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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 29 Recap

Li Bodong asked Zhang Qiufeng to drink, Zhang Qiufeng got Li Bodong drunk, and proposed to send Li Bodong home, Li Bodong asked to go back to the detachment, where he slept soundly. Back at the detachment, Li Bodong kept his arms around his handbag. After Li Bodong fell asleep, Zhang Qiufeng took out the mobile phone in Li Bodong’s bag, used his mobile phone to call the only number on file, and found that it was Jia Xiaoqiang’s mobile phone number.

In addition to dispelling Chang Zheng’s suspicion of Zhang Qiufeng, Yan Guohua even told Chang Zheng that the real-name report letter to Zhao’s family was written by Zhang Qiufeng. The members of the secret investigation team first included Zhang Qiufeng, but for Zhang Qiufeng’s safety, he was not allowed to join again. The task force, and Zhang Qiufeng revealed that Chang Fei suspected Li Bodong before he died.

Zhang Qiufeng learned from Chang Zheng about the process of Xia Zongtao’s killing, and received a call from Yan Guohua halfway through, and only then did he know that Chang Zheng already knew his identity. Chang Fei carefully explained Zhang Qiufeng before the accident. If Chang Zheng is assigned to Zhang Qiufeng in the future, he must be like his father. To hone, forge, and help in times of danger, Zhang Qiufeng has done it all. The two went to the cemetery to pay homage to Chang Fei.

Zhang Qiufeng told Chang Zheng that when Chang Fei just died, Zhang Qiufeng blamed himself very much. If he could stop him in time, or stand with Chang Fei bravely, the result might be different. Many, Zhang Qiufeng wanted to resign at one time, but as long as he thought of Chang Fei, Zhang Qiufeng was motivated again, and he must not let Chang Fei die in an unclear manner, so he wrote a report letter.

Zhang Qiufeng also told Chang Zheng that before Chang Fei’s death, he was very close to Zhao Pengcheng, and he always wanted to influence Zhao Pengcheng to intervene in the investigation of the Zhao family. . After Chang Fei’s death, Zhao Pengcheng went to pay homage. Zhang Qiufeng didn’t understand the situation and beat Zhao Pengcheng. Later, he learned about the relationship between Zhao Pengcheng and Chang Fei. Zhao Pengcheng finally made up his mind to stand on the side of justice. Zhang Qiufeng also stated that he would take over the unfinished cases of Chang Zheng.

It was Zhang Qiufeng who secretly found Deng Lijun’s body in the Qiongya mine disaster. Later, he handed over Deng Lijun’s investigation records to Yan Guohua, so Chang Zheng started the investigation. Chang Zheng asked Zhang Qiufeng and received a call from Zhang Qiufeng before Chang Fei died. Instructed by who, Zhang Qiufeng told Chang Zheng that the call was ordered by Li Bodong, but Li Bodong only acted according to the spirit of the meeting, and the person presiding over the meeting was Xiao Zhenbang.

The next day, Chang Zheng learned that Xiao Zhenbang had voluntarily applied for a suspension of inspection, and Zheng Guangtian agreed with Xiao Zhenbang’s approach, taking retreat as progress, and after a period of time, he could resume his post. However, Xiao Zhenbang answered firmly, that he really didn’t want to stay at work anymore, to destroy his conscience, to confuse black and white, and every day was a torment. Zheng Guangtian instilled Xiao Zhenbang with family affection and the future of his younger generation.

When the two were talking, Chang Zheng found Xiao Zhenbang’s house and asked Xiao Zhenbang if there was any hidden meaning in his proposal to suspend his job. Xiao Zhenbang denied it. But Long March knew about Xiao Zhenbang, and the command error was just an excuse. When he wanted to ask further questions, Xiao Zhenbang clearly told Chang Zheng not to look for himself until the result came out.

Ji Wei inspected the acquisition project of Jiubijiu Mining, which required a large amount of capital. The Zhao family did not have that much accumulation at all. Zhao Pengchao said that he had a way to raise money. He found Hana and said that he wanted to make a loan in the name of the government. The first financing.

After seeing the live video of Xia Zongtao’s being shot, Xiao Chen asked Xiao Zhenbang why he made this decision. Xiao Zhenbang explained that he made a mistake in judgment, but he obviously couldn’t convince Xiao Chen. The two quarreled. After Xiao Chen left, Xiao Zhenbang slapped himself in pain. , can’t laugh or cry, can’t sit still.

Chang Zheng repeatedly checked the surveillance video of the interrogation of Cao Dalong. It was obvious that Cao Dalong was about to confess at the time. Xiao Zhenbang suddenly appeared, and Cao Dalong immediately changed his attitude. There must be something strange about it.

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