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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 5 Recap

After Ren Di went back, he talked about Li Wei in the dormitory. Li Wei has already started to make money now, and the extra part has been given to the college, so investing in Ren Di is also very simple. Fang Shumiao was amazed, but he did not expect People start making money in college.

The next day, when Zhu Yun came to the interest group, he found that everyone had left and transferred to Li Yi’s base. Li Yi also built the base at the same place as Zhu Yun and the others. Even Fang Shumiao went there, and Zhu Yun was there. The playground found Gao Jianhong, who was playing basketball, and proposed to fight against Li Wei, and the two hit it off.

When the confident Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong came to the interest group, they found that it was very lively. Almost all the beauties in the school came to the base to join Li Yi, and there were some people who were dedicated to serving Li Yi with takeaways and milk tea. The one who sent it to Zhu Yun by mistake was so angry that Zhu Yun came to Li Yi with milk tea. Li Yi provoked Zhu Yun because those girls were angry, and Zhu Yun was speechless.

There are a lot of people around Li Wei every day. Ren Di also came to Li Wei to find him. Li Wei took a chair for Ren Di everywhere, but it turned out to be Gao Jianhong’s chair. Gao Jianhong thought it was bullying. , I quarreled with Li Wei on the spot, and the tense scene seemed particularly oppressive. Zhu Yun was unconvinced and proposed to compete, and the exam was going to be soon. If they lost, they would be merged into the base, and if the base lost, they would Incorporated into their interest group, Gao Jianhong suggested that the overall results of the competition should be required in all aspects. Li Yi agreed on the spot. This time even Fang Shumiao stood behind Li Yi. Playing with him is courting death.

Even in private, some people think that Zhu Yun is so provocative because of her love for Li Wei. Zhu Yun, who refuses to admit defeat, began to remediate her homework every day and also began to learn to dance. She thought that Li Wei, who was physically incoordinated, could not dance even if she was good at dancing in the textbook. . After studying day and night, tomorrow is the time for the exam. Zhu Yun didn’t want to waste study time, so she went to the rooftop to find Li Yi and borrowed his place. Therefore, the two studied together for one night. The key to the rooftop was placed on Zhu Yun’s keychain.

The grades are down, Zhu Yun’s grades are very good, and Li Yi also praised her for not studying in vain. In fact, after studying day and night these days, Zhu Yun found out that the reason why she and Li Yun were both 100% was because of the total score It’s only 100%. In fact, the effort they put in is different. This is the difference between a scholar and a scholar. Because these days, Zhu Yun, who has been busy studying, has not noticed that Li Wei has not learned anything, so what should he do every day? What do you do, you don’t take the game seriously.

After people became more popular, Gao Jianhong also planned to give up the competition to join the base, but Zhu Yun didn’t know what to do. These days, learning programming was purely because he wanted to compete, but he didn’t like it at all. Zhu Yun secretly went to the dance studio wanting to see Li Yi making a fool of himself, but found that Li Yi was really late, but he handed in a sick leave note. He had a spinal injury and could not dance, so he could be exempted from the exam. Zhu Yun left in disappointment. Seeing Zhu Yun’s back catching up, Zhu Yun was still stubborn, thinking that they didn’t lose the game this time, but they generously chose draw and Li Yi smiled and said nothing.

In front of Li Wei, Gao Jianhong still insisted that he had not lost, but he was willing to let the interest group out to join the base. He originally thought that Li Wei would not agree, but Li Wei agreed, which also made Gao Jianhong very happy. Groups are merged together. Zhu Yun saw Ren Di when she was shopping. Ren Di told Zhu Yun that she was waiting for someone, but she did not expect that the person waiting was Li Yi.

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