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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 1 Recap

Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 1 Recap

Three thousand years ago, under the leadership of Saint Yun Xi and the leader Zhu Rong, the Spiritual Race launched a war with the Human Race, and all their lives were wiped out for a while. During the battle, Yun Xi was influenced by his life and sealed his thoughts of killing, hoping to bring peace, but he was hated by Zhu Rong because of this, and he continued to plunder with the spirit clan. At the same time, Lu Yan, the prince of the human race, led his troops to resist and joined forces with Yun Xi to end the war.

Zhu Rong, however, designed to push the two into a desperate situation. Before Yun Xi died, he dissected the Yuan Dan in his body to Lu Yan, so that he could use the power of Yuan Dan to kill Zhu Rong and end the war between the two clans. Kyushu returned to peace, but Lu Yan suddenly escaped from the world, leaving countless legends for future generations.

Three thousand years later, in Qingquan Mountain, the head of Qingquan Village, Yu Dengdeng, led several brothers to a cave and started a treasure hunt. The strange thing is that the boxes here are all empty, only one big box with a lock. Yu Dengdeng stepped forward and opened the lock without saying a word, but there were only a few empty boxes inside. Just when everyone was depressed, Yu Dengdeng seemed to have encountered some mechanism and suddenly fell into the hole that suddenly appeared.

Yu Dengdeng got up slowly, lit the fire box, and found that there was something special in the cave. The strange thing was that there was also a mural here. Looking at the man in the painting, Yu Dengdeng couldn’t help but sigh that this man is really good-looking. She couldn’t help reaching out to touch the mural, but unexpectedly, a golden light suddenly flashed from the mural, and some strange and familiar images flashed through her mind. The entire cave began to collapse, and Yu Dengdeng was at a loss.

Suddenly, everything stopped. The person in the painting, Lu Yan, the prince of ancient Shu, walked out of the mural and called Yu Dengdeng “Yunxi”. As he said that, he took out a hairpin, as if he wanted to return to Zhao. But the hairpin was just wandering around Dengdeng, as if she didn’t admit that she was her master. Lu Yan couldn’t help frowning, and hurriedly retracted the hairpin. Lu Yan walked out of the cave, and the dazzling sunlight seemed to tell him, Sanghai Sangtian, everything had changed.

An out-of-control car sped towards Lu Yan, and when Lu Yan reacted, the car had already hit him. The driver got out of the car in a panic to check, only to see that his front was damaged, but Lu Yan disappeared. At this time, Lu Yan had already flown to the eaves. Later, Lu Yan came to a house and met old acquaintances – A Chang and A Xin. A Chang and A Xin burst into tears when they saw Lu Yan, and felt very guilty for losing their master Yun Xi.

Back then, Lu Yan used the body of a mortal to carry the Yuan Dan of the Holy Maiden Yunxi. Twenty years ago, Lu Yan put Yunxi’s spiritual feathers on Qingquan Mountain, but I don’t know whose spiritual knowledge that spiritual feathers gathered, and they were quickly taken away. The land master recalled that the man brought a dagger, and there was a sign with the word “Yu” on the dagger.

Yu Dengdeng dreamed that he was wearing a wedding dress and was in love with her husband. But a good dream was disturbed by a cock, and she was ashamed and annoyed. Unexpectedly, the second father, who has always been naughty, turned his attention to her this time, hoping that she could marry a man to fight against her bad luck. Yu Dengdeng was very angry. At first, after listening to the words of his eldest father, he married a big cock for the sake of Chongxi. It is still laughed at until now. Now that his second father asked her to marry a man, how could she accept it.

The car that came to buy grain and vegetables from the village on credit suddenly turned into a ditch, and Lu Er, the second master, couldn’t help but muttered to the side, motioning to Yu Dengdeng to quickly get married to fight the bad luck. One wave after another, the only sow in the village had a difficult birth, and the second child’s private school came to urge the tuition fee again. Yu Dengdeng had no choice but to try the second father’s method. She found the richest family in the city and “forced” the young master of this family. But somehow, the young master turned into a paper man on the way.

After Yu Dengdeng’s repeated questions, the matchmaker opened his mouth. It turned out that this sedan chair was specially found by Mr. Lu from Xinji Sedan chair shop. The people from Qingquan Village immediately came to Xinji Sedan, but before justice could be recovered, they encountered a fight. Someone took the child as a hostage, and Yu Dengdeng immediately shot when he couldn’t stand it any longer. An axe, accompanied by a bullet, came straight towards Yu Dengdeng, but at some point, Lu Yan suddenly appeared and rescued her, and the thieves were somehow tied up.

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