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Summary Mobile Suit Gundam, Witch from Mercury PROLOGUE

Almost a month after its launch, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury or Mobile Suit Gundam, the Witch from Mercury episode PROLOGUE (introductory), 20 minutes long, has been released for Gundam fans to see outside the island. Japan in foreign language subtitles Including Thai subtitles and creating a “memory scene” with the ultimate story mating Until he might get dialysis with this anime for sure.

Mobile Suit Gundam Witch from Mercury “PROLOGUE”

And here are the 2 big issues that this special anime episode. Has left us to remove some information…

Background of the story

In AS 112 , the People’s Faction was divided into two parts , the Earthians (Earthians ) and the Spasians (Space Settlers), who were tense with ethnic conflicts man on earth I want to go up and live in space. The astronauts considered themselves aristocratic, not wanting to lose some benefits.

One day, the 3rd Special Administrative Region of Front , one of the world’s territories, signed a procurement budget. “Mobile Suit Gundam Type” from the private company “Oc Earth” caused concern that The world’s armies will be stronger with this series of deadly mobile suits.

Go back a little Navadis Institute have researched what is known as “Gandformat”, a prosthetic device that can save people on Earth to live in space. It is a medical device for modern human beings. But the research budget of a medical institution alone is not enough, causing the private company Ock-earth to support the institute. with budget proposals from “Mobile Suit Development Council” to continue the gun format and lead to the next stage of development. with the introduction of such a system Can be combined with a military mobi suit in space.

Of course, in the tense situation of both parties The private company’s involvement with the opposing armies would not be good. news distribution techniques Causing fear from the space department has awakened the concept of mobile suit and gunformat is dangerous With the media projecting images of test pilots losing control, disabilities, etc., through the media … people on Earth and space have begun to crack down on their support for the project. because it crossed the ethical lines of humans being subjected to animal experimentation.

Mobile Suit Development Council with private companies doing such research was heavily pressured by the spread of the news and finally, the council has announced “Cancel the mobile suit development program. Gundam of all kinds.

Along with the mobile suit development council has prepared the takeover of Aug. under the law on corporate development. There is also an independent organization “Cathedral” that does not belong to any party. to inspect the development of the project in order not to be used to make mobile suits Gundam or technology that is still pending, can be reused

By representatives of the organization “Delling Rembrandt”, a former veteran. has made it clear that Gundam is evil and weapons of war must be separate from medical science.

But actually Delling had a secret deal with the Space Council. In order to get rid of “Gundam”, a high-performance test version of the mobile suit is already the original capital. There is also a connection behind the creation of distorted news that many people are worried about. with the development of mobile suits.

And of course, Delling didn’t use negotiations to close the research. But he uses force to clean up the private company Ok Earth that develops Gundam. Considered to eliminate the thorns. that will be a threat to the space army.


Derived from the word “Gund” and the word “Arm” , which is the destination of systems research. “Gundformat”, an organ and a neural prosthesis that can be connected to a machine. (Like Saikozaku used in Gundam Thunder Bolt). Originally it was the work of Navadis Institute developed to heal people living in space disabled from cosmic rays Improve your ability to work in space or loss of some organs that make life more difficult.

But then, the private company Oak Earth came in Development of gun format leading to the creation of a test version of the Mobis Suit. Which is believed to be called “Gun-Arm” or ” Gundam” later under the supervision of Dr. Cardo Nabo.

The “Gundformat” system will put a lot of burden on the test pilot’s physical and nervous system. From the picture seen at the beginning of the story, the media shows that forcing this incomplete system Resulting in damage to the level of disability and possibly death, leaving wounds that have been eaten by the system all over the face.

Gundams that use this system There will be a long-distance wireless control weapon. (Similar to the funnel of New Gundam / Sasabi) that adds even more burden to the pilot.

But in exchange for making Gundam have agile movement deviating from general machines along with changing the weapon’s condition to make it more versatile as well

Both close, medium and long range attacks that can be assembled with a variety of equipment with just one set of weapons. The Elnora Samaya test pilot tested the GUNDformat system to a response level of 33 , a level that is harmful to the body. And no one has reached this point. The response level is very high. The better the weapon control.

On the day the research institute was raided by Catedral, she was met by her daughter Erikt Samaya , aged four, hidden in the cockpit. during the incident. And the baby’s name was also included in the test version of the Gundam Lufrit OS and was able to respond past level 33 even though Elnora was unable to reach it.

Eric was involved in armed control of the mobile suit. Until able to destroy up to 3 enemies, and the “Gandformat” system does not have a clear impact on the body of a 4-year-old child like Eric!

Father sacrifices his life to save mother and son. to survive the cathedra’s purge and should have spent the rest of his life in this corner of space… Until 10 years have passed. Enter the content of the sector. TV… according to this clip.

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