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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 8 Recap

It has been 9 hours and 30 minutes since Yang Mo disappeared, wandering in the foggy streets of Xingji City during the winter solstice, and the curtain of night gradually came to an end. The bustling crowd, the neon lights that can be seen everywhere, the missing person notices posted on every corner and on the tree trunks, silently flashed through the eyes of everyone, but it did not cause much disturbance.

Yang Yuan and his wife and Xu Enhuai spread the news as much as possible, hoping to get clues about Yang Mo, but the result was still disappointing. In fact, Xu Enhuai is particularly envious of Yang Mo. He has parents who love him enough. Even though Yang Yuan and Tao Fang often quarrel, they never thought of leaving each other.

On the other hand, when Xu Enhuai recalled her mother, it seemed that she was only alienated and unfamiliar, and let her stand on her own too early, and never felt the slightest affection and warmth. Until Xia Yunqing reorganized the family later, the role of mother had completely faded from Xu Enhuai’s life. If she hadn’t met Yang Yuan’s family, she might have thought that all mothers in the world were like this.

Listening to Xu Enhuai’s remarks, Yang Yuan felt a lot of emotion in his heart, and Tao Fang was also reluctant to criticize, and he was extremely caring for her. The three of them were eating longan and burnt eggs on the street, and couldn’t help but fall into sadness, thinking about where Yang Mo is now, whether he has enough to eat and wear, and is safe and sound.

At this time, Zhang Yeshou was in Qinglanyuan Community, waiting for the results of the fingerprint test while analyzing what might happen when the crime happened. There are Yang Mo’s fingerprints on Xu Anzheng’s wardrobe, which means that Yang Mo must have entered Xu Anzheng’s bedroom. But the problem is that the door handle of Xu Anzheng’s bedroom does not have Yang Mo’s fingerprints inside or outside, so Zhang Ye thinks over and over again, thinking that when Yang Mo enters Xu Anzheng’s bedroom, the door must be open, and there are no doors outside Yang Mo. Fingerprints can only explain one thing, that is, Yang Mo disappeared in Xu Anzheng’s bedroom.

In order to confirm the accuracy of his guess as soon as possible, Zhang Ye immediately contacted Zhang Yuan and his wife and informed them and Xu Anzheng to come to room 302. Xiang Yi checked every corner of the room and didn’t miss anything suspicious. Zhang Ye asked Xu Enhuai again if there was a third person in the family besides her and her father.

Xu Enhuai did not respond for a long time. Yang Yuan thought about all the previous doubts, and because the police believed that an acquaintance abducted and committed the crime, he was very emotional. He stepped forward and grabbed Xu Anzheng’s collar, shouting that he had something to come to him. Tao Fang hurriedly grabbed Yang Yuan and took him away first. Zhang Ye and others also went out one after another. The father and daughter of the Xu family looked at each other, and there was no language exchange. Xu Enhuai went back to the room alone.

Before leaving, Zhang Ye told Zhang Yuan and his wife to keep the call open and to contact Xia Yunqing at any time if they had anything, and then took Xiang Yi to see Xia Yunqing, and learned that she and her daughter had not been in contact for a long time. Xia Yunqing’s husband was too sensitive. He tried to clear his wife’s suspicions, which attracted Zhang Ye’s attention. After Zhang Ye and Xiang Yi left, Xia Yunqing took the initiative to contact Xu Enhuai.

As the results of the fingerprint test came out, everyone found that an adult’s fingerprint appeared on the handle of Xu Anzheng’s bedroom door, which did not match the neighbors checked through the comparison. Zhang Ye thought that the first time Yang Mo disappeared, it was actually in Xu Anzheng’s room. He was supposed to hide himself in the closet, but he didn’t expect a third person to be present.

Three days before Yang Mo disappeared, Yuan Wu basically needed drugs to stabilize his condition. However, after experiencing these things, his mental state became more and more unstable and he had many hallucinations. After that, Yuan Wu went to the building to carry the tiles as usual, but the tiles suddenly disappeared, making him at a loss, and suddenly thought of Xu Anzheng’s business card.

Since Yuan Wu was penniless, the money to buy tiles was not enough. At first, he wanted to sell the gold ring, but when he remembered that it was his mother’s relic, he finally chose to give up. Fortunately, Yuan Wu found the remaining tiles on the roof of the building, snatched them from the scavengers, and walked slowly towards the unit building with a stooped body. Yuan Wu went upstairs, followed by Xu Enhuai, stopped downstairs, and looked up to see the lights in Room 301.

Early the next morning, Wu Jun followed Lin Chuping to Qinglanyuan Community. From a distance, he could see the window of Room 302 with anti-theft barriers installed. This window was facing the bedroom. Lin Wenzhao suspected that the perpetrator climbed into the window along the rainwater pipe, so commit violation. Wu Jun checked the rainwater pipes and decisively overturned the guesses of the Lin family brothers and sisters, and even felt that many places were unreasonable.

Yuan Wu was about to go out when he saw Lin Chuping and Wu Jun, and hurriedly returned home to monitor them through the window. Lin Chuping added that after the incident, the handkerchief left by the perpetrator was found by the window. After inspection, drug residues were found. Wu Jun felt that the probability of the perpetrator using a towel was much higher than that of a handkerchief. , so the perpetrator does not necessarily have to go through the window to enter the bedroom.

Because of this, Wu Jun suggested to go upstairs to check, but he didn’t know that Yuan Wu was extremely nervous at this moment. Just when he hesitated whether to open the door, he heard that Lin Chuping still had a spare key, so he hurriedly pretended to come out of the bathroom, and politely refused them to enter the house, saying that another day. Come again. Considering Yuan Wu’s inconvenience, Lin Chuping took Wu Jun to leave first, passing by the supermarket to buy milk and honey habitually.

Wu Jun stared at the honey in a daze, knowing that Lin Chuping had to take milk every time to fall asleep, and instantly thought of another possibility. Because Lin Chuping did not conduct a detailed physical examination at that time, she was not sure that she had inhaled an excessive amount of anesthetic, which just confirmed that Lin Chuping’s coma was not caused by anesthesia.

Especially the handkerchief left by the perpetrator on the edge of the window always felt that it was too deliberately left, which could induce Lin Chuping to mistakenly think that she was dazed by the handkerchief, thus concealing that before Lin Chuping entered the room, the perpetrator had already drugged in milk. If he could know that Lin Chuping used to take milk to sleep, it would mean that he was an acquaintance who was secretly concerned about him at all times. The more Lin Chuping listened, the more frightened he became. He repeatedly filtered the previous pictures in his mind, and all the clues pointed to his brother Lin Wenzhao.

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