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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 5 Recap

On the desk of the hotel, the wallpaper of the notebook is the photo of Ruan Zhenzhen when he was a student. Gao Jun looked at the photo again. This face was as pure and beautiful as the one he saw now. After closing the notebook, Gao Jun began to write a statement of defense for Ruan Zhenzhen. Call Ruan Zhenzhen and ask her to send her ID card.

Ruan Zhenzhen wanted to apologize for the unreasonableness and gaffe last time. From the mobile phone, he saw that the front and back of Ruan Zhenzhen’s ID card were inconsistent with those on the original IOU. Through investigation, Gao Jun learned that Ruan Zhenzhen had reissued an ID card and the original ID card was lost. , So it is said that when the loan contract was signed, Ruan Zhenzhen just lost his ID card.

Ruan Zhenzhen received a call from Gao Jun and rushed to the hotel lobby immediately. Gao Jun showed her the date of the ID card for signing the loan contract. Ruan Zhenzhen reissued the ID card in 2017, but these loan contracts were signed in mid-2018. That is to say, Xu Youning stole Ruan Zhenzhen’s ID card, and often used her ID card to sign large loan contracts while she was not ready. After hearing Gao Jun’s analysis, Ruan Zhenzhen was completely shocked. Xu Youning, a man she trusted very much, signed a loan of 30 million behind the scenes.

After coming out of Gao Jun, Ruan Zhenzhen called President Shen directly with Xu Youning’s mobile phone. When President Shen saw the mobile phone number, he was very upset. Hearing Ruan Zhenzhen’s request to meet, he immediately asked her to come to a coffee shop near the company. Ruan Zhenzhen took out his watch and asked Mr. Shen when he was with his husband. Mr. Shen was very strange about this question until Ruan Zhenzhen held Mr. Shen’s business card. The English name on it was exactly the same as the English letters on the dial of the watch. Mr. Shen No longer silent, she admitted that she had had a night with Xu Youning, not only her, Xu Youning also had many ambiguous girlfriends, and it was common in their company to act on the scene.

Mr. Shen’s words were really a painful blow to Ruan Zhen. Marrying Xu Youning used to be the best thing she had done in her life, but now she knows that her husband has many lovers, and those overtime nights are just sex with his mistress. , Thinking of this, Ruan Zhen really shuddered. She came to the residence of her best friend Su Wen crying, and cried for a long time that night.

Gao Jun called Ruan Zhenzhen, but the phone was not connected for a long time. He was worried, so he called Su Wen. Su Wen told him what happened today. Gao Jun blamed himself a little. A good turnaround, but the infatuated Ruan Zhenzhen could never accept the cruel truth. Worried that Ruan Zhenzhen couldn’t think about it, Gao Jun asked his good friend to follow Ruan Zhenzhen during the day, for fear that something would happen to her.


In the evening, Gao Jun came to Ruan Zhenzhen’s community and found that Ruan Zhenzhen’s car had been locked by a debt collection company, with a note “Repay the money” on it, thinking that Ruan Zhenzhen was weak by nature, in order to arouse her spirit, Gao Jun also wrote a letter. Zhang’s debt collection note is caught in the most prominent position of the front glass of the car.

Ruan Zhenzhen told Gao Jun that she wanted to go back to her hometown to relax and didn’t want to take care of the case. Gao Jun deliberately asked her if she had really hid the loans, and even at key places, she had to avoid going back to the countryside to relax. With Nabi’s property, how can the entire 40 million debt be paid off? Even working and working hard are not enough to pay off the debt. Gao Jun’s words gradually made Ruan Zhenzhen sober.

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