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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 7 Recap

Wu Jun’s life is full of monotonous, linear thinkers, objective analysis of data logically rather than emotional. He lives in a small circle, rarely goes out after work, and it is his personality that is not good at dealing with people, which makes him very proficient in computers and curious about all kinds of cold knowledge.

Since Wu Jun came to the company, he has paid special attention to the gentle and beautiful Lin Chuping, and an ordinary otaku like him always looks too restrained and nervous when facing the girl he likes. He has no communication outside of work, so he can only watch from a distance. other side. Until that day, Lin Chuping suddenly disappeared, and when she reappeared, it seemed a little abnormal.

So through the second dinner, Wu Jun couldn’t help asking his inner doubts and expressed his concern for Lin Chuping through a movie. For a while, Lin Chuping couldn’t accept it, picked up the bag and fled in a hurry, and finally considered again and again, and took the initiative to contact Wu Jun to meet at the old place.

It turned out that Lin Chuping asked the company for annual leave before, and Wu Jun was very worried about this. He finally gathered up the courage to visit Lin Chuping. He happened to see Lin Wenzhao coming back from outside with vegetables downstairs. According to Wu Jun’s guess, the elders are usually responsible for buying vegetables, cooking, and taking care of people. Unless Lin Chuping has something to hide from her parents, Lin Chuping moved out of Qinglan Garden on the grounds of house feng shui, which made Wu Jun even more puzzled.

After all, Lin Chuping has always been a materialist, so Wu Jun felt that she had encountered something unspeakable. Later, Wu Jun noticed that Lin Chuping often stared at himself for smoking, including the first time he went out to eat, so he deliberately left the cigarette butt in the trash can. Sure enough, he saw Lin Chuping take the cigarette butt, and in disguise he sat down with the answer in Wu Jun’s heart.

When Wu Jun finished talking about these things, Lin Chuping was already in tears, and then recalled that ordinary and terrifying weekend. When she woke up from the bed, she couldn’t remember anything like a fragment, her mind and body felt pain, and she felt inexplicable. The swollen feeling of shame. But the key to causing Lin Chuping’s alertness was a buttoned pajama button. The long-term habit made Lin Chuping realize that someone had entered the room, and the inspection report proved this.

In fact, Lin Chuping thought about calling the police, but the departure of the only female police officer in the police station still frightened her, lest everyone know the secret. Compared with being talked about and pitied, Lin Chuping would rather keep it in his heart forever. Wu Jun understood what Lin Chuping meant and decided to help her find the murderer and agreed to go to Qinglan Garden tomorrow.

It has been 8 hours since Yang Mo disappeared. Zhang Ye and Xiang Yi went to Xingji Experimental Middle School to investigate. They learned about Xu Enhuai’s general situation through Teacher An, and unexpectedly learned that Xu Anzheng was not present at every parent meeting. Although all the previous clues can clear Xu Anzheng’s suspicion, Zhang Ye believes that the focus of this case should be on Xu Anzheng, so he has to go back to the office to investigate carefully, whether it is the timeline or interpersonal relationship.

On the other hand, Yang Yuan took Xu Enhuai to ask the tutor of Yang Mo, how could he know that the tutor gave Yang Mo a bad evaluation, and directly returned the remaining class fee. Xu Enhuai looked at Yang Mo’s picture book, and suddenly remembered that when Hulu disappeared last Friday, she saw Yang Mo talking to a strange man downstairs through the window. Yang Yuan turned pale when he heard the words, and hurriedly asked about the man’s appearance, and drove to Qinglan Garden. Unfortunately, he knocked on Room 301 for a long time, but no one responded, so he went downstairs disappointed.

Zhang Ye made assumptions based on Xu Anzheng’s timetable, and compared the footprints and fingerprints at the same time. The specific test report will take some time. On the way back to Qinglan Garden, Zhang Ye thought about Xu Anzheng’s motives for his behavior, and was very sure that Yang Mo had entered Room 302, and left the unit building immediately after taking advantage of the gap between Yang Yuan and his wife going upstairs to search. However, the information provided by the opposite resident denied Zhang Ye’s guess again.

Yuan Wu affixed tape to the fish tank to make sure it would not continue to leak. After that, he went in and out of Qinglan Garden as usual, and occasionally watched cards playing inside at the guards passing by. He would inevitably stop for a moment, and immediately remembered that the neighbors accused him of being a prodigal. Just as Yuan Wu was about to go upstairs, he suddenly heard someone calling him, and when he turned around, he found that it was Uncle.

Because the uncle couldn’t contact Yuan’s father, he came to Yuan Wu to understand the situation and went home. Yuan Wu, who was standing at the door, hesitated, and under the urging of his uncle, he looked nervously at the door and slowly took out the key. After entering the room, the uncle looked around, and he always felt that there was a smell, and then he found the rotten food on the dining table, which made him feel sick and helpless.

Seeing that the uncle was about to push away the room where the fish tank was placed, Yuan Wu knelt on the ground in a hurry, begging the uncle to forgive himself, and wanted to reveal the news that his father had passed away. How could the uncle misunderstood Yuan Wu’s meaning, thinking that Yuan’s father was going to other places with someone, Yuan Wu was slightly startled, and immediately lied that he had not corrected his bad gambling problems, nor passed the probation for work, so his father was so angry that he moved. Go and live with the mother and son.

The uncle believed it to be true, Chunchun persuaded Yuan Wu to stop as soon as possible. Originally, he wanted to call Ruomei, but Yuan Wu’s mobile phone was broken, so he couldn’t confirm it in person. Just as Yuan Wu was about to mention his father’s bank card, the uncle thought he was going to borrow money from him, so he got up and left.

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