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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Yan brought Yun Xi to the restaurant and invited her to taste human food. It was also at that time that Yun Xi tasted glutinous rice cake for the first time. The Spiritual Race has always paid no attention to the appetite for food, but on that day, Yun Xi realized that there are so many different tastes in the world. In Lu Yan’s view, the Spirit Race should not have so many killings. In fact, Kyushu has a lot of style, but because of the war, many things will never be seen.

The Spirit Clan believes that although Kyushu is large, its resources are scarce, and it will only decrease but not increase, so only by grabbing more food can it survive. But human beings have the wisdom to keep food flowing, and Lu Yan believes that the Spirit Race can also learn this. The two reached a consensus and decided to work together for the peaceful coexistence of the Eldar and humans.

At night, the sky started to rain. A carriage drove forward uncontrollably, almost hitting the mother and son in front of them. Seeing this, Yun Xi cast a spell without thinking to save the mother and son. People discovered the existence of the Spirit Race, and they all attacked Yunxi. Lu Yan had no choice but to take Yun Xi’s hand and run back. Yun Xi overheard that a man’s son was killed by the Spirit Race, so he held a grudge against the Spirit Race. Hearing this, Yun Xi felt mixed emotions. She couldn’t help but sigh, it would be great if one day Yuan Neng was not used to harm people, but to save them.

The dark night sky shone with a little starlight, Yunxi stood on the cliff and looked into the distance, as if thinking about something. Seeing this, Lu Yan stepped forward to ask. Yun Xi told Lu Yan that standing here, he felt closer to his hometown. She pointed to one of the stars, indicating that it was her hometown. Although it was a place with almost no light, for Yunxi, it was the most beautiful place. Saying that, Yun Xi waved her hand, and her hometown appeared in the night sky.

Since Yunxi was born, it has become so barren and barren. But she had heard her father say that there was once as beautiful and rich as Kyushu. But gradually, the resources there slowly dried up, selfishness developed among the clansmen, and the clan began to war. During the war, their energy was exhausted, some died, and some became scrawny. It was the sun that led them here, and found that there was another world here.

Lu Yan blindfolded Yun Xi, took her to a yard full of flowers and plants, and gave her the glutinous rice cake that was just out of the pot. In order to express his gratitude, Yun Xi stepped forward and hugged Lu Yan. But she didn’t know that in the human world, only close people would hug each other. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan’s subordinate Wei Du came to report at this time, and the Spirit Clan attacked again. Seeing that Lu Yan stayed with Yun Xi all day, Wei Du couldn’t help complaining, and proposed to use Yun Xi as a hostage to threaten the spiritual clan to retreat. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan scolded him loudly, so he had no choice but to leave angrily.

When Yun Xi left, he stunned Lu Yan and gave him a hairpin. One day, Lu Yan felt the energy of the hairpin and decided to help. After waiting for a long time, the Spirit Race finally appeared. Lu Yan led the soldiers to attack and rescued Yun Xi, who was trapped in the coffin. The Spirit Race noticed the abnormality and chased after them one after another.

Lu Yan took Yun Xi all the way to escape, and the dark night was gradually awakened by the dawn. The Spirit Clan took Wei Du as a hostage, but Lu Yan and the soldiers refused to obey. Wei Du still thought it was Yun Xi who brought the disaster, so he took advantage of his last breath to kill him, but was thrown away by Yun Xi. Yun Xi hugged Lu Yan’s body in grief, and finally decided to cut out Yuan Dan and resurrect Lu Yan.

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