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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 2 Recap

Just when Zheng Daqian was stunned, everything returned to its original state in a flash. Zheng Daqian felt that she had hallucinations, but her mobile phone was indeed gone, which made her puzzled, because the last long-distance bus to go home was not there. To catch up, Zheng Daqian had to take a car with a kind driver back to Baihe. On the way, he encountered a car that had an accident on the highway, but Zheng Daqian didn’t care.

When Zheng Daqian returned to the old house, she found that someone lived in the house. She thought it was a thief, but she didn’t expect her mother Gong Xiaoqin to be cooking. When her mother saw her, she chased after her and beat her. She kept talking about her leaving. Zheng Daqian was very surprised when he ran away from home. What happened?

Then, the appearance of his father Zheng Yingjun made Zheng Daqian’s jaw drop. Dad has been dead for many years. Zheng Daqian comforted herself that she must be dreaming. . Because the boiler at home was broken, Zheng Yingjun’s family of three came to visit his friend Mu Guoliang’s house. Hearing that Mu Zili was in a car accident, Zheng Daqian wanted to visit him, but remembered that she didn’t understand many things. She confirmed her mother again. And the existence of his father, and then pinched his face, pulled his hair, and stepped on his feet, trying to prove that he was dreaming, but in the eyes of everyone, this is a typical psychotic behavior.

Mu Zili’s words after going downstairs made Zheng Daqian think that she was dreaming again. She put her head in the fish tank to wake herself up, but after a long time there was no change. Her father was still standing in front of her. Zheng Daqian told her loudly. Everyone, her father is already dead, and everyone thinks that her insane behavior was caused by her lovelorn. Mu Zili took Zheng Daqian upstairs to rest. Zheng Daqian remembered his crazy behavior with Mu Zili last night, so he weakly asked Mu Zili if they slept together. Mu Zili felt that Zheng Daqian was indeed spiritual If there was a problem, he locked her in the room to keep her awake

Zheng Daqian held the agreement written by “self” when she ran away from home, and remembered that this was not a time-travel, but a parallel time and space, and the place where she entered the parallel time and space was the train station, she had to find a way to get back to that place. Time and space, that is your own life. In the early morning of the next day, everyone left one after another due to their own affairs, and only Mu Zili was left. Zheng Daqian reluctantly lied that he had a stomachache.

Mu Zili didn’t know that he was cheating, so he hurriedly took her to the hospital. Zheng Daqian went to the pharmacy halfway to buy it. Medicine, and then secretly put the lubricating oil used by the husband and wife in the back pocket of Mu Zili’s pants. The aunt who received the payment accused Mu Zili of stealing the medicine, held him firmly and called the police, while Zheng Daqian directly opened the door. Taking Mu Zili’s car to the train station,

Mu Zili found out that the police officer who came to deal with him was his classmate Dazhi. He hurriedly explained the whole story and asked Dazhi to find his car quickly. Gong Xiaoqin was called to the police station. She couldn’t get through to Zheng Yingjun’s call. It turned out that he drank too much when he went to persuade him to fight. curse. The police found the car that Zheng Daqian was driving through surveillance. Mu Zili and Dazhi chased after him to the train station.

They saw Zheng Daqian walking around on the platform. The two went forward and took Zheng Daqian back to the police station. When Gong Xiaoqin saw Zheng Da, she slapped her in the face without saying a word. This also annoyed Zheng Daqian. She angrily claimed that she was not her daughter, and made Gong Xiaoqin cry.

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