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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 1 Recap

Zhu Yun went back to school and wanted to relive the scene when she entered the school. Once she and Li Wei left the get out of class, and whoever became a betrayer would go to hell. In the end, Li Wei was willing to bear the consequences of their separation and chose to go to hell. Duplicitously telling Zhu Yun that she had never loved her, it was very painful for Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun and Tian Xiuzhu went back together. Zhu Yun’s parents went to the airport to pick them up and home. They were surprised that their hometown had changed a lot. Mom thinks Tian Xiuzhu is very good, and hopes that Zhu Yun will not be picky, and it is best to establish a relationship with others earlier, but Zhu Yun has no feelings between men and women for Tian Xiuzhu.

Li Wei, who had been asking Zhu Yun to find him, left the place where he was reformed after the correctional farewell. After that, he went to a friend’s place to take off the prison uniform he was wearing before and burned it. He never wanted to wear that kind of clothes again. The next morning, Li Wei changed into neat clothes and went back to the company.

Zhu Yun went to find Ren Di, but there was no one in their family. When Zhu Yun was about to go back, Ren Di went out under the bed and fell off the bed after falling asleep. Ren Di felt that now the Gili company is getting stronger and stronger, and it has been plagiarizing foreign games all the time, but the Gili company is also Zhu Yun’s hard work, and now it is a pity to give up her boyfriend and even the company. But Zhu Yun felt that Li Yi would take back everything that belonged to him after he went out. Once Li Yi went to prison, he could only hand over the company to Gao Jianhong, but the relationship between the three of them at the beginning could only trust Gao Jianhong the most.

Li Yi met Gao Jianhong in the company and thought that what he did now was very good, but Gao Jianhong told Li Yi to tempt him and said quickly that as long as he proposed, he would ask Li Yi to buy it out at one time, and he didn’t want to see Li Yi again, but Gao Jianhong didn’t expect Li Wei to have nothing, so he only left a sentence, saying that those who betrayed must pay the price. After Li Wei went out, Xiao Liuzi told him to make a comeback, and they would have a chance because of their skills, but Li Wei felt that those people didn’t know that he was staying.

After Zhu Yun went back, Li Wei was behind her and kept looking at her back, but she didn’t bother. After that, Li Wei went to Ren Di’s house to ask her to return the money she owed before. This made Ren Di feel that Zhu Yun That’s right, after Li Yi went out, he would find everything he lost, but he didn’t expect that the friendship between them would only be money.

Ren Di called Zhu Yun and wanted to ask her to ask Tian Xiuzhu to do a favor, go back to identify a painting, and asked Zhu Yun to help him return the money owed to Li Wei, although Zhu Yun didn’t want to trouble Tian Xiuzhu Xiuzhu, but at Ren Di’s request, he had to agree. After that, Zhu Yun and Tian Xiuzhu went to the restaurant, Deng Rendi.

At this moment, Li Wei happened to pass by and saw Zhu Yun and Tian Xiuzhu from the window. He wanted to go in and say hello, but he turned around and left after seeing that they were on good terms. . Zhu Yun saw Li Yao in the corner of the light and hurried out, but Xiao Liu saw it. He helped Li Yao to withdraw money. Seeing Zhu Yun holding the money in his hand, he took it away. This is called Zhu Yun very much. Angry, he quickly chased after him, and asked Xiaoliu to tell her about Li Yi’s current situation. As a result, Li Yi appeared at this moment.

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