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Almost Lover (2022) 谁都知道我爱

Almost Lover (2022) 谁都知道我爱你

Also Known As: Everyone Knows I Love You , Shei Dou Zhi Dao Wo Ai Ni , 誰都知道我愛你
Screenwriter: Zhang Ying
Director: Dai Xiao Zhe
Genres: Romance

Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Oct 26, 2022 – Nov 24, 2022
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video


  • Song Qian as He Xiaoran
  • Fan Yu Jie as He Xiaoran (young)
  • Xu Wei Zhou as Xiao Shangqi
  • Dong Li Wu You as Xiao Shangqi (teen)
  • Yang Chen Rui as Xiao Shangqi (young)
  • Supporting Cast
  • Chen He Yi as Sui Mingwei
  • Gao Rui Fei Er as Li Hui
  • Gong Wan Yi as Chen Fei’er
  • Pei Jia Xin as Chen Fei’er (young)
  • Gao Ren as Zhao Mingxuan
  • Zheng Xiao Ning as Xiao Zhenyun
  • Hu Ke as Zhou Lili
  • Guo Shuo Jie as Lin Zong
  • Ren Bin as Xiao Xian
  • Peng Yi Bo as Xiao Xian (young)
  • Lu Dong Xu as Xiao Feng
  • Fan Wei as Tang Yan
  • Gong Jin Guo as Lao Meng
  • Chen Yu Zhe as Xiao Tai Yang
  • Wang Han Wen as Da Dong


He Xiao Ran is the MC of a late-night radio show. But events that tainted the last few years of her life as a student still haunt her. She secretly loved Xiao Shang Qi , a close male friend. But instead of ending up with him, she had to watch on helplessly as he pursued his dreams of love with another woman – their mutual friend Chen Fei Er. She was forced to endure the heartbreak of watching the man she loved begin a relationship with her close friend. And for the sake of the friendships she valued, she kept her feelings under lock and key.

Eventually, she moved away and began working as a radio DJ. But her past comes back to bite her eight years later when Xiao Shang Qi comes to town after spending a long time abroad. He has been tasked with turning around the fortunes of an exclusive hotel that has fallen on hard times. Their paths cross again, and this time Xiao Shang Qi appears determined to right his previous wrongs. He tells her that he has never stopped thinking of her. But is it too late for reconciliation? Or could Cupid find a way to turn back the clock on a relationship that never was…but always should have been?

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