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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 28 Recap

Jia Xiaoqiang placed a mobile phone connected to the call in the conference room in advance, and then used earphones to monitor outside the office building. All the content of Chang Zheng’s meeting was leaked. Jia Xiaoqiang quickly informed Li Bodong of Chang Zheng’s plan to arrest Xia Zongtao. Recorded a record of the call with Li Bodong.

Li Bodong hurriedly leaked the arrest plan to Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao arranged for Heitou to urgently evacuate the orchard personnel. Zhao Pengchao’s plan was overheard by Qiu Tao.

After Chang Zheng and his party arrived at the orchard, they first asked the technicians to install the monitoring, then rushed in and went straight to Xia Zongtao’s room, but they did not find Xia Zongtao. There were various signs that Xia Zongtao had just left.

Qiu Tao installed monitoring equipment on Zhao Xiaosheng’s car, found a reason to change the car with Sang Niu, and locked Xia Zongtao’s location by tracking Sang Niu’s whereabouts, and quickly reported it to Yan Guohua, who then forwarded it to Chang Zheng, telling Chang Zheng that he must not If the information is leaked again, Xia Zongtao will be arrested and brought to justice.

Blackhead suspected that Zhao Pengxiang had exposed his target and wanted to kill Xia Zongtao. Zhao Pengchao denied Blackhead’s idea. When he was about to think about it, he suddenly received a call and learned that the police had launched a search in the Meigao Entertainment City. Zhao Pengchao hurriedly arranged for Blackhead to negotiate with Li Bodong. , to help Xia Zongtao continue to flee, Li Bodong thought it was unrealistic, and the black head said that he could only keep his mouth shut. Li Bodong knew that his daughter was taken care of by the Zhao family and could not refuse. He only asked for Zhao Xiaosheng to call another person (Xiao Zhenbang), and he received the call. After that, you can act.

Jin Yan discovered Xia Zongtao by locking the entertainment city monitoring, Chang Zheng led people to approach step by step, Xia Zongtao ran into the kitchen and held a chef hostage, the chef was emotionally unstable, Chang Zheng planned to replace the hostage, Song Guangming heard Chang Zheng’s decision , took the initiative to take the hostage, Xia Zongtao met Song Guangming when the ferry escaped, knew that the other party was timid, agreed to Song Guangming’s negotiation, Song Guangming put down his gun, took off his body armor, and exchanged step by step to Xia Zongtao’s side, Xia Zongtao made a request, Ask the police to get yourself a car.

Zhao Xiaosheng called Zheng Guangtian, and Zheng Guangtian made arrangements for Xiao Zhenbang. Ning Yu felt guilty for misunderstanding Song Guangming before. When he saw Song Guangming running as a hostage without hesitation, Ning Yu took the initiative to ask to drive close to Xia Zongtao. When he was about to get into the car, Song Guangming took the opportunity to hit Xia Zongtao, and the two immediately controlled Xia Zongtao. Suddenly, Li Bodong shot from the other side, killing Xia Zongtao. Song Guangming and Ning Yu were stunned. Chang Zheng angrily asked the people present who shot without authorization.

Li Bodong walked up to Chang Zheng and admitted that he fired the gun. Xia Zongtao was extremely vicious and worried about hurting the innocent, so he chose to shoot. When Chang Zheng wanted to question, Xiao Zhenbang came to the scene and said that it was an order given by his own wrong judgment. will take responsibility.

Zhao Xiaosheng is very satisfied with Xia Zongtao’s handling method, but Zhao Pengchao is still worried. The police have grasped Xia Zongtao’s hiding information twice in advance, indicating that they have mastered many things about the Zhao family and it is necessary to transfer assets as soon as possible. Zhao Xiaosheng authorized Zhao Pengchao to let go, Zhao Pengchao said In addition to discipline, it is also necessary to use Hana’s influence, but this may affect Hana’s career, and these Zhao families have no time to care.

Chang Zheng told Yan Guohua of his suspicions about Li Bodong. Yan Guohua said that he had long suspected Li Bodong and had already conducted a secret investigation. Chang Zheng also suspected Zhang Qiufeng. Every time he investigated the Zhao family’s case, Zhang Qiufeng deliberately blocked it, obviously against it.

Yan Guohua did not agree, but believed that Zhang Qiufeng’s deliberate obstruction was a negative guide to Chang Zheng, which made Chang Zheng be more vigilant. Zhang Qiufeng and Chang Fei used to be good brothers, and Chang Fei died because they did not follow Zhang Qiufeng’s advice, so they can be more careful. Analysis, whether the “inner ghost” has other people.

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