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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 36 End Recap

In the blink of an eye, on the weekend, Liu Nianbai drove Du Di to the suburbs to play, but the traffic jam on the highway was serious. Du Di was already prepared, and she took out the medical books that she had prepared in advance. Liu Nianbai was so anxious that he planned to propose to Du Di today, and asked Wu Juan and his wife to prepare the scene of the proposal in the suburbs, but the high speed was blocked.

Tian Yunshan asked Huang Yunling to inform Du Di to come back to work tomorrow, and learned from Wang Ying that Liu Nianbai took Du Di to the suburbs to play. Du Di smelled the fragrance in the car, Liu Nianbai tried his best to cover it up. There was a pregnant woman in the car in front of her who was about to give birth. Du Di and Liu Nianbai rushed over without saying a word.

Du Di checked the pregnant woman’s umbilical cord prolapse. Life was in danger. Du Di first helped the pregnant woman push the umbilical cord up. Liu Nianbai called the emergency center for help, and the emergency center agreed to send a helicopter. The pregnant woman’s husband asked everyone to help carry his wife to the stopping point, and everyone carried the pregnant woman over together.

Wu Congrui found the Lanhai County Hospital where Li Junxiao was working. Li Junxiao was very excited. At this moment, a pregnant woman and her family members were found to have a virus similar to pneumonia. The hospital divided an isolation area for these patients. Work. The video of Du Di’s saving lives was posted on the Internet. Liu Nianbai asked her to take a look. Du Di accidentally saw the spread of a pneumonia-like virus in Lanhai Hospital. He remembered Wu Congrui going there to find Li Junxiao, and immediately called Wu Congrui, promising to raise a batch of them as soon as possible. Send medical supplies.

Li Junxiao and Du Di cooperated with all the medical staff to rescue them, but the virus was so serious that they could only watch the patients die one by one. Li Junxiao called Tian Yunshan for help. Tian Yunshan came to Du Di overnight and persuaded her to return to Shengji Hospital. Du Di wanted to go to Lanhai Hospital to help. Tian Yunshan asked Du Di to join the rescue medical team. Liu Nianbai volunteered to go with him. Tian Yunshan agreed to let Liu Nianbai and the second The medical team was approved to go to the Blue Ocean.

Du Di prepared medical supplies, and Liu Nianbai reminded her to bring some more adult diapers. Du Di guessed that Liu Nianbai was going to propose to her on the weekend, but Liu Nianbai felt regretful because of the rescue of pregnant women on the highway. Liu Nianbai felt sorry, but he did not regret it and agreed to rescue Come back and give him an answer.

Du Di followed the medical team to the Blue Ocean Hospital. Wu Congrui took her to the isolation ward immediately. Du Di immediately went into intensive rescue work and successfully gave birth to a healthy baby by caesarean section for a pregnant woman infected with the virus. The number of patients infected with the virus became more and more Many, Wu Congrui and Du Di work without sleep. They are exhausted. Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui encourage each other.

Li Junxiao wants to reconnect with her after the epidemic is over. Wu Congrui is moved to tears and kisses through the door glass. Li Junxiao. Liu Nian’s white hair video and Du Di poured out his thoughts, and he rushed over to reunite with Du Di on the first day of the new year. On New Year’s Eve, Wu Congrui and Du Di spent it together. Because the epidemic area was closed, they couldn’t buy more food. They had a simple and meaningful New Year.

Early in the morning of the first day of the new year, Tian Yunshan personally sent the medical team to set off, but Lin did not arrive in time to attend. Wang Ying told Li Feiqian, Liu Zhenghua looked at Liu Nianbai from a distance, Liu Nianbai smiled at him, and Lu Sichen came to the hospital to see Huang Yunling off. , promised to take good care of her sister and looked forward to Huang Yunling’s early return. Huang Yunling was very moved.

Huang Yunling led the medical team to the Blue Ocean Hospital soon. Du Di, Wu Congrui and the medical staff came out to greet them. Liu Nianbai knelt on one knee with a ring in hand to propose to Du Di. Du Di readily agreed, and all the medical staff present applauded for them. The patient’s condition deteriorated, and they immediately went to intensive work.


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