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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 6 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 6 Recap

Nan Xing was speechless after hearing this, thinking that Xiao Wudi was being amorous. Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing was embarrassed to admit it, saying that he could date Nan Xing, and then he would throw her away and give her an unforgettable love. Nan Xing thought it was funny, and asked Xiao Wudi to repeat it. He took out his mobile phone to record the video, Xiao Wudi had self-doubt, how could Nan Xing not like him.

Xiao Wudi couldn’t sleep all night, he couldn’t believe that Nan Xing didn’t like him, he had to confirm it himself. Nan Xing always called Xiao Wudi in his sleep and dreams, but Xiao Wudi did not hear the second half of the words. Although Nan Xing called out his name, he wanted him to go back to ancient times with stinky money. Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing was pretending to be reserved and asked Sisi about Nan Xing.

Sisi speaks openly, and is tempted by Xiao Wudi’s fried chicken legs, saying that Nan Xing likes people. Xiao Wudi learns that although Nan Xing will be crazy when she sees a handsome guy, she has not really liked someone for many years unless she meets someone who can put her emotions into it.

Lu Zichen wrote the heroine Su Yu to death, which caused a wave of hot searches on the Internet, and many fans turned black towards Lu Zichen fans. Ye Qing was very annoyed after learning about this, and hurriedly dealt with public relations matters. Song Jiaming wanted to meet Ye Qing, but Ye Qing didn’t have time to accompany him at all. Ye Qing thought that Lu Zichen was angry with herself, but could not find Lu Zichen.

Nan Xing couldn’t figure out why Lu Zichen wrote the heroine to death. She was anxious to help the company solve the problem. Xiao Wudi wanted to confirm Nan Xing’s thoughts, pretending to complain about his life experience, to see if Nan Xing was sad about his affairs.

Unfortunately, Nan Xing expressed sadness, but not because of Xiao Wudi. Nan Xing said that Su Yu, the heroine she had liked for many years, was written to death by Lu Zichen. She could not accept this character who accompanied her throughout her adolescence.

Fans of book fans went to the company to make trouble and asked Lu Zichen to return their goddess Su Yu. Nan Xing inadvertently overheard in the office that Ye Qing was arguing with Lu Zichen about Su Yu. Lu Zichen didn’t want Ye Qing to fall in love, Ye Qing thought that Lu Zichen didn’t discuss with her. Nan Xing was discovered by Lu Zichen. She wanted to leave after delivery, but found that the package contained blood pigeons sent to Lu Zichen by book fans.

Lu Zichen asked Nanxing to throw it away and not tell anyone. Nan Xing thought that he should call the police, otherwise things would be very dangerous. During the argument, Nan Xing completely forgot that he did not stutter, and only later remembered that he should not contradict Lu Zichen.

Nan Xing insisted on catching the suspect who sent the package and asked Xiao Wudi for help. She thought that according to the plot of the novel, the prisoner would come here again tonight. Lu Zichen thought that Nanxing wanted to express himself for the purpose of turning positive. Nan Xing said frankly that Lu Zichen’s novel saved her when she had an accident in her family back then, and she wanted to do her job well when she was in a low mood.

The bad guy really appeared, and Xiao Wudi chased after him. Nan Xing followed and found that Xiao Wudi was covered in blood, thinking he was going to die. When Nan Xing felt sad and blamed himself, Xiao Wudi woke up and just made a prank. Nanxing was very angry, she was crying very sad.

Xiao Wudi apologized to Nan Xing. He thanked Nan Xing and said that he was only joking. Nan Xing told him not to make such jokes. Ye Qing learned of Nan Xing’s behavior and accused Lu Zichen of being indiscriminate.

Ye Qing thought that Lu Zichen was too self-willed, hiding everything from herself, and the death threat of readers was not a trivial matter. Facing Ye Qing’s power, Lu Zichen was speechless. Ye Qing called the police to educate the revenge readers.

On the way home, Nan Xing thanked Xiao Wudi for appearing and apologized to him that he should not have let him take the risk. Xiao Wudi was happy for her, and Ye Qing turned her right. Nan Xing is worried about the rumors of her colleagues, and Xiao Wudi encourages her.

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