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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 2 Recap

Ruan Zhenzhen was extremely disgusted with the lawyer Su Wen hired for her, and her best friend called to ask for details. Ruan Zhenzhen insisted on changing the lawyer. Su Wen knew that Gao Jun used to be an alumnus of Ruan Zhenzhen. It’s enough to win the case. Su Wen advised Ruan Zhenzhen to like the lawyer’s character or not.

Ruan Zhenzhen received a call and looked for the address on the phone. It turned out that her husband Xu Youning had customized a watch for her. This watch was very delicate, and Ruan Zhenzhen could still feel her husband’s love for her when she wore it on her wrist. Ruan Zhenzhen was immersed in the grief of losing her husband. She didn’t realize that not far from her, a suspicious man was watching her closely.


Ruan Zhenzhen found out that her file had been taken by Gao Jun, and she distrusted the lawyer Ruan Zhenzhen very much. She called the lawyer directly and asked for the file to be returned. Gao Jun and her agreed to meet in the hotel lobby in the evening. Ruan Zhenzhen waited patiently in the lobby very early, while Gao Jun first took a shower in the hotel. He turned on the computer, and there were many photos of Ruan Zhenzhen in his student days. Gao Jun cherished the photos in the notebook very much.

Ruan Zhenzhen got the dossier from Gao Jun and clearly told him that he had no desire to find a lawyer. Gao Jun saw her firm attitude, as if she would be disgusted if she talked there for a minute. The next day, Gao Jun took the initiative to contact Ruan Zhenzhen. He went straight to the point about Ruan Zhenzhen’s husband’s case and only he could help win it.

Ruan Zhenzhen asked him what his motives were. Gao Jun could see that Ruan Zhenzhen was very cautious and would not trust people easily, so she confessed that now she owes a huge debt and has no money to worry about. Helping her in the lawsuit is also on the face of Su Wen and Lao Yan, taking the case of an acquaintance. The emphasis is on human relationships. In order to reassure Ruan Zhenzhen, he also proposed that there is no need to sign a lawyer’s agreement. Once the two have any clues, they will notify each other and find out the case as soon as possible.

This day, the company’s President Qiu came to Lu Tian. This Lu Tian is the person who will succeed Xu Youning in the future. President Qiu quietly reminded him that if he wants to take Xu Youning’s position, he must help the company wipe Xu Youning’s ass.

In the middle of the night, Xu Youning’s office sneaked into a dark shadow. The other party took out the key from a black key bag and successfully opened the filing cabinet. Then he rummaged through all the materials in the filing cabinet and put the important record book into his pocket. The shadowy figure accidentally dropped a pair of porcelain dolls on the ground while rummaging through the drawers. The sound of the film shattering attracted the attention of a waiter. Another friend who was accompanying him ignored it, and the matter was over.


When Ruan Zhenzhen returned home and packed Xu Youning’s belongings, she also found that the black key bag was missing. This key bag was the day she saw Xu Youning put it in her pocket, but she couldn’t find it. The next day, Su Wen was going to fly back to Ruan Zhenzhen’s city because of business. Before the plane took off, she called Gao Jun. Gao Jun reminded her that it was Ruan Zhenzhen’s birthday and asked Su Wen to take a cake to celebrate Ruan Zhenzhen’s birthday. Su Wen was surprised to hear that Gao Jun was able to think of Ruan Zhenzhen as soon as she met Ruan Zhenzhen, which was very rare, and she immediately ordered a cake by phone.

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