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A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 Episode 4 Recap

The beauty was still immersed in her sleep, but she was woken up by the phone. As soon as she noticed the most handsome man in the world, she knew that it was Jin Xi. She specially told her the good news for her and Lami’s best friend, and the beauty jumped on the bed with excitement. When I got up, I hurriedly changed my name to Mr.

Jin, and even if I didn’t immediately change the remarks to the most perfect man in the world, I would be sorry for his hard cultivation. Jin Xi smiled and envied her for having such a good boss. The main task of brand friends is to soften up. Xuan asked the beauty to quickly think about how to increase the amount of goods brought. This is not difficult for the beauty, she has already accumulated a large amount of material in her head.

Zhuang Yu took two students home to do experiments and was ridiculed that there were so many things about plants at home. When he saw his paintings, he felt that a hundred things were better than seeing them. It turned out that the expression of beauty can be so figurative, and Zhuang Yu generously told him Give it to him when you’re done.

The two found that the most likely area was Zhejiang, where the temperature and soil conditions were the most suitable. The students asked how to check the local flowering period in so many districts and counties in Zhejiang. Zhuang Yu instantly thought of the person on Weibo and immediately He took out his phone and sent her a private message when was this photo taken.

Yu Meiren is shooting a short video of the one-day clerk’s experience. After all, skin care products are not clothes or bags. You can’t bring the goods just by showing them. If you can record a video log of the one-day clerk, La Mi’s research on ingredients and skin care It would be a better perspective to show the qualitative understanding to customers from the perspective of a professional beauty consultant.

She is a loyal customer of Rami. After a while, Mr. Wang also came to the store, and he deliberately pushed other shop assistants away, adding Yu Meiren’s WeChat account. She was embarrassed to refuse and had to add it. Mr. Wang still had to touch the beauty’s hand. Of course the beauty couldn’t. He was at a loss and tried every means to stimulate him with words, but President Wang even made an unreasonable request to have lunch together.

At night, the beauty was recording a video, but WeChat kept ringing. When I opened it, it turned out that Mr. Wang had sent fourteen messages. The sonnets were particularly disgusting to the beauty, but it was not affected, and they continued to shoot the video. The next day, Zhuang Yu took a special look at the location before the class, and found that Yu Meiren didn’t come, it was nothing, but she opened the book and posted a pink post-it note to him, telling him that the class would not come. Zhuang Yu was caught off guard.

Yu Meiren was waiting for someone. She received a message from the staff that she wanted to send her new products and asked her to send her an address. She sent it without thinking, but it was President Wang who came unexpectedly. Zhuang Yu was also on his way here. He also received a private message from her on Weibo telling him the address of the plant. Zhuang Yu also expressed his gratitude. Here, Mr. Wang actually sat down and taught her to read poetry.

Although Yu Meiren had always rejected him sideways, he still refused to let him go. Yu Meiren told him directly that this would not work, and she really didn’t want to be his friend. Fortunately, Zhuang Yu appeared in time when the two were pulling together. The beauty didn’t want him to say too much. After all, there was sponsorship from the laboratory. However, Zhuang Yu felt that this kind of sponsorship was unnecessary. Zhuang Yu’s handsome back thought of how handsome he was when he was in college.

Zhuang Yu sent Yu Meiren home, and she also found a small note written on Zhuang Yu’s body, but she didn’t expect to ignore it, but took the small note with her.

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