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A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 Episode 8 Recap

The beautiful man told his parents a 15-10 retelling of what happened at the full moon banquet, and he was dancing. Mom regretted not seeing such a wonderful scene, and said why the beautiful man didn’t know how to take a picture with his mobile phone, and his father was still laughing. Let Mother Yu say, who told him to go to the county seat.

While talking, Yu’s mother was moved. She thought she would not hear these words until Xiaozhuang called her mother, but she didn’t say it now, and the progress was a little too fast. Dad Yu also discovered that Xiaozhuang really loves Xiaomei. As she was talking, the beauty was going downstairs. She was going up the mountain with Zhuang Yu today.

At this time, Zhuang Yu was already waiting for the beauty. Zhuang Yu noticed the shorts she was wearing. The beauty explained that she thought she would only be staying for two days, but she didn’t expect to go up the mountain. She didn’t bring enough clothes, but Zhuang Yu didn’t bring mosquito repellent. , he thoughtfully gave the coat to the beauty, and insisted that he didn’t want the clothes to be stained with lipstick again. The beauty reassured him that today’s lipstick is waterproof and will not fade if you dip it in a cup. Beauty doesn’t know how to tie a coat, and Zhuang Yu put it on her intimately. Such a close physical contact made the beauty seem a little more tempted.

Ma Yu was talking to Mei Nan to let him marry Tian Tian, ​​and Tian Tian happened to be here. Ma Yu also created a separate space for them, but Tian Tian came to give Mei Ren grapes. Mei Nan told her that the two Went on a date, and when Lu Jian heard it, he was very jealous. Tiantian told him that although his sunny little puppy was very popular, he appeared too late and could only be the second male lead who passed by the heroine. Lu Jian also insisted that Zhuang Yu did not understand the style, Not sure who is the male one.

On the way up the mountain, the beauty walked slowly. Zhuang Yu deliberately took off the shoelaces and re-tie them in order to wait for her. As soon as the beauty looked up, she saw a magpie, which was a good omen, seeing a magpie was a good omen, so today will be smooth, but as soon as she turned her head, she saw a crow, and the two also discussed nature. As he was talking, Zhuang Yu saw a snake and hurriedly protected the beauty behind him. I didn’t expect that she was not afraid at all, and she used to go up the mountain for inspections. Just after saying this, she realized that she had missed it, and quickly said the previous video blog. It is often seen when filming.

After walking for a while, the beauty was tired, and the two were still sitting on the stone to rest. The beauty just wanted Zhuang Yu to borrow her shoulders, but he stood up. On the way, I also saw Acacia, and red beans were born in the southern country. But Zhuang Yu thinks that one third of the seeds of Acacia seeds are black, and the whole body is red, so it should be Haihong bean. The two subfamily are not the same at all. He also said that Beauty was misled by Wang Wei. .

Tiantian was saying that Zhuang Yu had the style of an old cadre. Here, Zhuang Yu drank hot water and ran wolfberry. The beauty saw this thermos cup with wolfberry and felt that she should have a common language with her father. Zhuang Yu popularized for her that drinking hot water can promote sweat evaporation, which is better than drinking cold water to relieve the heat. But he was still very considerate, and brought the beauty a soda in the flavor she liked.

Jin Xi saw Tiantian in the video blog posted by Yu Meiren. Isn’t this the person he wanted to find day and night? He immediately called Yu Meiren. At this time, she was in the mountains with Zhuang Yu. Zhuang Yu was on the way. They take good care of beautiful women. Seeing that she didn’t answer the phone, Jin Xi found a sweet shop by herself and placed an order for 2,000 catties of grapes. Zhuang Yu also felt that the progress was faster than expected.

The beauty also proposed to compete together. Whoever reaches the destination first and loses has to satisfy the other’s wish. The beauty also guided Zhuang Yu to the position of Artemisia annua, and Zhuang Yu also smiled. Beauty advised him to smile semi-permanently.

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