The director of the emergency department, Lu Ping’an and the deputy director Xu Yiran, and others suggested continuing conservative treatment. They were worried that the 83-year-old Chen Chuanshu could not bear so much He was afraid that the failure of the operation would have a negative impact on the hospital. Bai Zhu insisted on surgical removal of the tumor. The two sides disagreed. When they disagreed, they had a heated dispute. . Bai Zhu was not convinced. He firmly believed that he could successfully complete the operation. Jiang Zhongjing left Bai Zhu alone and persuaded him with all his heart, but Bai Zhu was still stubborn.

After the operation, Lin Zhiyuan accompanies Xiao Yan to rest in the yard, constantly complaining that she should not take risks for the preservation of the pregnant woman’s uterus. Xiao Yan can’t wait for death, let alone deprive the pregnant woman of her right to be a mother. After returning to China for vacation, she took the opportunity to propose to Xiao Yan, thinking about the happy and peaceful life they both lived in Yanxiang, her hometown, Xiao Yan was very happy. Rings are not ready.

Chen Chuanshu suddenly deteriorated and suffocated. Bai Zhu performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him immediately. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue him, Chen Chuanshu was finally rescued. Bai Zhu called Chen Chuanshu’s wife Wu Xiuzhu and her grandson Chen Yan aside and told them the truth. Immediate surgery is recommended, otherwise it will be life-threatening at any time.

Early the next morning, Lin Zhiyuan picked a bunch of wild flowers by himself, knelt on one knee and proposed to Xiao Yan with a ring in hand. The patient and the medical staff applauded for them. Xiao Yan was moved to tears. Suddenly, gunfire broke out. A group of armed men with live ammunition escorted the shot companion to the field hospital. Xiao Yan rescued the wounded without saying a word. The stray bullet was stabbed, he endured the pain and brought the headlamp, so that Xiao Yan could rest assured to operate on the injured.

Xiao Yan helped the injured to take out the shrapnel from the body and used up the only 1500ml of blood left. Lin Zhiyuan bleeds heavily because the bomb hit the liver. He knew that he could not be saved. He took his last breath to say goodbye to Xiao Yan and handed over the ring. After giving it to Xiao Yan, he died. Xiao Yan was so sad that he wanted to die, but he was powerless to return to heaven.

Atractylodes came to round the room and asked Chen Chuanshu to teach him about his new book. Chen Chuanshu felt that he had little time and regretted that he had not finished the book. He could not leave information on the evolution of language and culture of Shang and Zhou for interested young people. Baizhu encouraged Chen Chuanshu to perform surgery. After the tumor was removed, the book could continue to be completed. Chen Chuanshu did not dare to take the risk of surgery, worried that he would not be able to get off the stage alive and make his wife Wu Xiuzhu sad. Bai Zhu swore that he could do his surgery well.

Wu Xiuzhu and Chen Yan heard Bai Zhu’s words outside the ward, and they came in together to stop them. Bai Zhu formulated a careful surgical plan and advised them to think about it. Chen Yan warned Bai Zhu not to mention this again, otherwise the attending doctor would be changed. Xu Yiran just happened to pass by with a doctoral student who had just graduated. He sneered at Bai Zhu, and Zheng Yajie came to rescue Bai Zhu in time. Zheng Yajie heard that Chen Chuanshu’s family members and Atractylodes disagreed, so she comforted Atractylodes. Atractylodes firmly believed that the family members could change their minds.

Chen Yan pushed Chen Chuanshu out to relax, Wu Xiuzhu saw the manuscript under the pillow, she persuaded Chen Chuanshu to undergo surgery, but Chen Chuanshu still did not let go.

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