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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 3 Recap

Ruan Zhenzhen went to Xu Youning’s company to pick up things at the appointed time. When he walked to the front of the car, he found that the wheel was locked. He called his brother to unlock the wheel. Seeing that his brother was concentrating on unlocking it, Ruan Zhenzhen couldn’t help asking. Brother, what is the problem that might be encountered? All the contact information and WeChat records in the mobile phone will be deleted. Knowing that Ruan Zhenzhen was worried about Xu Youning’s affairs, his brother comforted her, deleting the record perhaps because she didn’t want her to worry, but many scheming men would apply for several bank cards in order to deceive.

Ruan Zhenzhen went to Xu Youning’s company and met Mr. Shen in the elevator. This luxurious high-level executive saw at a glance the expensive watch Ruan Zhenzhen was wearing. He was very polite when he heard that it was Xu Youning’s widow, and also gave his business card. To Ruan Zhenzhen.

The head of the company department took Ruan Zhenzhen into Xu Youning’s office, and assistant Lu Tian took the initiative to ask to stay and accompany Ruan Zhenzhen to clean up Xu Youning’s belongings. This Lu Tian especially reminded her that according to the company’s regulations, customer information cannot be taken away, and notebooks and other items need to be checked when they need to be taken away.


Ruan Zhenzhen was very sad when she came to her lover’s office. At a glance, she saw that the porcelain doll she once pinched with her husband was broken, and the fragments were thrown into the trash can. Lu Tian found that Ruan Zhenzhen had been staring at the trash can, he was a little flustered, and he didn’t take the debris out last night.

The phone rang, and the call was from Gao Jun. When Gao Jun heard that Ruan Zhenzhen had been stared at by eyeliner in Xu Youning’s office, he quietly told her to throw off the eyeliner and try tears. With Gao Jun’s reminder, Ruan Zhenzhen quickly remembered that when she came to the company, her brother gave her a bottle of anti-wolf spray, which was supposed to prevent wolves. In order to get some tears, Ruan Zhenzhen secretly used some of these tears. Ruan Zhenzhen won these tears. In the precious alone time, she quickly discovered a name on the IOU.

After Lu Tian discovered that the office door was locked by Ruan Zhenzhen, he quickly patted the door to remind Ruan Zhenzhen that he had to save these materials in the form of photos. Lu Tian’s boss, President Shen, found a bottle of anti-wolf spray in the office, and immediately became vigilant. He patted Lu Tian angrily and blamed him for not doing things well.

In the evening, Gao Jun and Su Wen carried the cake to Ruan Zhenzhen’s house together. Gao Jun also brought the cake. Ruan Zhenzhen just had a smile on his face, and the doorbell rang. Gao Jun carefully noticed that Ruan Zhenzhen would be very nervous every time he heard the doorbell ring. nervous. Su Wen carelessly said that maybe she ordered the courier, but the courier came in but it was Xu Youning’s birthday present. Everyone was taken aback, and Su Wen immediately ran to ask the courier when the cake was ordered. The courier immediately checked that the cake was ordered on the 22nd of January, and the other party asked it to be delivered on the 18th of February.

Ruan Zhenzhen’s cousin You Gang just came home and helped the pregnant daughter-in-law to wash her feet. Suddenly, the daughter-in-law found Ruan Zhenzhen’s ID card in You Gang’s briefcase. She was angry and quarreled with You Gang, thinking that the two were having an affair , You Gang was also confused when he saw his ID card.

The cake candles were lit, Su Wen urged Ruan Zhenzhen to blow out the candles, Ruan Zhenzhen made a wish, and blew it several times without going out. Gao Jun saw it and blew out all the candles in one breath. Gao Jun carefully saw that while Xu Youning sent Ruan Zhenzhen flowers, there was also a green watch in the box, and this watch was exactly the same as the one Ruan Zhenzhen picked up at the jewelry store a few days ago. Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t tell Gao Jun about this, she quietly lengthened her sleeves and covered the watch on her wrist.

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