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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 14 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 14 Recap

Then Su Wuming disguised as Nanzhou Lingyun Guanma and came to stay for the night, and also said that what he was holding in his arms was the Nanzhou treasure “Stone Bridge Map”. Not afraid of ghosts and gods, you can naturally stay in the inn. Su Wuming checked into the inn, and pretended not to know each other with Lu Lingfeng. The two also acted in disbelief and scrambled to stay in the upper right room. In the end, Lu Lingfeng threatened Su Wuming with his identity as a general and by force, and successfully convinced Su Wuming to give up the upper right room.

Afterwards, Lu Lingfeng ordered Liu Shiba to wash his feet, and then turned off the lights. Sure enough, in the middle of the night, Lu Lingfeng and Su Wuming were blown into the house. A strange person took them into the secret room while they were pretending to be unconscious. Su Wuming had money on his body, but when he opened the purse, he found that it turned out to be a stone.

At this time, Lu Lingfeng also quickly took action and subdued the strange person. Seeing that Liu Shiba took the portrait of Su Wuming and was about to escape, Lu Lingfeng chased out, Liu Shiba summoned the python, and Lu Lingfeng saw the other party escape, so he had to take out the prepared in advance. The medicinal powder dealt with the python, and then went to check whether Su Wuming was abnormal. It turned out that Wuming Su pretended to be asleep just to avoid causing trouble for Lu Lingfeng.

On the other side, Liu Shiba, who fled, found out that the treasure map he had stolen was fake, and was very angry. Xue Huan secretly followed Liu Shiba and found an abnormality, and came to report Su Wuming. Su Wuming brought Lu Lingfeng out to greet Su County Lieutenant who came, accusing him of cooperating with Liu Shiba and others to make money and kill them. Su Wuming had inquired about it in Gantang County. The father of Liu Shiba and others was originally a subordinate of Su County Wei.

Su Xianwei accused Su Wuming of unknown identity of Nanzhou Sima, and ordered someone to take him down and behead him on the spot. Lu Lingfeng and Xue Huan fought with everyone. Finally, Wang Nailing, the magistrate of Gantang County, came to take down the county captain Su and asked Su Wuming to try the case on his behalf.

Twenty-five years ago, Liu Shiba’s mother gave birth to the three of them, but Liu Shijiu was weird when he was born. He couldn’t speak or walk upright at the age of five. His father listened to the slander and thought that he was a monster and threw it away, while Liu Shiqi was illiterate and addicted to stealing since he was a child, and was finally driven away by his father.

After Liu Shiba came to Gantang Station, strange things happened frequently in the inn. Later, he learned that his younger brother who grew up with the python had been following him. The younger brother was later discovered by the old courier.

He wanted to kill him but was entangled by the python. Only then did he discover the strangeness of his younger brother, and his finger was bitten off by his younger brother. Later, his father wanted to behead his younger brother, but Liu Shiqi countered and killed him, and all along, his younger brother’s murder was also bewitched by Liu Shiqi. At that time, the case of Gantangyi was sponsored by the county magistrate, who later used the three brothers to make money in Gantangyi.

The first time Su Wuming saw Wei Su Xian, he was suspicious of him. When Wei Su Xian heard that Gan Tangyi had a case, he did not bring the catcher that day, but chose his cronies. Su Wuming reprimanded Liu Shiqi for disregarding brotherhood and only caring for money, and did not plead for Liu Shiba after he was arrested, but Liu Shiqi only hated that his father favored his younger brother, and his mother gave birth to three brothers instead of himself.

The case has been solved, and Lu Lingfeng sighed that Wang Nailing was a good person, and perhaps he could spare his life because Liu Shiba didn’t hurt anyone.

Lu Lingfeng was re-invited by Xiong Inspector to join the army as a secretary, but in the rainy weather in Nanzhou, the official government was bored when there was nothing to do. Several people were drinking tea by the roadside. Lu Lingfeng noticed that the beggar Dong Lang was stealing, and only after inquiring did he learn that he had picked up gold and silver jewelry from the Confucian Temple and wanted to keep it for himself.

Nanzhou raised his son Dugu Xiashu to buy a book and returned to the Confucian Temple. He accidentally discovered that his classmate and his wife had an affair. Uncle Dugu Xia angrily threw the book into the room and turned to leave. But then he found something abnormal.

When he returned to the house, he found that his wife Qinghong was not Leaving the house, but his wife, Qinghong, said that she had just had a dream. In her dream, she went to the Confucian Temple to pray for her husband’s high school, but she was hit in the head by a book thrown from the window by some madman.

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